How to download Videos From Youtube?

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Youtube is very famous and world’s 3rd most popular video website. It is considered 2nd biggest search engine after Google. In this computer age, Internet is growing at a pace. with a smartphone, you can access any website on browser or through apps.

Youtube videos are seen by most of users. Youtube allows users to watch videos on its website [] only. Youtube does not allow  to download videos from unauthorized sources. It is clear that downloading videos from unofficial sources is big-no by this big video website.

Many users want to download the videos to watch in absence of internet or loss of connectivity. So today we will share about how to download Youtube videos. Below are the steps to download videos from Youtube and watch on computer without cost.

Although there are many web based downloading platform for Youtube Videos but our preferred website is:

It give you very good services to download videos. Below simple steps are given to download videos. You can download unlimited videos with help of this websites. But we suggest you to download videos when you required offline. Otherwise enjoy online watching on Youtube. Because there is no dearth of internet data in current times. You get enough internet data per day on reasonable prices to watch videos. Anyways these are steps:

  • First open and select videos what you want to download.
  • Now click and start that video.
  • Copy URL of Video.
  • Now open this downloading site:
  • Paste video Url in below highlighted section.

Now click on given this sign (shown with circle):

It will display your video and button to download it [in green color] . You can download it in any format from given [MP4, MP3, WEBM, 3GP] as per your requirement.



How to download Facebook Videos on smartphone and computer?

Facebook is very popular social networking site. You can’t believe that more than 20 thousand people are on FB per second. There are more than 745 millions daily users on Facebook. The reputation of Facebook is growing day by day. You may also be daily user of Facebook.  Near 80% people use Facebook from their mobiles.  Near 49 millions posts in each 15 seconds on Facebook. More than 1.5 Lacs messages are sent on Facebook in a minute.







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Today our question is how to download Facebook videos from mobile and from Personal computer. I will share information about it on both platform.

First on Smartphone, because users of Facebook is on Smartphone:

We talk about downloading videos from Facebook on Android smartphone.

First Install Facebook App  from Play Store if you haven’t on your phone.

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Then Install App name: Video Downloader for Facebook App from play store.


When you  will install and open it. You will have to login in it with your Facebook ID and Password. Then it will redirect you to your FB app.  In Steps you will find to add it as bar on fb app. When you tap on next and complete process. You will find it on top of your fb app in opening as a bar . Like following:

Just go to any video on Facebook now and tap on it and tap on download button. You are able to download videos from Facebook now just surfing net on your smartphone. It will be enchanting experience for you. What a lovely idea! Just watch pictures here, In first picture I found a video.



In second picture I tap on it. Now option will displayed : Play/Download. It upon you to play it or download it.




Yes now we will discuss about downloading videos from Facebook on computer. You will have to need to install Google Chrome [A browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera] and add an extension named: Fbdown Video Downloader [see picture below]

when you will add it as an extension. It will show near address bar like this

You will open your Facebook page and click on this icon after added it in extension on Google Chrome. This will show all the videos on that page. Like this :


It will be easy for you to download any video of your choice now. It will give you ease access to download videos. But first it will take you its website. You can save video from there by right click of your mouse.

I hope you will like this information.

Top 20 and Best Websites for questions-answers

Here is list of question answers websites. Here you can ask your questions and answers the asked questions by someone. Curiosity in mind arises a question. Reply of the asked question is satisfaction of mind. So whenever you need answer of any question, you can visit here:

  1.  Yahoo! Answers
  2. Blurt it
  3. Answerbag
  4. FunAdvice
  5. Anybody Out There
  6. WikiAnswers
  7. Quora
  8. Ask Me Help Desk
  9. Able2know
  11. Just Answer
  12. Fluther
  13. My Reply is
  14. snippets
  15. Reddit
  16. Super User
  17. Linkedin Answers
  18. Lawpivot
  19. Answerbank
  20. Askdeb
  21. Askopinon 


Top 20 Article Submission Sites of 2018

Article Submission: Article Submission is an off-page Seo Technique. Generally Article submission means writing articles relevant to your website/Business/Blog and post them on various article websites. It is very effective and useful technique to promote your website/ business/blog. You can get best results by using this method. This method can increase traffic on your website and also can grow your business/blog reputation and publicity.  The rank of your website can improve with it. You have to write articles of your site niche.


