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20 Funny and Entertaining Tiktok Videos

Developed by China based company ByteDance, Tiktok is one of the most popular app used by people. More than 500 million downloads on Android platform and over 104 million downloads on ios, Tiktok is a leading entertaining app. Tiktok is called Douyin in china. It is available on both Android and ios platform to create and share video clips (30-60 seconds).

Tiktok app allows users to create music videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. It is vertical level of craze in India for Tiktok. Tiktok has spread its wings in Asia, USA and in other countries. In 2018, Tiktok became the most downloaded app in USA. Amazingly available in 75 languages, the app covers more than 170 markets.

Started in 2016, Douyin was branded with name Tiktok in global market. Douyin was developed in mere 200 days. The growth of app was astonishingly increased in a year by 100 million users and 1 billion views per day. Tiktok achieved rank one milestone in free downloaded apps in various countries. Tiktok was downloaded more than 800 million times in the world.

ByteDance bought shanghai based startup in one billion dollars. was very popular social media platform for people. Tiktok merged with in August 2018 and made larger community. Tiktok covers 150 markets on global level.

Douyin is a different app from Tiktok and available on developer’s site. It is very popular in china due to its effective marketing campaign. Famous Chinese celebrities are using it. Stunningly over 70 million active users are using this app daily.

Tiktok is a mobile app that allows users to create short videos. It is a platform to share fun, knowledge, talent, art etc. To make a video, users can choose audio music. The music works in background of the video. There are filters to speed up, slow down the videos.

In this post, we are sharing some funny and magical Tiktok videos. We are sure that these will fully entertain you. So without delay, start jumping with happiness and laughter.

You can go with following links of Tiktok to enjoy videos.

  1. Amazing Dance Video
  2. Best dance with fun
  3. Funky dance
  4. Awesome comedy
  5. Very funny clip
  6. Hilarious magic
  7. Stunning magic
  8. Puzzle magic
  9. Good effort
  10. Best ever tricks

8 Significant Pages for Each Website or a Blog

If you are beginner and starting a new website or a blog; you may be confused about significant pages of your website.  What pages are most required in a new website/blog? If you are facing same queries, Triople provides you the perfect solution for it. If you have not added these pages, you can add easily without affecting the other content. These pages are significant because these will depict a standard of your WordPress website. In this post, we will share the most essential pages that every website should have.

There are two main data types of each website: Posts and Pages. You know that posts are used to add articles/content. You often publish new post in Post type. Your posts are changed regularly. Each post contain different data, we call that article or content of the post. As I am writing this article into a new post, I will publish it under new title and tags.

On other hand, Pages have static data that is occasionally changed. Most of times,  the content of pages is remained static.  You change content on rare occasion.


Home page should have contained in your WordPress website, because homepage shows your first page of the site. When website is opened homepage appears first. Homepage means main page of the website. Whatever you do but when you click on home, you will be redirected to homepage. Where you will watch url of your site with common name. Like you can see for it; we have also added homepage here.


Each website needs a blog page. When you write relevant blogs to your business website, people can visit and read by clicking on Blog page. You can aware people with latest information about your products. You can also share latest technology information to visitors in your blogs. Other benefit of adding blog page in website is to increase content for website. If you write proper content relevant to your website, it helps to increase page rank of your website. Without content, you may face challenges to rank your site in search of prime search engines. Low content websites mostly may not get good places in search engine list. Blog data can make your site full of content. It also helps you to create some relevant and useful keywords (relevant keywords with your website) in blog posts to increase rank of your website in searches.

Project Page

Project page is to display your previous projects. It increases credibility of your website.  People will come to know about your experience with big brands. The trust of your business increases with it. Try to give proper explain of each project. Never forget to add projects with renowned brands of the world (if any).

About Us

It is another important page of any WordPress Website/blog. You need to show who you are. What is purpose of your website? What services/brands are you selling? When your company started and where are outlets and network of your company. You can share mission, values and motives of your work. You can share here present and past of your company in brief. About us page helps to build your trust in people. People can better know your business through it. You can add your team people here and share about their qualification and their experience in relevant fields. You can introduce people with your team too.

Disclaimer Page

You can add Disclaimer page if you are earning money from your website/blog. This is important especially when you are display ads or displaying affiliate products on your website. People should aware about it.

Contact Us

It is another significant page of your website/blog. You are operating business and provide products or services. Consumers need to know about your contact in case of any query. So Contact Us may be very useful page for them. Contact us page contains website owner office contact (email, phone, social profiles etc.). In other way, website owner creates a contact form there to fill. Consumer can fill that one and from website, a representative contacts with him.

