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CSS and CSS Color Codes & Uses

I hope that you often hear a word while accessing website information online, ‘CSS’. Did you think about this word? What is meaning of CSS? Where is it used? If no, now let’s know all information about CSS in brief.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

Websites are contained with a number of different things like images, text and content. These documents together make a page. There is a deep relation between HTML and CSS. HTML documents decide the structure of a page and CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

The word “stylesheet” refers to the document itself (means HTML). Style sheets are used for document design. In simple words, they are sample of a layout. Style sheet for a web page works in same way. CSS Style sheets are also used to change the way a page looks for various devices. CSS has become an integral part because it allows a single HTML document to give differently as per screen.

Here is an example of CSS


body {background-color:lightblue; text-align:center;}
h1 {color:blue; font-size:40px;}
p {font-family:verdana; font-size:20px;}



<h1>Technology blog</h1>




Why CSS is required?

CSS is a very powerful tool for a web designer. A web designer uses CSS to set appearance of a website. Organized and well maintained style sheet is easy to update instantly. It allows the web designer to change visual content as per priority. It allows web designer to modify without touching underlying HTML markup.

CSS Color Codes

Red #FF0000 #F00
Green #00FF00 #0F0
Blue #0000FF #00F
Black #000000 #000
Cyan #00FFFF #0FF
Magenta #FF00FF #F0F
yellow #FFFF00 #FF0

I have shown basic color codes in the table, if you want to get more shade color codes then visit this link  color codes

How to use Color codes in CSS?

Css color can be shown in several ways. Like Red color can be represented as #FF0000, #F00 and many other ways. It doesn’t hamper your choice; all these codes are valid for red color.

You can use any of these colors to a website or blog through relevant CSS code.

To set a background color, use background-color.

To set the text color, use color

To set a border color, use border-color.

We will understand through an example of red color

Following are quick CSS code examples for applying this color (red) to various HTML elements.

/* Set a background color to the ‘body’ element */

body {

background-color: red;


/* through using the CSS ‘background’ property */

body {

background: red;


/* text color for the ‘h1’ element */

h1 {

color: red;


​/* using the ‘border’ property  */

article {

border: 1px solid red;


In Hexadecimal Notation

body {

background-color: #0000FF;


body {

background: #0000FF;


h1 {

color: #0000FF;


article {

border-color: #0000FF;


I hope that you will Understand about CSS and a few CSS color Code use.

In next article, we will try to cover how to change color of links, text, headings, hyperlink etc.  To get regular tutorial of CSS, read our this post.

Length and other Units Converters Online

Some people say that there is no use of math in daily life. But they forget their routine chores. Let’s start with your diurnal works. You wake in morning. You want to eat bread. You pay to shopkeeper money after count. Counting is math. You start your preparation to office and pay fare for bus. You need to count your money; this is also math. You ask your colleague to give you 5 files of any project. Here number is math. At evening, you take 1kg milk. Here amount of milk is a unit of math. You walk 5Km daily. Here Km is also a unit of distance which is related with math. So how can you say, there is no use of math. Math is everywhere.

Now you will consider explicitly, our topic is about different unit converter online tools.  You are not required to count on fingers to find out meters of kilometers. You can convert centimeters into meters and vice-versa.  Here you can converter weight (like kilogram into grams), distance (like kilometers into meters), Length (like inch into centimeters) , force, temperature, Pressure, power , time, angle, numbers, case, currency, area, fuel consumption, data storage, volume, case and more..

You can save your time and energy to calculate. It will provide results with maximum accuracy. You can check with your own efforts. We don’t guarantee you 100% accuracy. We are sure that you will find it very convenient for many purposes. These online converter tools are extremely useful for daily life chores.