[Image: Pixabay]

This method helps to enhance the quantity of quality backlinks your website and result will be improve in your site ranking. This method helps to establish a business in a market. It helps to increase credibility of a business and may also generate potential customers for business. Regularly use of this technique will be beneficial for a website/business/blog. More off-page seo techniques you can visit  here.  The list of famous article submission directories is given below:


Top 10 and Best Screen Recording Software for windows

Videos is considered excellent tool to demonstrate your ideas to audience. Audio and Visual methods are very effective than others. These methods simply convey message without complexity. It is a creative work. For making a explanatory video, you may have to use screen recorder sometimes.

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The screen recorder software is very beneficial to make a video. As you work on your pc and video records with your activities. This saves your extra efforts. So most of people who make tutorial videos use screen recorder for it.  Because to teach someone is easy with proper example and video.  Other benefit of video: it can be saved for long time and easy to use anytime in future. You can upload it on any videos sites  (Youtube, Veoh, Vimeo etc.) and help others to understand problems.

Here is list of top 10 screen recording software for windows:

  1. CamStudio:

Camstudio is a free software to make all avi videos on your computer screen. It is very easy to use and you can learn it in short time. It is free to install and use. click here to download it: CamStudio

2. OBS Studio

OBS studio is very famous and best screen recorder. It helps to produce high quality videos. It is best in capturing games.  If you are fond of games,  this is perfect selection for you to capture games. It is open source and free to use without limitations.  You can download this software from here : OBS Studio


3. Camtasia

It is most popular screen recording software with lot of editing tools like name, annotations, transition, animations etc. It makes your creativity more easy and comfortable with quality. It is paid software but you can try free trial before buy. click here to download it: Camtasia


4. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

It is good screen recording software. It is featured with video editing tools . Movavi Screen Capture Studio has best video editing tools to use. It is paid software but you can try with free trail version before buy it.  You can download this software by  clicking here: Movavi screen capture studio

5. Ezvid

Ezvid is very easy to use. It is contained with fundamental recording tools. It is free to use.  you can easily upload videos to Youtube straight from Ezvid and can add annotations in videos. There is no paid version of Ezvid. You can record video up to 45 minutes with it.  Download Ezvid  from here : Ezvid

6. SmartPixel

SmartPixel has specificity to record anything displayed on  screen. As it is designed with gaming in mind.  Recording is smooth and seamless. It has advanced video compression technology to create high quality videos. You can record HD videos by using it. It has paid version. You can download it from here: SmartPixel   

As we came to know that name of Smartpixel has been changed with GoplayEditor.

7.  TinyTake

It is one of the best screen capture and video recording software. TinyTake is simple and free software (whereas many of its features are paid). It allows you to create a video of your screen. you can share created video on social media. It is free software with limited features. Tinytake doesn’t allow to use free version for commercial use.  visit here to download software: TinyTake

8. Icecream Screen Recorder

It is also famous screen recording software. You can make video easily with it. It allows you to capture any area of your screen. It has good features for recording. It is free to use. You can create quality videos with help of Icecream Screen Recorder. You can download it from here : Icecream Screen Recorder


9. Active Presenter

Active presenter is a good software to record screen. It give quality output. You can make MP4, WebM, MKV, AVI, WMV videos with it. you can download it from here: Active Presenter

10. Flashback Express

It is one of the best screen recorders. It captures screen, webcam, sounds and delete unwanted footage. you can enhance video with text, effects.  you can create quality videos with it. you can download it from here: Flashback Express 



Off page SEO and 10 Best Off page SEO Techniques


Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a term used to explain a set of procedures aiming optimizing of a website for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others..). It is essential to get high rank in search to get high quality visitors. It also makes your website user friendly and credible.

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What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is a procedure or a set of techniques to improved the rank of a website in search engine results page (SERPs).  Seo is not only link building.  Link building is also an integral part of SEO but it is not all. In common words, Off page seo is done with promotion procedures rather web designing. The purpose behind off page seo is to increase rank of a website in search results. It includes all things that you directly do off the website.

Search engines use complicated algorithms to decide which pages to include in their index and the order they show the pages in the search results. SEO is a method to tell search engines in a language they can understand and give them information about the website.

The two main parts of SEO are : On Page and Off Page SEO.

Now question arises what is on Page SEO?

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO means all the activities we do within a website like title, description, content, image, meta tags, keyword filling, internal linking, etc. The prime motto of on page seo is to make structure of a website search engine friendly.