Privacy Policy Page

Privacy policy page inform visitors about the content you add on your website/blog. It also shows how you and other parties can use this content. Why is this so important? Because even you are not gathering any visitor data, Google Analytics like third party tool can set cookies. You are required to use privacy policy page, if you are showing ads of Google Adsense on your website/blog. How to make privacy policy templates? It may be a serious question for you. There are many online privacy policy page generator websites. some of them are following:

You can generate privacy policy pages through the help of these websites. You can make your own after going through these websites.

Product or Services Page

It is another significant page for a business website/blog. You can showcase your products. You can show your services here too. Users will get to know what products or services you sell. Make Product or Service page effective with catchy design. Add same size pictures of your products. Colorful and attractive page will eye of attraction for visitors. Categorize every product with proper name, rate and specifications (all required content).

7 Ideal tips to choose the best domain name..must read!

While thinking to build a website, first and prime topic is to decide a name of site. You are laughing..What a joke, it is easy task. Hmm.. if you are brooding in this way..You may be wrong. There are certain things that affect your domain name, especially when you are making a website for your business. Give a name to website may be average if you decide without considering some points. You know name also represent brand of your business. If name is not effective, your website may not work as per your expectations. So today, Triople team is sharing some valuable things to consider before deciding a name to website.

In previous article, we have discussed about some main points to build a website. In this post, we have given some important things to consider while searching a domain name.

1. Easy name

Always try to name your site in easy words. You know difficult words are hard to remember by people. If you take easy words that will work and your site name will be in minds of people. If we take ideal examples of big brands, they are Audi, Paytm, Acer, Dell etc. These are very simple names to remember.

2. Short name is effective

Short domain name is hard to forget. Short name always be in trend. As I chose Triople, 5-6 characters are enough. If you will go with long name, it will lose its smoothness. As we discussed in previous point about some brand names, they are very short within 5-6 characters and easy to catch people’s eyes.

3. Don’t use numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are easily forgotten by people. Avoid use of numbers and hyphens in your domain name. For example if I give name to my site The people who will type name of website will definitely confuse. They can misunderstand these words and type wrong website.

4. Keyword based domain name

If you select domain name based on business/services you provide, that will really work. Like if you have wood business and you add wood word in your domain (Like, it will effectively work in search in search engines.

5. Avoid This blunder

Caution is better than cure. Make sure that chosen domain name by you should not be a trademark of a company. It neither should not be copyrighted nor related with any company. It can end up with a big legal mess and can create huge problems for you. You can cost a big loss because of this mistake.

6. Focus on Local Area

If you want to spread business in a local area, you may add specific city/state/locality name in your domain name. As I am from Bathinda (Punjab), I add  BTI is short form of name Bathinda.

7. Choose suitable domain name extension

The suffixes at end of website address are called extensions. You may know about different types of extensions like .com, .net, .org, .me., .co. In etc. They all have their particular use; you need to choose an extension that benefits you. The most common and most popular extension is .com. But choosing short and effective domain name with .com extension is a challenging job because it has been in working for a long time. Millions of websites are built with .com extensions. So carefully choose extension of your domain name.





Are you going to create your website?..useful steps to follow

It is a modern era. Every businessman wants to add wings to his business. As per Google Search, there are more than 644 million website on internet. There were approximate 1 billion sites till 2014.  You can expand your limited area of business into unlimited horizons of the world. The miracle happens with website. Your local business can be turn into global business. Where you don’t need to go physically but you can work from your shop only. No matter what you are selling, either products or services, website will showcase your brand to the world.

You can add your products/services information in your website.

Now the main steps to make a website

To create a website, you need to follow 4 basic steps.


1. Register your domain name

Domain name means giving name to your website. You have to decide name for your website, as I have decided name to my website: If your domain name reflects your business products/services that will give extra advantage in search on search engines. How to choose the perfect name for your website; I will write another post on it. You can choose suitable email address following your domain name. Like if I take email address You can also add email address likewise. Instead of using free email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail), business site email address give professional look to your business. You need to register a domain name by choosing a plan from domain registrar websites. Some popular names of domain registrar websites are:








Inmotion hosting


2. Buy a hosting plan

First here important to know, what is web hosting?

Web hosting is integral part of a website. In simple words, as your shop/business have a physical location in any locality. Same here, web hosting indicate physical location of your website. Web hosting is online storage where your website data (content, pictures, videos and others) will store. Web site hosting service providers maintain your website data in server.

You need to search a suitable web hosting service provider. Here is list of web hosting companies:







Inmotion hosting

There may be monthly/annually plans to choose.

3. Write your content

Bloodline of your website is content. You need to create a suitable content of website. The content should be centered on products and customers. In another post, I will let you know how to write content of website. The points need to keep remember while writing website content. Website should contained images, graphics and well presentation to attract customers.


4. Making a website

The final step is to make a website with help of website professional developers. I have shared best website developers in the world. You can read that post to take best services to make a website. Building a website will include 3 processes: Designing, Developing and SEO.

