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Top 20 and Best Websites for questions-answers

Here is list of question answers websites. Here you can ask your questions and answers the asked questions by someone. Curiosity in mind arises a question. Reply of the asked question is satisfaction of mind. So whenever you need answer of any question, you can visit here:

  1.  Yahoo! Answers
  2. Blurt it
  3. Answerbag
  4. FunAdvice
  5. Anybody Out There
  6. WikiAnswers
  7. Quora
  8. Ask Me Help Desk
  9. Able2know
  10. Answers.com
  11. Just Answer
  12. Fluther
  13. My Reply is
  14. snippets
  15. Reddit
  16. Super User
  17. Linkedin Answers
  18. Lawpivot
  19. Answerbank
  20. Askdeb
  21. Askopinon