How to download Videos From Youtube?

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Youtube is very famous and world’s 3rd most popular video website. It is considered 2nd biggest search engine after Google. In this computer age, Internet is growing at a pace. with a smartphone, you can access any website on browser or through apps.

Youtube videos are seen by most of users. Youtube allows users to watch videos on its website [] only. Youtube does not allow  to download videos from unauthorized sources. It is clear that downloading videos from unofficial sources is big-no by this big video website.

Many users want to download the videos to watch in absence of internet or loss of connectivity. So today we will share about how to download Youtube videos. Below are the steps to download videos from Youtube and watch on computer without cost.

Although there are many web based downloading platform for Youtube Videos but our preferred website is:

It give you very good services to download videos. Below simple steps are given to download videos. You can download unlimited videos with help of this websites. But we suggest you to download videos when you required offline. Otherwise enjoy online watching on Youtube. Because there is no dearth of internet data in current times. You get enough internet data per day on reasonable prices to watch videos. Anyways these are steps:

  • First open and select videos what you want to download.
  • Now click and start that video.
  • Copy URL of Video.
  • Now open this downloading site:
  • Paste video Url in below highlighted section.

Now click on given this sign (shown with circle):

It will display your video and button to download it [in green color] . You can download it in any format from given [MP4, MP3, WEBM, 3GP] as per your requirement.



Amazing Youtube Features You need to know!!

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Youtube is a most popular social media video site, where you can watch and upload videos.  With millions of visitors everyda, Youtube is known as world’s biggest search engine after Google. It is one of the most popular video sites. People use Youtube to watch and share videos. It has very easy to use interface, even a child can view video without any difficulty. There are various unique feature in it,  you may not know about them.  We will discuss about those features:

Create Gif from videos:

Creating GIfs out of YouTube videos is very easy task. Just add ‘gif’ before ‘youtube’ in the URL ( and you’ll be redirected to a site, you can make GIfs of specific duration there. You are allowed to add captions, stickers, and some basic effects to them also.

Keyboard shortcuts to make your experience better

There are a few keyboard shortcuts, you can use while watching a video on Youtube. These shortcuts give you full access to start/stop, rewind, Forward, start from beginning, increase or decrease speed. These are shortcuts:

k (pause/play)

j (rewind 10 seconds)

l (Fast Forward 10 seconds)

m ( Mute)

Number 0  ( Start from beginning of the video)

Numbers 1 to 9  (Navigate through 10 % to 90 % of the video )

Space bar  (Repeat the last action)

Image: Pixabay

Leanback (A Version of Youtube)

A few people know about a version of Youtube site which is known as Leanback. It is keyboard navigable website version of Youtube. You can scroll through videos, you can do everything as you do on conventional site (Sharing, commenting, search etc.) with keyboard only.

Audio Librar

Youtube has a very special audio library. It has contained with free sound effects and songs. You can download them as Mp3 format. Video creators can use these sounds in the video they upload on Youtube. You will also have freedom to choose tracks  as per Favorites, Genre,mood, Instrument, duration.

Image: Pixabay

Transcription Facility of Youtube

YouTube has feature of transcription of audio in every video into text which everyone can use. Just click on ‘More’ option and select ‘transcript’ from drop-down menu.You may also use this feature to transcribe audio or video files for free but result may not be perfect. It can very similar to your work and you can adjust it in less time.



10 Video Sharing Sites Like Youtube-Share your videos

No doubt Youtube is no. 1 platform for video blogging. If someone makes video and wants to upload on internet, first website will be Youtube in his/her mind. Youtube is one of the biggest video sites. It is considered biggest search enigne after Google. You can find all genres videos on Youtube. But as you know Youtube has very stringent policies. So there are many other sites to give opportunities to upload videos.  Many sites give you online video viewing experience. We will discuss those websites.

In present times, videos are big part of online experience that there are various options available. I am sharing 10 best alternatives to Youtube.