Here are some prevalent units under some categories:

Distance and Length Conversion

meter, kilometer, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, micron, league, mile, fathom, yard, foot, inch, megameter …

Weight and Mass Conversion

kilogram, gram, kilopound, slug, pound, ounce, quintal, stone, tonne

Currency Conversion

US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Switzerland Franc …

Capacity and Volume Conversion

cubic meter, cubic kilometer, cubic decimeter, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter, liter…

Volume – Dry Conversion

Liter, barrel dry, pint dry, quart dry, peck, bushel, cor, homer …

Temperature Conversion

kelvin, degree Celsius, degree Fahrenheit, degree Rankine, degree

Area Conversion

Square meter, square kilometer, square hectometer, square, square decimeter, square centimeter, square millimeter…

Pressure Conversion

pascal, bar, pound-force/square inch, torr, atmosphere technical, Standard atmosphere

Power Conversion

Watt, Exawatt, petawatt, terawatt, gigawatt, megawatt, kilowatt, hectowatt, dekawatt, deciwatt, centiwatt

Force Conversion

newton, exanewton, petanewton, teranewton, giganewton, meganewton, kilonewton, hectonewton

Time Conversion

second, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond,  shake, minute, hour, day, week, month, year …

Velocity Conversion

meter/second, meter/hour, meter/minute, kilometer/hour, kilometer/minute, kilometer/second, centimeter/hour, centimeter/minute …

Fuel Consumption Conversion

meter/liter, exameter/liter, petameter/liter, terameter/liter, gigameter/liter, megameter/liter, kilometer/liter, hectometer/liter …

Data Storage Conversion

bit, nibble, byte, character, word, MAPM-word, quadruple-word, block, kilobit, kilobyte, megabit, megabyte, gigabit, gigabyte …

We have compiled a list of such unit converter tools online. You can use them as you need. These are absolutely free for all. Let’s talk about list of unit converter tools.

This is evergreen and a massive online converter. You can do almost all types of unit conversion here. There are multiple categories given in this site, you can choose from.  For e.g. Area, Temperature, Weight, Time, volume etc.

Digital Dutch

Digital Dutch is the ultimate resource of unit conversion. It is another popular unit converter site. Here is also a list of categories to choose from and to conversion. Length, temperature, weight, currency are some example of categories.

Math is Fun

A famous conversion site, Math is Fun covers all types of unit conversion. Here is ease of selection of category. You can choose category, units from drop down menu.


Merck is the stunning source of unit conversion. You can convert here most popular units of Temperature, Volume, Pressure, Flow Rate, Mass/weight, Length, Density and Torque. The site is dedicated to engineering.

The Unit converter

It is a free and easy unit conversion site that converts the most popular units of distance, mass, temperature, torque, volume, time, density, pressure, energy, and many others.



Blogging Vs Vlogging: Which is better for you?

A blog is a short form of “weblog”.  Blog is like an informational website. It appears information in reverse time order. It is regularly updated website. Like latest post is displayed first. It is also like an online journal. The writer who writes blogs is called “blogger”. Blog is a platform where blogger share his views for the readers. The blog has contained one topic or mixed. Like, we have made technology blog. ( Mostly a blog is run by an individual. Sometimes it is run by a group too.

Vlog is video format of a blog. In short a blog which includes video material is called a vlog. Video Blogger means vlogger. Vlogging is concentrated on video material instead of writing articles.  Simply, Vlog is video form of a blog. The information is presented in videos. The prime medium of this blog is video. Vlog videos are mainly included text, images and data.

To know more difference, we are writing this post. Let’s start Blogging Vs Vlogging :

As you know the world and technology are subject to change. Blogging is a conventional strategy to provide information in written form. But Vlogging is newer one, it makes information more interesting.  In point view of the websites, Blogging and Vlogging both are extremely important part of traffic generation strategies. As we know, the websites are focused on promotion of sales and business; Blogging and Vlogging are advantageous to expand the traffic base of a website.

For many people, Vlogging and Blogging is a key source of income. Vlogging has been getting popularity in recent years. It is a human nature, he loves to watch rather than read. Youtube traffic is growing day by day. There is immense scope of vlogging in these days. But we should not underestimate the blogging too. As a conventional strategy, you can focus your attention while reading a blog. Blogs have still lot of information than Vlogs. Blogs are prevalent from decades. What is better for you business? Let’s compare and know in smooth way.