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Now We will explain about  10 Best Off page SEO Techniques:

  1.  Social Bookmarking

  2. Blog commenting

  3. Directory Submission

  4. Question Answers

  5. Social Networking

  6. Broken Linkbuidling

  7. Video Submission

  8. Article Submission

  9. Link Baiting

  10. Guest Blogging


Social Bookmarking: 

First of all, we will talk about social bookmarking. It is very famous technique of Off page SEO. Almost all seo professional use this technique.  It is proven method to improve your website presence on internet.  It helps to increase the  website traffic. You must have good knowledge to use this method and to avoid spamming. Good PR and  prevalent social bookmarking creates best results.

Here is list of some social bookmarking websites:


you can watch more social bookmarking sites by visiting here: List of Social bookmarking sites 


Blog commenting: 

It is another effective Off page SEO technique. It helps you to connect with  other bloggers of your niche. To make good reputation, you have to regularly comment on their blogs. Never effort to make such comments on irrelevant topics.

If you have blog or website about cooking/recipes, you should find blogs on recipes/cooking to put comments.  Your endeavors will help you to increase traffic and presence on web.

Directory Submission:

It is an integral part of off-page SEO Techniques. It can be proved beneficial to increase traffic on your website.  If you don’t use this technique yet, now it is perfect time to utilize it. Submitting the post or URL to the niche directory is best method to obtain the good results. This method can take long time to produce results, so don’t leave efforts.


It is also very popular and very effective method to get easily do follow links. I have also used this technique to increase traffic on my site:

Here is picture:

 A website where we can ask the question and answer the asked questions by anyone. You have to make good presence on these question-answer website by answering questions of others. After establishing good reputation, your site presence will also increase. Some famous question answers websites are:

  • Reditt
  • Yahoo
  • Quora
  • Blurt it
  • Wiki Answers
  • Fun Advice
  • Anwserbag
  • Askville
  • Anybody out there
  • AskDeb
  • Answer Bank
  • Answerely
  • Aardvark
  • Askopinion

Social Networking:

Social networking is a platform where people becomes social with each other. They share their views, pictures,videos and messages with other friends. Social Networking is growing day by day with easy access of internet on every mobile phone. So it has great importance in off-page seo.  You can get huge traffic through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc.

Broken Link Building:

Broken Link Building is a good tactic to increase traffic on a website or a blog. In this technique, a broken link is placed in comment section of niche blogs/sites.

Video Submission:

Video submission is awesome technique to grow your website presence on internet. You know Youtube is also a video website. Like Youtube there are various video website where you can upload your videos and can promote your website to increase organic traffic. This is an advantageous way to boost traffic. To use it, you can make a relevant video of your website and post it on video websites and you can give your website link/URL in description.

Here is a list of Video sites:


for more details about list of video website please visit on my site: Video Sites

Article Submission:

Article submission means writing articles for submission in article websites. You can promote your website/blog with this method. This method is very effective. You have to write some articles and submit on various article directories. More to know about it visit our post:  article submission


Link Baiting:    first of all question arises, what is link baiting.  Link baiting is an art than a technique.

Link baiting/ Link bait  is content on your website that other websites are linked to because of high quality of content, not because you ask them to.

In other words, Link baiting/Link Bait is content that people link to from their own websites due to the quality of content, not for other reasons. But mostly it depends upon great content. To know about it.. watch this video : Link Bait 


Guest Blogging: 

Gust blogging is one of best off-page seo techniques. It is very popular. It is content marketing. In this techniques, someone can write a blog post and can publish on third party website. It is very helpful to promote your website/blog. If content is very compelling that huge amount of traffic is expected from guest blogging. So While write any post, focus on content so that people can attract and read your content.














List of Top 100 Directory Submission sites for year 2018-19

Directory submission is a off page SEO technique. Every SEO expert knows value of directory submission to increase traffic on a website or a blog. A directory is unlike a simple website, it has vast categories to choose to submit your website. High PR directory websites link building can terrifically increase traffic to your site. While submitting to your website link, you have to open directory website then submit link after it you have to choose category and put title description tags what is demanded.  If you keep doing this regularly,  your page rank will raise and  it helps you to get more traffic from google search engine.  This link building will increase your domain authority and page rank in google.


  17. www.bestbusinesswebdirectory
  26. – redumavida
  27. – reciprocaldirectory
  28. –
  29. –
  36. –
  37. – searchdirectory