  1. Dailymotion
  2. Metacafe
  3. Vimeo
  4. Veoh
  5. The internet Archive
  6. Hulu
  7. Myspace
  8. Facebook Video
  9. Crackle
  10. TED


Dailymotion is a big name in video website. It is good platform worth for utilizing video. It has strong set of analytics for creators, site allows creators to upload videos and also provide monetization facility. Like YouTube, you are required to have an account to upload video or comment on other videos.. But if you want to view videos then you can view many videos without making accounts.


Metacafe is another video site. It is also famous. It specializes in short form video content. The main feature of Metacafe is effortlessness. You can easily access this site. Menu bar links with latest, popular videos and trending videos. This site includes each types of videos like review, product reviews etc.



Vimeo is free video hosting website including free and paid both types of plans. You are required to make an account to start on Vimeo. The uploading space is given 500 MB per week under free account. Vimeo has stringent policies regarding uploading videos. If you just surf site to view videos, you don’t need to make account for various videos. You can directly upload your videos using Dropbox, Google drive, one Drive and Box. This is a unique feature on Vimeo, which make it differ from other video sites. Vimeo prefers well made creative films rather than short clips. Vimeo has various revenue sharing models.



Veoh is another popular video site. Veoh has wide range of TV contents including full episodes from popular shows. There is a lot of music content on different genres on Veoh. Site boasts millions of videos. Veoh shows itself as an internet TV company. Most of videos on Veoh are professionally produced.


The internet Archive

Internet Archive is an internet based library of all types of free content including music, books, software and films. The unique feature of Internet Archive’s video content is its wide range of historical content collection. Like other videos sites, creator can upload their videos. Audience can watch videos.




Hulu is a premier video site. It offers high quality multimedia content. It gives better viewing options to their users. Audience can view unique content on Hulu. Viewers can enjoy attractive series of NBC, Fox, Disney shows.



Myspace is unique video site. It is famous social networking site of year 2000. After it Facebook continuously maintain its flagship in the world. Still, this site is well known and famous social networking and video site. Myspace is focusing on interview videos of celebrities.


Facebook Videos

In these days, Facebook is continuously growing its video place and focusing to become one of the leading video websites. Facebook can get high rank in video sites  because of its  millions of daily users. You can watch Facebook videos by log in your account in




Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.  Crackle seems as an online TV channel that presents shows and Hollywood movies from several networks. Crackle’s famous videos are web series are Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee starring Jerry Seinfeld including Fireplay, About You and Mad TV shows.



Have you heard about TED. I think no. Let’s talk about TED. TED is video site that has covered more than 2000 talks over business, technology, design, science etc. Talks are full of several emotions like fun, emotion, learning, science, entertainment.


Other videos sites as following:


Video Apps

  • Vine
  • Instagram Video
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter Video
  • Upstream
  • Twitch
  • Periscope
  • YouNow

Note: You can download on your smartphones.




10 Effective strategies to Boost subscribers on Youtube

Youtube is biggest platform for video marketing and video sharing. Google provides this video making facility free of cost on its platform. Other giants platforms (Twitter, Facebook) are still behind Youtube.

In this post, I will let you know how to increase subscribers on youtube. If you have a channel on Youtube. You regularly upload videos to boost your business. But still you have not received good output and have small numbers of subscribers. You are reading right post. You will become positive towards boost your subscribers.  Presently, Youtube is leading platform for video blogging and video marketing.

More than 1 billion users use Youtube regularly. It is near 1/3rd of all internet users. With correct and effective techniques, you can be successful in increasing subscribers on your channel. As you know, Youtube is second biggest search engine in the world after Google.  Youtube channel can be big opportunity for you to earn good amount of money. But most of part depends upon subscribers too.  Subscribers mean a permanent audience what your channel has.  So Let’s us the techniques to improve subscriber counting:

  1. Best Quality of content 

undoubtedly, center of attraction for viewers on your site is your content. It is most important factor to grow subscribers. Meaningful and valuable content is liked by all people. Quality content generates big traffic. If you create unique and niche content for your video, no one can stop subscribers to increase. Your motto to make video should concentrate to solve viewers’ issues not making money. As you will help other with quality content, they will subscribe you in return. Present your content in attractive way. Don’t follow other channels blindly to make content.  I always remember Aristotle’s line: ‘QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT IS A HABIT.’ Now you can understand if you make quality your habit, you will definitely get success. Merely copying others can’t give you full confidence to progress.