Blog is like online journal where blogger share his experience, thought and valuable information. He also gives suggestions to the readers. Creating and publishing blogs is a usual strategy of business owners and professionals. Blogging has huge potential to generate good traffic.

As blogs are free and easy to publish, no complicated and technical knowledge is required for it. There are many free platforms for blogging like Blogger, WordPress, Wix. You need not to invest any money for it. A newbie can setup his blog without hard efforts. Everything is readymade. Very few steps and some clicks are required only.

If you have hobby and skill of writing, your words can make living for you. You will have to optimize your blog and you will need to make it suitable for search in search engines (through SEO). Advertising and Affiliate marketing are prime sources to earn through blogs.

Negative side of Blogging

– It is hard to keep loyal readership on blog.

– Good knowledge of SEO is required to make blog in search on search engines.

– It is really hard job to attract visitors on a blog

-There is a neck to neck competition on each topic.

-You need to consume good amount of time in searching and writing posts.

-You have to regularly update the blog to engage readers.

– It is a tough job to keep the interest of the readers for long time.

– Writing appealing and captivating by an individual is a steely challenge.


The motto of Vlogging is same to share experiences, views and information; sometimes, giving suggestions and advices. The process of Vlogging is approximately same. Creating a Vlog is not a cumbersome job. Here you need some equipment to shoot your videos. You have to present information by facing camera. You have to set up any video site (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vemeo etc.) account. To shoot a video, you need a good camera, a mike, tripod, editing software and a good place. You can publish a video easily.

You can avoid writing here. You should have good communication skills and enough confidence to show yourself before the world. If topics are interesting and catchy, Vloggers become popular. Vlogs attract good traffic. Here you are working on established platform so attracting audience is not a big issue as compare to a blog. As subscribers increase, you will be successful and popular vlogger.

Negative side of Vlogging

The downside of Vlogging is investment over equipments. In order to record high quality videos, a vlogger needs DSLR camera. A good DSLR camera rate starts from Rs. 40,000. You should have good knowledge of editing. Buying editing software is another problem. Good editing software can cost Rs. 7000-15000. You have to invest good amount of money (Near INR 70,000 to 1, 00,000) to start a Vlog. It may be disturbing if you are not pro-vlogger.

Another drawback of Vlogging is that it does not allow you to edit a vlog video after publishing online.  In case of any error, you need to unpublish and then edit it. Whereas, you can change any post of blog anytime without unpublish it. Vlogs are very time consuming in compare to blog. You need to spend near 3-5 hours to make a catchy Vlog.

As blogging required good writing skills, in Vlogging you should have good communication skills. Otherwise, Vlogging will be not interesting and attractive to keep audiences engaged.



Both are very useful and effective sources of communication. It completely depends upon you what to choose. You will decide on basis of your requirement what need preference: Blogging or Vlogging. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Think wisely before start any. You can go with both too. But you should have capabilities to manage both parallel. You should have also enough time to spend for both. If you launch both strategies, you can get double benefit too. You can attract more visitors to your websites.


Top Websites to Download HD Quality Punjabi Movies Free

Nowadays movies have become a divvy of life. These not only entertain but also inspire us. With exploring different types of movies such as drama, biopic, comedy, action, adventure, romance, sports, sci-fi, social reforms and uplifting fresh talents, Punjabi Cinema (Pollywood) is witnessing a lot of attraction with year after year. Punjabi movies are interesting and colorful with sweet music. These truly entertain all the audience; that’s why people eagerly wait for release of new Punjabi movie every time. From last 6-7 years, many Punjabi movies were released and appreciated by the audience. Fan club of Pollywood is growing day by day. Dazzling and hilarious comedy in Punjabi movies remains centre of attraction. I can count you some Punjabi comedian names on fingers: Jawinder Bhalla, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghugi, B.N. Sharma and Karamjit Anmol.

Are you looking to find malware free websites to download Punjabi movies? Do you want to download Punjabi movies without accessing any Torrent site?  If you are interested in the same genre, you are at correct spot. Here I am going to give you a complied list of top websites to download Punjabi movies.

