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Top 10 Search Engines on the Internet Besides Google

We hope you all know about Google. Google is the most popular search engine on the earth. Do you know, apart from Google, there are other search engines that deal with millions of search daily? You may have no information about them. Google is not alone search engine on the web. There are numerous search engines on the web.

Yes, we admit Google is a king among search engine but we can’t ignore others.  Google has safeguarded its top place for many years. Let’s talk about top 10 most popular search engines on the internet.



Yeah, as you know Google is on top rank. No need to explain it more. For your information, Google is a gigantic search engine. There are more than 63,000 searches per second on Google. We count yearly, these will cross trillion. Google is a dominating search engine. It is most popular on pc and mobiles both. Google handles more than 70% of all searches on the internet.



Bing was launched in 2009. Bing is powered and operated by Technology giant Microsoft. Microsoft tried very much to surpass Google in search engine race, but despite many efforts, they are still on rank second. Bing could not convince users to shift from Google to Bing. Reasons may be many. Google has been successful to inculcate habit in people to use their search engine.  Bing is undisputedly still a prominent player in the search engine contest and it has many enviable and unique features.


Once there was a time when Yahoo was leader in search engines. Nowadays, Yahoo is also among most popular search engines. Yahoo is default search engine for Firefox browsers in USA. Yahoo was powered by Bing from OCT 2011- OCT 2015. Yahoo started to provide search related services to Google. It is powered by Google and Bing. is also in our top 10 list. The AOL network includes several popular websites like and the Now Verzion Communications is owner of; the company paid for it USD 4.4 billion. was started in year 1995. Formerly Ask Jeeves, is getting good number of searches. is based on question answer format concept. Here poll service is also available. Google, Bing and Yahoo, all have many more searches than Ask. They provide high quality searches.


Baidu was launched in 2000. It is most used search engine in China. It is very popular in particularly in china. It provides searches for audio files, websites and images only.


DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008 by California based Gabriel Weinberg. DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular search engines. It is very famous for protecting the privacy of the users. The revenue of the search engine come from Yahoo-Bing search alliance network.

Yandex :   

Yandex was started in It is most used and popular search engine in Russia. Yandex is also very famous in Russia neighboring countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Yandex provides many services like Yandex Music, Yandex Maps, Yandex Money and many. is a good search engines that produce results from thousands wikis. If you are looking for any information in details from start to present, then it is ideal choice to use it.

Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is a vast online digital library. It is also very popular search engine. There is massive collections of material on this search engines which include videos, music, books and software. It has big library where you can find anything you want.


Gurmukhi Font (Punjabi) to Unicode Font Converter

Punjabi is widely spoken and written language. It has spread all over the world where Punjabi people live. It was language of Punjab but now spoken in various countries of the world like Pakistan, Canada, America etc. 130 million people in the universe communicate in Punjabi. It is 10th most spoken language in the world. It is an Ando-Aryan language. There are two types of Punjabi Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi. Gurmukhi is Indian Punjabi and Shahmukhi is spoken in Pakistan. Gurmukhi is used by Punjabi Sikhs and Shahmukhi is used by Punjabi Muslims.

In this post we are discussing about various Punjabi font converter. As you know that Unicode is universal font of each language. Same in Punjabi, Unicode can be written any where in any device. It is visible in every device without requirement of any device or software. There are many reasons people like to type in Unicode. Whereas for desktop publishing other fonts are more useful. That’s why people need to type both types of fonts. Sometimes written in other fonts need to convert in Unicode or vice versa. If content is not worth to edit then retyping is only option. But if content is editable then converter may prove best alternate. So here we have compile a list of various tools that can help you to converter your content into other required font. This conversion will not only save you time but your efforts and cost too. Let’s talk without delay:

  1. Punjabi Font Converter 

This is most popular converter site on the web. Punjabi aglsoft provides conversion of 11 fonts. In 11 most of them are very useful and famous font to convert. Some of them are Gurmukhi, Gurbani Lipi, Akhar, DRchatrikWeb, Satluj, Punjabi and Joy to convert into Unicode and vice versa. Daily near 7000 visitors [as per] on this website to avail its conversion services.

2. Gurmukhi Font Converter

This is another amazing converter tool. You will bewilder to know that more than 150 Punjabi Fonts are converted into each other by this tool. This website covers various important font conversion. The famous fonts available to convert are Gurmukhi, AnmolLipi, Satluj, Savi, AmrLipi, Punjabi, Amrit, Akhar, AnmolKalmi, Samtol,Seerat, SriAngad,GurbaniLipi into Unicode and vice versa.

3. Sikh Siyasat

Sikh Siyasat is also popular converter website. Here you can find a few prominent font to convert into Unicode and vice versa. These are AnmolLipi, AnmolUni, DRchatrik, Awaze, Satluj, Asees, Joy, GurbaniLipi, GumukhiLys020 that can be converted into Unicode and vice versa.

Read this font for Hindi Font converters

KrutiDev To Unicode And Unicode To KrutiDev Converter Tools Online

Nowadays use of Indian languages is grown. Everyone want to use regional languages on their smarphones. Technology has simplified the functions of typing Hindi text (Devnagari Script). Unicode Hindi is typed by millions of people in form of text  and chat messages regular basis. So Hindi is used widely by people on PC and smarphones. Hindi Unicode is universal font that does not need support of any internal or external device or program to watch and read. Unicode Hindi text is very popular on the web.

