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List of Do follow Backlink Sites

Backlink Strategy is order of the day for seo purposes. In order to increase traffic on blog and websites, backlinks have an important role. This method is used widely by link builders. It is considered helpful to increase online presence of a website.

What is a Backlink?

A link which is available on a site but alludes other website or blog or vlog.  There are two types of backlinks: Do follow links and No follow links

Do Follow Backinks allow all search engines to follow them and reach destination website. It gives a backlink. The better way to make do follow link is putting keyword into an anchor text. It increase the page rank. Do follow link boost traffic to your website.

No Follow Backlinks: Unlike Do Follow links, No follow backlinks do not permit the search engine bot to follow them.

Here are both types of backlink list (Do Follow and No Follow)

First list is about Do follow links :

  1.  themeforest .com
  2.  storify.com
  3.  diigo.com
  4. disqus.com
  5. about.me
  6. behance.net
  7.  photodune.net
  8. discogs.com
  9. aboutus.org
  10. artician.com
  11. follr.com
  12. issuu.com
  13. knowem.com
  14. bagtheweb.com
  15. memit.com
  16. moz.com
  17. orcid.org
  18. psu.com
  19. prestashop.com/forums
  20. pro-networks.org