Note: In these websites, you can watch Punjabi movies online or download to watch offline. We don’t promote to download any latest movie. Here websites are only to watch and download previously launched movies.

If you are die-hard fan of Punjabi movies, you should definitely read this post. My motive is to provide you quality websites that are free from malware. I don’t guarantee you about accuracy of information. All websites change their policies time to time. Whether these websites may allow you to download or not, you need to ensure by visiting these websites. Here are some useful tips before download any Punjabi movie.

  1. You may bore with ads on the websites; you need to activate adblock on your browser (there are many ad-on available online for browsers).
  2. If automatically ads run by clicking, just close un-necessary pop ups and new tabs.
  3. If new pop up and tabs are opening without clicking, instantly close them.

Following websites will be very favorable to download Punjabi movies.

1. OK Punjab

Ok Punjab is prodigious website to download Punjabi movies. It is considered very good site to download Punjabi movies. It is choice of people to download Punjabi movies. You can download movies on mobiles and PC.  It is a site which allows downloading Punjabi and Hindi movies.

2. OK Jatt

You can visit to the website to download Punjabi movies. The website allows you to download previously launched (not latest) Punjabi movies. You can download movies in HD Quality.

3. Youtube

A mind-blowing and trustworthy website to download Punjabi movies, you will immediately answer Youtube.  Undoubtedly, Youtube is the biggest website to watch Punjabi movie online. You can also download Punjabi movies to watch offline. Several Punjabi movies on Youtube have HD Quality with high resolution.

4. Punjabi Movies online

Punjabi movies online is a good website to watch Punjabi movie online and offline. As I have watched its homepage, there are different movies there like: Arjun Patiala, Shadaa, Singham, Vadda Kalakar etc. Watch and enjoy Punjabi movies here.

5. Moviespur

This is mind blowing website to download Punjabi movies. You can download HD Quality movies also. Never go with Torrent.

6. Amazon Prime Video

There are many Punjabi movies available on Amazon Prime video too. Presently, there is no big collection of Punjabi movies on this site. But they are expanding their operation day by day.

7.  Zee5

You can visit on Zee5 to watch some popular old Punjabi movies.Presently, there is no big collection of Punjabi movies on this site. But they are expanding their operation day by day.

 8. Eros Now

Eros Now is expanding its profile in Punjabi movies too. There is a lot of collection of previously launched Punjabi movies here. Watch and enjoy. You can watch or can add in watchlist a movie.



The Best and Safe Apps and Websites to Download and Watch Tamil Movies online

Most of us watch Hindi versions of Tamil movies often. As per my experience, Tamil movies have very innovative and stunning stories. Even I love some Tamil movies more than Bollywood films. Several Bollywood movies are inspired from Tamil movies. Technology has evolved over a period of time. The dubbed Tamil movies are getting a huge attraction of fans. Most of Tamil movies are loaded with stunts.

Now we talk about downloading of Tamil movies on phones or systems. Nowadays, there is big challenge to download a movie from unknown sources because of malware. It is a shocking threat that can damage your device and corrupt other data. To avoid such critical conditions, we have come with some innovative and protective apps and website that allow you to download Tamil movies safely. We will talk about an Android based app; you can use the app to download Tamil movies without worry and tension of virus threats.

Note: In these websites, you can watch Tamil movies online or download to watch offline. We don’t promote to download any latest movie. Here websites are only to watch and download previously launched movies.

Following is a list of apps where you can watch Tamil movies without worrying malware. These are very safe apps. You can find your movie and watch directly there. These are available in Google Play store of your phone.


Eros Now



Amazon Prime Video


Other apps are  YuppTV,  Box Tv, Spuul, Video Masti, Hungama, Jiocinema, Netflix,  Zee5, ALTBalaji, Bigflix, Mx Player and Viu

If you download an HD movie before starting, it reduces problem of buffering and internet speed. Prints of movies also come well when we watch downloaded movie.