KrutiDev (Devanagari: कृतिदेव); it is also known as KritiDev (क्रतिदेव) or Krutidev, is a legacy Devanagari font which has become very famous and popular in printing and on the web. Kruti Dev Font typing is usually learnt by professional and advanced Hindi typists who want to enhance their skills by learning typing on computer. Krutidev font is a free font series. You can download font from web by using this link: Download KrutiDev Font

If you have KrutiDev typed content and you want to upload or put it on the web; you can simply convert it into Unicode with use of any tools given in list here. Unicode is a simplest form of Devnagari Hindi font that can be read by anyone on any device without need of any special device/software. Converted text into Unicode font can be used anywhere. Like you may add a post in Hindi on a social networking website (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.).

Now we come to the point, If you have Unicode font writing and you want to convert that into KrutiDev Font then what will you do? Will you retype the text; that is common option but hardworking in case of big volume. We can’t avoid such option if your file has not editable format like PDF or image. If your file is in Word, text form then we have easy and time saving alternates. There are various tools that convert Unicode font (Mangal Font)  to KrutiDev Font with in no time.

Let’s discuss about those online conversion tools for it.  With the help of these tools you can convert Unicode font into KrutiDev and vice versa. I hope that will be very useful for you and save and utilize your time and efforts. Following is list of converter tools, you can use any of these for your conversion purpose.

What is eBook and Top online E-book Stores

Modern age is progressing towards success because of internet revolution. World has been closer now. You can talk and even see your relative from thousand miles only due to internet age. Once there was a time when you needed to maintain a book shelf or library like shelves to keep your favorite books along with you at home. Now your smartphone or your pc does the same job. You need not to maintain a space for your book collection. Now e-book era has begun.

E-book is short form of Electronic book. In simple words the book published in electronic format for quick access is called e-book. You can download it from internet. The book can be read on smarphone, computer, e-reader(Amazon Kindle) and tablet. An eBook can be published in various file formats, for eg, PDF, Rich Text Format, plain text, images and more. Amazon is considered one the biggest e-book store on the web. Amazon once announced that e-books are selling more than paper books.

There are different stores (website) where you can freely download e-books:

Google Books – Google Books is a service operated by Google. You can find thousands of free and paid books and magazines there.

Project Gutenberg:-  Project Gutenberg is another popular e-book website. Here you can search book of your choice from collection of 15000+ free e-books. You can read books both online and offline.

O’Reilly Open Books – O’Reilly is one of the most popular and trusted computer book publisher. O’Reilly has extensive collection of computer and technical books.

Wikibooks – Wikibooks are extremely popular on the web. There is incomparable service by Wikimedia in creating books that are editable and created by anyone.

Bookboon – Bookboon has several business, travel and school text books. Most of e-books are in PDF format.

25 Free Computer Science Books – The site has free available computer science e-books.

FreeTechBooks – Freetechbooks has amazing collection of thousands of technology related e-books like computer and programming. There are hundreds of maths, artificial intelligence related books available there.

Freebooks4doctors– Freebooks4Doctors has stunning collection of free medical books. If you want to read medical books you can visit this website.

Top 50 Tiktok Viral Videos that will unquestionably entertain you!

Tiktok is heartbeat of people today. here are over 500 million users of Tiktok. Tiktok users are very dedicated and crazy to watch and make videos. Tiktok app has download all over the world over 800 million times.

I think every mobile user have used Tiktok once after its emerge to watch or make funny & useful videos. You will never bore with 60 seconds videos. This is stunning source of knowledge and entertainment. Once you start to watch videos, you can spend hours just move with thumb. The spellbound clips will magically engage you and incite your curiosity to watch more. Today Triople has compiled a list of Top 50 Tiktok Viral Videos that will definitely entertain you and value your spent time.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

Video 12

Video 13

Video 14

Video 15

Video 16

Video 17

Video 18

Video 19

Video 20

Video 21

Video 22

Video 23

Video 24

Video 25

Video 26

Video 27

Video 28

Video 29

Video 30

Video 31

Video 32

Video 33

Video 34

Video 35

Video  36

Video 37

Video 38

Video  39

Video 40

Video 41

Video 42

Video 43

Video  44

Video 45

Video 46

Video 47

Video 48

Video 49

Video 50
































Word to PDF and PDF to Word Converter Tools online

Probably every computer user need to access word file during work. Billions of people use Ms Word for their typing causes. It is very compact software and it is brilliant one to guide you about errors (Grammatical, Spellings etc.) I daily use Word to typing and other jobs. It is fine.

Hope, if you receive any .pdf. You need to work in PDF file. Is it possible? I think No. What is PDF file you can know better here.   You can work in that pdf file matter if you convert that one into .doc/.docx file (MS word file). That enables you to work in that one. So You need to convert PDF file into .doc/.docx file. There are multiple online converter tools that give you facility to convert PDF to DOC/Docx and vise versa. Triople has compiled a list of such online converter that are useful you to convert your file into doc extension.