2. Maintaining Video Uploading Frequency:

Your subscribers expect from your regularity. They want you upload video at an interval. Audience those have subscribed your channel, they want to watch your more videos. They don’t want to stick with old data. They love your content. So you have to make them happy to upload videos regularly. Subscribers like those channels who regularly give them variety by uploading videos in stipulated time. Maintain your timing to upload videos by fixing day, week, month what you think better. As audience expect from their hero to acting in new movie, you are also hero of your audience and release your videos to entertain them.



3. Attractive Thumbnails of each video

A proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very famous. so your Youtube video thumbnail picture should be also branding and worth a thousand words. Viewer should have clear idea by watching your video thumbnail. it is an art to add high quality and high resolution images for thumbnails.




4. Adding Subscribe link at homepage

Adding subscribe link at homepage can be beneficial to get more subscribers. You see subscribe button already given default by Youtube but now you can add button yourself at end of each video and also on top of your channel view.


5.  Optimize your title and tags

You can optimize your titles and tags. Use quirky titles to attract more subscribers. Your title hints 60%-70%  what your video has contained. If someone needs to view any video and get quickly by reading title. Catchy and relevant titles are always appreciated. But your title should have some good features.

  • Your title should have your keyword.
  • Don’t use long title, it will reduce interest of viewers.
  • Make title effective and descriptive.


6. Promotion of videos on Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest are used by millions of users daily. Promotion of Youtube videos is most effective strategy. After Uploading videos on Youtube, promote these on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest. Promotion is very catchy method.


7. Make Catchy Channel Trailer

As you have heard in hindi “Abhi to trailer hai , film to abhi baki hai mere dost.”  Trailer should have catchy look to attract others. New visitor should bind to stop to see your video because of your ravishing trailer.


8. Connecting with audience

Some Youtubers may so shy, they don’t appear physically before audience. Show your face to audience and interact with them. Your appearing skill can work, people can like your style, look and smartness. Connecting with audience with real name can make your image effective among audience.


9. Don’t make long videos

Ideal length videos engage audience well. Your video should have reasonable length to engage your audience. 4-5 minutes is ideal time to make videos. More than 5 minutes can bore audience. They may have less interest in your videos due to unnecessarily length of videos.

10. subscribe other channels

subscribing other channel can give you benefit of subscribing. When you subscribe other channels, some channels may subscribe your channel. If you subscribe low subscribers channel, they may subscribe your channel in return sometimes.





8 Best Ways to promote Youtube Videos and Youtube Channel

Are you Youtube video creator? Do you make videos for your youtube channel. Still you are not getting huge traffic. If all questions’ answers are in ‘Yes’ Then please read this post. You will get 8 effective ways to promote your youtube videos.
If you think, mere making youtube videos will attract lot of audience, you may be wrong. You need to promote your videos on self efforts.  Promotion of videos is like an art. You can learn this technique with little endeavors.
In this post, I will write some very useful techniques and methods to promote your Youtube Videos.
These ways are proven and tested by me. I used these techniques and get huge traffic on my channel. Many Youtubers are using these methods and getting good views and subscribers on their channel.

Let’s start with effective strategies to promote videos:

  1. Video Title
  2. Video Tags
  3. Quality Content
  4. Stylish Thumbnail and End Screen and Annotation
  5. Sharing Videos on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  6. Creating a playlist
  7. Making a blog for Youtube Channel
  8. Interact with others (Comments to other videos, Like, subscribe niche)



  1. Video Title

While thinking about video title, first search proper keywords for your video. Deciding effective video title can make your video great. If you could not set good title. Your video can loose chance to win hearts of visitors. There are many tools to search keywords for YouTube videos. simply put title in Youtube search box. You will get good idea to decide best title. Otherwise go for keyword search tools.