The Best & Gilt-Edged websites to download and stream Tamil movies

The good news for Tamil movie lovers, we have come with an excellent collection of some free movie download websites which are extremely safe and genuine. You can watch or download Tamil movies from this website without facing any trouble. There are plenty of websites available on internet to download Tamil movies without spending a single buck. Here you can download HD Quality Tamil movies. Here you can find Tamil dubbed movies free.

1. Youtube

Youtube is evidently the best video streaming platform. There are lot of Tamil movies (&Dubbed movies) available on the website to watch online and offline. You can enjoy its ad-free version that relief you from ads.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one the most popular video site. This is America based website but now it has started operation in India under its global extension. There are tons of Indian movies available on Netflix including Tamil movies. Netflix has paid subscription. But you can enjoy watching Tamil movies for 1 month absolutely free. You need to add your detail and debit card or credit only.

3. Zee5

You can download HD Tamil movies from Zee5 website and app completely free. It is considered one of the best OTT platforms. The website is operated by Essel Group through its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL).

 4. ALTBalaji

Owned by Balaji Telefilms Ltd., ALTBalaji is one of the best website for Tamil movies. It has massive collection of Tamil movies. After launched in 2017, the app and website of ALTBalaji is one the most popular OTT platforms. The website is famous for its erotic content.

5. Sony Liv

Developed by Multi-Screen Media, Sony Liv is a best over the top media service. Sony TV is popular on dish. Sony presents all its tv serial over this app. You can watch and download Tamil and Telugu movies on Sony Liv free.


Owned by Reliance Entertainment, BigFlix is a prime website. It was launched in 2008 & it was first over the top media service in India to watch or download movies. You can enjoy watching or downloading Tamil movies here. It charges for subscription. A huge collection of film and web series will entertain you fully.

Apart from these, you can watch and download Tamil movies from Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Mx Player and Viu

Note: The information is only to guide you. Some of these websites are paid and some free. The rules of each are changed time to time. Kindly check before use so that you can prevent any extra charges to download movies.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2019?

If you are internet savvy, you may search free, easy, step by step guide on how to start a blog? Well, your search may end here on triople. This article will guide you how to create a beautiful, catchy and functional blog. I have built several blogs during last few years. is also my blog where I share articles on technical information. This post will guide you step by step.

Beginning of a work is extremely tough and headache. Don’t worry I will try to reduce overwhelming and intimidating nature of this work. This single post will help you to make complete blog. You will learn about creating blog within 10 minutes.

I made a number of mistakes while learning to create a blog. But you can take advantage of my experience. You can avoid those errors. Let’s start with definition and exact meaning of a blog.

What is a blog?

Blog is a regularly updated website or webpage that focuses mainly on written content. It is a type of a website. Some people call it blogpost. Often blogs are written by an individual at small scale. When blog becomes very popular then individual give it a big form. There are several categories of blog. You can start blog on your interest. For example: cooking, dancing, writing, personal diary, speaking, technology, tutorial etc.

The person who writes a blog is called blogger. Bloggers often write content from their personal perspective to connect with their readers.  Readers write comments in comment section. Blogger communicate with their readers through comments. Direction conversation with reader allows blogger to improve. This interaction produces new ideas and improvement tips.

First you need to forget this misconception: You need to be an efficient writer to be a successful blogger. This is not true. Practice makes a man perfect. You will become a good writer when you will precede your writing. You need to just check style of writing of other bloggers. You can take good ideas from other blogs. This will give you an idea and good perspective about writing. Most blogger write in very informal style. Overall, you don’t need to be an expert. You will be expert one day.  Always read relevant blogs (relevant to the topic you have chosen). If you have craze and passion for your work, you will definitely become successful.

Purpose of a blog

Why do you want to start a blog? What is your purpose of blogging? What is benefit of it?  These are several questions that need answers.

If your solo aim is to make money, you may not get success. So your aim should be provide quality and valuable content for readers. I accept that top bloggers of the world are earning good money. Part time blogger can hope handsome profit if work is done properly.

The bright side of blogging is a passive income. You need to spend a few hours before system to write posts and you will make money for long time [Note: Making money will be based on several factors, it is not as easy job as told here. A span of 3-4 years is required to gain good traffic on a blog.]

Blog is amazing and great way to connect with people through commenting. Blog allows you to recognize thinking and demands of people and it gives you a golden opportunity to meet the requirements of readers. Blog itself becomes a community where people interact with blogger and each other. The growing use of internet is proven more lucrative than ever. This is helping to increase readers of blogs. Here are quick steps to make a blog:

  • Choose a topic of blog
  • Choose a blog name and give description.
  • Live your blog. Register a blog and get hosting
  • Customization of blog and get free theme.
  • Write and publish first post on blog.
  • Promotion of your blog.
  • Make money from blogging

Choosing a topic for blog

This is first and foremost step to start blogging. You need to be passionate towards your topic. Choose topic of your interest. This will help you to get success. Remember, you are writing for the world. Your blog will be live worldwide. Any person can see and read your blog. You need to work as a responsible blogger. A good reader base will enhance your global presence. You can search topic if any not included here following: Technology, cooking, singing, childhood, personal diary, dancing, tutorial, electrical, financial, general, education etc.  There is no limit of interest. You may choose topic of your interest.

Choose a blog name and give description

Picking a good name is important step. If you are not sure about what name is suitable to your blog; take help of various website that suggest blog names. .com extension is most prevalent and preferred by people. In other extension .org, .net, .in and many more work. You can’t put gaps or spaces while given name to your blog. As we have chosen, not triople  .com  Remember catchy names are on mouth of the people. Try to find very attractive, clear and concise name for your blog. It should be limited to maximum 7-8 characters.  Big names are hard to get popularity because of complicated spellings.  SEO of such blogs becomes also hard.

You need to check your domain name if it is available. Most of .com names are taken already. You have to be sure about availability of blog name. You can check availability of domain name by searching it on domain sites like,

Description is another important part of a blog. People can know what is the purpose and theme of the blog with brief description.

 Live your blog. Register a blog and get hosting

This is next step in this process. It is the time to get your blog online. This may be simple or hard. Both types of packages are available for blogging. is a service of Google; it allows you to make a blog free of cost (Free domain name and hosting). is a service of WordPress; it allows you to make a blog free of cost. You can choose with very easy process of making blog (with; just within a few steps). Free option will come with your service provider (For e.g. [for] //[for]) but you can convert it direct name ( by choosing plan offered by these sites. Here is a video that will guide you step to step to make a free blog on .




Other option contains bit difficult process but this gives you full access to change as per needs.  It is bit technical. You need to pick two things: blog hosting and blog software.  Good thing is that both come into a package together.

In order to build a fascinating blog, you may need to take services of website designers and developers.

Blog hosting means storage place where you store your all files of your blog and present before use when the access your blog. Blog hosting is provided by a few companies. They are called website hosting companies. Some company are very popular, you may already know their names. Like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmycode, Bigrock, Milesweb, WordPress hosting and many. Each hosting site has its plans. You can compare yourself. You can buy suitable plan and hand over credential to your developers, if you are taking services of blog developers.

You need software to build your blog. WordPress blogging software is choice of million people because it is very customizable and simple to use.

Designers will design the blog and programmers will make it dynamic. They will connect your hosting with your site to get data from hosting while access it.  You can also do all yourself; you need to take guidance on research on internet.

You will need to create password for your account while preparing it in WordPress software.

Customization of blog and choose free theme

You can choose theme free of cost in given list on WordPress. You can buy premium theme too.  You can choose theme as per your topic. After professional’s work done, your blog will be ready to start.

Write and Publish first post on blog

Next step is to write and publish first step. After completion of blog, you need to add content in blog. The content means the relevant material of blog. Content may contain text, images and videos. You can write quality content to boost visitors on blog. You can click on CC0 website link to take photos for your blog. There are all copyright free photos there.

Promotion of your blog

This is very important step. After making a blog, who knows that you have a blog? A few you’re known persons only. How will your appear in the world. How visitors will visit on your blog. This is the actual job what will decide popularity of your blog. SEO is the process to promote your blog. I have given complete information about SEO and its types in my article

You can take help of SEO professionals to promote you blog. You can do some works yourself: promote blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram & other social networking sites.