These website developers are very popular for their services. They can provide you all services till completion.  Thus you can create your website simply. I will explain about these 3 processes of website in my next article.






7 Best Free Animation Video Makers and Animation Maker Apps for Android

Animation videos are very interesting videos. These are liked by all in the world. As a Youtuber or blogger, creativity in videos is always appreciated by the viewers. If you content is creative and interesting but presentation is average. It will finish the interest of the visitors. To get top views and appreciation of video, both content and presentation should be impressive and effective.

Need of animation in video has been enhanced. You can add extra fun with animation in video. Animation videos are more explanatory than normal. Animated video creators get attention of new visitor quickly and earn money rapidly. Animation video is a power way to display message to people.

Making professional and influential animated videos is skillful and knowledgeable job. You need a training to make such videos. It takes long time to learn all tips and tricks of making animation videos. But technology has improved the way to make videos. You need not to take complex trainings now. You can create videos after reading little tips. In this article of Triople, we are sharing some effective animation tools and animation apps for Android to make interesting animation videos. First we will talk about online tools to make animation videos.

1. Animaker

Animaker is among best animation tools to create videos online. It is professional tools for business and individuals. It is very simple to create videos through Animaker. Animaker tool gives you HD quality animation videos. You can use its features like infographics, 2D videos, handcraft animation, whiteboard animation and more. You can use free version to create animation videos. But free version provides you limited time videos (up to 2 minutes) with limited features. If you buy PRO version, it allows you to make lengthy videos with accessing all features. There are multiple options in PRO version. If you are starting to create cartoon videos, you should go with paid version. There are multiple options in paid version as per requirement of individual and businesses like Personal, business and Startup and free.

2.  Renderforest

Renderforest is a cloud based video maker to create videos for Youtube and blogs. You can make promotional contents and funny videos with Renderforest. You can enjoy 2D animation videos. With hundreds of template, you can easily make videos. This cloud based tool allows you to adjust scenes and change text. You can create funny and interesting animated content. This tool also comes with both versions: free and paid. In free version, you can make limited time videos up to 3 minutes. You are given 500 MB storage. There will watermark on each video in free version. In other limited music tracks, free logos in PNG only. In paid version all these limitations will be removed. You will enjoy other features too. Check paid version plans here: Renderforest Subscriptions

3. Moovly

Moovly is one of the best tools to make videos. There is a big gallery of over 175 million pictures, video clips due to its integration with Shutterstock. You can choose from different templates to make a video. You can make videos online easily. You can make tutorial, training, promotional and education videos. Moovly has free and paid both versions. In free version there are limited features than paid. Check paid subscription here.

4. RawShorts

Rawshorts is very popular animation creator tool for the professional. RawShorts is a powerful animation maker to make cartoon, tutorial and other educational videos. You can enjoy free version of the tool to make such videos. With Pro version, you can benefit the special features of the tools. There are various plans as per needs of the users check here

You can create interesting animation videos with RawShorts. Funny cartoons are liked by everyone and it fills fun in your content. It allows you to direct upload to Youtube. You can create 100MB and 2 minutes long video in free version. RawShorts supports full HD 1080p in paid version. There is good stock of videos and template to use.

5. Animatron

Animator is another best animation maker online. It gives you a chance to make explainer videos, animated banner ads and whiteboard animation. It is very easy to use. You can create HTML5 animations. You will experience amazing and fabulous presentation with this animation maker. This is so professional program that many tech giant have used it . Google, New York Times are among some big names who used this program. It also comes with free and paid versions. Click here to know pricing options You can use royalty free video clips, images and audio from a huge collection of over 5 lacs items. You can create whiteboard style animation.

6. Powtoon

Powtoon is a incredible software to make professional animation videos to win the interest of the people. Powtoon fits to your pocket. It is not costly software. It allows you to use cloud based platform to make animated videos. Powtoon is integrated with  top websites and apps to provide their user best experience. There is big collection of media files for your free use in content. You can select template and graphics to make your video exceptional and unique. For Pro version click here

7. Biteable

Biteable is one of the best animation maker. You can use almost all features in free version. It is fabulous to use. You can create promotional and informational videos in interesting way. You can create slideshow, personal and business videos with incredible HD quality and you can use up to 1GB free storage. In free version, you can create only 5 videos per month. Bitable has both paid and free versions. In Pro (paid) version, you get more features than free. You can access more features to make videos. It allows you to direct upload to Youtube and Facebook. There are over 80 stocks clips in Biteable. Click pricing here.

Now we are compiling a list of Animation video maker apps for Android and ios

  1. Toontastic 3D

  2. Animation Desk

  3. I can Animate

  4. Flipclip

  5. PicsArt Animator

  6. Animoto

  7. GIFMob

check more details about these apps click on these.