  • Try to write proper meaning in short words like 5 magic tricks for kids, 7 DIY weird makeups
  • Make title to attract reader to read it
  • Adding keyword in title can be more beneficial

Here is example with picture






  1. Video Tag

    Give Tag to your videos properly. Otherwise, your videoswill not come in deep search by people. Tagging will also draw your videos attentions to all searchers. Put possible tags of your videos as you can. Tags are related with keywords of videos. Tags should be unique. Tags help your videos to find in searching by audience. when searcher search videos put keywords, then top videos may be those which have good watch time and relevant tagging. Tags should be your main keywords.


3.  Quality Content
Put your all efforts to make your video full of quality. Choose quality content for your viewers. Quality videos are watching many times. People are impressed by quality, they watch content many times. Your videos can get millions views with quality videos. Don’t make 7 videos in a day. Make 1 videos in 7 days. But this video should have best content what you could do. This strategy will definitely work and give you good results. We see many channels which have regular viewers; even people wait for their videos. Why? Because of their quality to make videos, their high skills to read minds of audiences. Quality content players are always win in every race. I can show you many Youtube channels, they have only 100 to 200 videos but they have more than 10 millions views on each videos. Quality will always pay good to you.
Fix your time of uploading videos. This also affects your channel popularity. If you upload 2 videos per day. continue it. If you upload 1 video per day. Be Consistent with it. What method you like to post, it matters. Whether you post 1 video in a month, 1 video in a week, 1 video in a day, make sure, you are regular with this interval.

4. Stylish Thumbnail and End Screen and Annotation 
Thumbnail is cover picture of your video. Now you can understand about cover picture of anything. Most of things we buy in market because of good packing. Even we know many of products because of their beautiful covers. Just like that if you give beautiful niche thumbnail to your videos; visitor will compel to view that one. Your thumbnail should have attractive power to make visitor understand what your videos have.

following are examples of thumbnails:

if we talk about End Screen and Annotation, this is also integral part of your Youtube Videos. You can advertise your other videos in end. As you see often people use this feature to give link to other videos at end. It is best way to present your other videos. This can give you benefit. If a viewer like your current video, he will definitely open your end screen and annotation video.
here is example picture of end screen and annotation:


14 (1)

14 (2)




5. Sharing Videos on social networking sites 
It is trend of modern age. Internet users are growing day by day. In india, the number is reached in millions. Internet is accessible at each smartphone. At morning, we open our eyes and check our phones first to read whatsapp messages, facebook messages etc. So you can understand importance of social networking sites for your videos easily.
If you share your videos on Facebook, it can get lacs of views as Facebook have regular billion users. They can watch your video, if they like they will share with others. You can get double-tripple traffic from social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram). These are big brands of social media.
6. Creating a playlist

Creating a playlist will be best idea for you. Youtube gives you this facility. This can help you to show your audience relevant videos of same topics. This help the viewer and listener to play just playlist and listen or watch all videos of playlist.
For example:

If someone wants to watch songs of a particular singer. If a Youtube channel has playlist for it. It makes easy to viewer watch and listen the songs of that singer. playlists are always useful feature to make your audience busy with you.



7. Making a Blog for Youtube Channel
It is great idea to make blog for youtube channel. It will help to make your video more popular. As blog will attract good amount of visitor for your videos. It will also increase your subscribers. You can make blog on blogspot, wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly.
Blogspot and WordPress may be deal options for you. Blog on blogspot can give you access without more efforts. As you will login your gmail id, you can maintain both your blog and your Youtube channel videos. It may also helpful in adsense point of view.


8. Interact with others Youtubers:
Last but very effective strategy. It is my personal experience. if you will increase your presence on youtube, you will sure get benefits from it. Reply the comments on your videos. You should visit on other popular videosand like/dislike and comment them. This shows your active presence on youtube and many visitor will come to see your channel through it. I have experienced with this technique and received benefits. You can also try these all methods.

With best wishes, I am winding up this post. I hope you will follow these techniques for your Youtube videos and Youtube Channel.