Make money from blogging

This is extremely valuable tip for everyone. Everyone wants to earn money from blogging. Unfortunately, this is not as easy job as you think.

There are different ways you can make money blogging: By selling your own products or services, through writing reviews of products on blog. These are bit difficult than selling advertisement space.

Google adsense is the most popular advertisement program.  It is the best way to take advantage and make money from blogging. You need to work hard to get Google adsense for your blog.   On free blogging services, there are different processes to take approval of ads.  Google measures a blog on several criteria before approving your Google ads account. I have given ideal tips to get approval of  Google Adsense in an article. You can get knowledge about alternate to Google Adsense in case of disapproval of Google ad account.

I hope these tips will definitely help you to become a successful blogger. Happy Blogging!


What is Python and online Python tutorial websites for Beginners

The technology you select to study is very important and deciding factor of your career. A wrong decision can lead to pile of troubles instead of getting good salaried job. In this post, we will discuss about Python language, which has become very popular nowadays. If you choose to learn this language, it can make your future bright.

Python was developed 40 years ago. There are thousands of software and sites based on this technology. All the benefits of learning language make it very popular. The multinational companies are hiring python programmers. This will be a bright future for you if you learn this language.

What is Python?

In simple words, Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics; it is used to developed applications. It is high-level programming language. Its built in high level data structures with dynamic typing and binding make it extremely impressive. It is used as a scripting to connect existing components together.

Python is a simple, general-purpose, easy to learn, versatile and popular programming language. It is easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability. It cut the cost of program maintenance. It is amazing as a first language because it is concise and simple to read. It supports modules and packages that lead program modularity and reuse of code. It is ideal language to have in a programmer’s stack because it has multiple uses from web development to software development.  The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form free of cost for all main platforms, and can be distributed without any charge. Python is free and open source language. Developers need not to pay any charges to use it. They can share and copy it. This feature has made Python a very ambient and popular language for developers.

It is a minimalist language.After used once, programmers love it due to enhancement in productivity it gives. There are no complicated steps; edit-test-debug cycle is undoubtedly quick. Debugging program is simple; a bug input will not cause a segmentation error. On the other hand, often the fastest way to debug a program is to add some print statements to the source: the fast edit-test-debug cycle makes this easy approach very impressive. When issue occurs, developer needs not to check language and syntax, he can focus only on issue.

How Python is different from other programming languages

We will compare Python with other languages. We will let you know how Python is better than other languages. We will compare with other languages one by one.

Python Vs PHP

Feature Python PHP
Popularity very popular programming language.  very popular programming language.
Hardness  easy to learn.  hard to learn.
Frameworks Python has a number of frameworks A few frameworks
Adoption trend It is growing 20% every year It is losing its traction year per year.
Use cases It is versatile language, it is used in web development, software development and scientific application development etc. It is ideal programming language for web development.
Status It is getting popularity due to its simplicity of use. It is not gaining popularity as Python.
Community and Support Python Software Development Foundation is supporting. It has huge community and amazing support system. PHP is an open source. It has large community but not big as Python has.
Fame (Major Sites) There are various big sites have been developed in Python.

You can count some names like Quora, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Survey Monkey, Bitly, Reddit and Dropbox.

Some big website which have been developed in PHP programming are: Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia, Flickr & Facebook.


Python Vs Java

Feature Python Java
Learn Easy to learn Hard to learn
Compatibility with OS  Yes Yes
Cross Platform apps No Yes
Network based app No Yes
Verbosity Concise Verbose
Performance Interpreted, slow faster
Typing Dynamically typed Statically typed
Ideal for Data science, Machine learning Cross platform and embedded applications

Python Vs C#


Feature Python C#
Learn Easy Hard
Environment to script Any Only in IDE
Libraries A lot of libraries A few libraries
Performance  Low performance High  performance

List of Online Python Tutorial websites for beginners