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Importance of Hashtags and 100 most popular hashtags(#) on Instagram

As an Instagrammer, you should have knowledge about importance of hashtags (#) on Instagram. You can’t underestimate its value. It plays a great role to develop and spread your Instagram reach and helps to enhance followers.


In a simple survey, it was found that more than 80% brand posts had included at least one hastag. The posts with hastags had 10% more engagement than without hashtags. The first time hashtag was started in 2007 by Nate Ridder of San Diego (USA). He used his social messages with #sandiegoonfire. It was about wild fire in his local area. However, Twitter was the first platform to introduce hashtags but slowly the fashion has adopted by approximately all social networking sites.

When Instagram introduce hashtag, it allowed users to put hashtags in good quantity. Twitter had limitation to put hashtags due to size of a tweet. It allows users to put up to 20 hashtags.

Why hashtags are considered important?

You use hashtags to spread your content in certain groups. You may use general or niche hashtags to develop interest. It helps you to expand your business in relevant categories whether in local or global. You can get good response while starting a service, a product or a campaign with effective and creative use of hashtags.

Every Instagram users wants to expand his/her presence on Instagram. He/she wants to increase their following base, hashtags may help somewhat to make their dreams into reality. Through using relevant and appropriate hashtags, you make your posts available before the people having same interests. If you get good likes on your posts by those people, they may follow you in future. If people only like you, it also improves your profile in search with particular hashtag.

Now we are introducing 100 top hashtags on Instagram that can boost your following base. These have power to turn your profile into a brand.






























































































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What is an Instagram Shoutout and How to give a shoutout to other on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps. As per June 2018, monthly visitors of Instagram were over 1 billion. Instagram has become more than a social networking site; it has emerged as an important business platform for various business owners. So users are increasing day by day.

Now the question arises in mind, what is a shoutout and how to give someone a shoutout?


Shoutout is a profile page screenshot of other user that you upload to your Instagram account to show support and help to others. It is a co promotion and it is very popular on Instagram. It also gives an effective exposure to others. Shoutout is very useful technique to improve number of followers for others account. It is a kind of an advertisement for business. Shouting other may prove good work for you, as you may get shoutouts in return. This will increase you followers. It is best way to promote each other.

I hope you all know to take screenshot from your phone. Instagram is an app; you need to access your Instagram account from your phone. This will be more convenient for you to post screenshot in no time.

How to upload a shoutout to Instagram?

Login in your Instagram id on your device and visit user’s profile where from you want to take screenshot. Capture screenshot of that profile. Now return back to your own id. Now tap the camera button and choose library to upload the screenshot. Crop it well to show and shape it in square. Cut extra information there. Now Post it and write required explanation to support the profile. This will show on your Instagram page.

How is it effective ?

This procedure really works. If you are Instagrammer and you want to improve presence of your Insta profile, try it.  This technique will be very helpful to you. Shoutout exchange has become a fashion of the day. You will enjoy boost in your followers.  Your followers will definitely increase. You can buy and sell shoutouts on Instagram too.

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List of 50 Photo Sharing Websites- Beneficial for Link building

[photo from pixabay.com]

Image sharing websites are very effective in Link building. Especially those are with High PR. As we often hear ‘ A photo is better than a thousand words.’ It is completely true in case of Link building too. Being a part of off page SEO, Link building plays an important role in SEO of a website. Images sharing have various benefits for a website marketing. It is considered a powerful tool. It is important in promotion of a website. It attracts a number of visitors to your website or a blog.  The main advantages of photo share websites are following:

  1.  Enhancement of traffic
  2. Improvement of website ranking
  3. Quality backlinks
  4. High PR backlinks
  5. Suitable visitors for websites
  6.  Increase in presence of website on internet

[photo from pixabay.com]

Image sharing websites allow  a user to upload, manage and share photos. These sites also allow to create link for a particular website. Photo sharing websites help to get links. This enhance online appearance of a website. Due to high popularity of these photo/image sharing websites, link building on these sites is extremely useful for a website. It can increase popularity of a website and it can attract huge traffic for a website. Every SEO persons knows the value of high PR websites. High PR website are faster to increase rank of a website as compare to low PR websites. The following list have contained High PR Websites. Working on these site is very easy. We recommend you to start SEO with help of image share website. You will experience a big change in ranking of your website in a few days. We will share High PR Do follow photo sharing websites, these will definitely work to improve ranking of your website.

List of Photo/image sharing websites: