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Emergence of new words (Vocabulary) in COVID-19- You must know!

In end of 2019, a deadly virus spread in meat market of Wuhan of China, which gradually spread throughout the world. It is called Coronavirus (Covid-19). It is declared as a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization). There are many new words came to existence. We have come to know with new vocabulary relevant to Covid-19. We hardly heard and knew before it. The disease is putting words in mouth of million people of the world. You may listen words like COVID-19, N-95 mask, homemade mask, PPE, Bipap, virus, community spread, asymptomatic, case fatality rate, contact tracing, clinical trial, epidemic, pandemic, Incubation period, Lockdown, Quarantine etc.

Broad your mind and educate yourself about what is happening in the world. We are ensured that these words will help you to know many things ahead. If you are curious to know, never hesitate to wide you knowledge and awareness. This will assist you to show a good presence in a group of people. You can discuss well on many topics related Covid-19 too. You can even educate other if you properly know about these.


The first word that has become very common now- COVID-19; it means coronavirus disease 2019. coronavirus was first detected in 2019 in Wuhan of China with initial symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.


Sanitizer is a form of liquid gel used to reduce the spread of germs of a disease on hands. During Covid-19, Alcohol based sanitizer having more than 60% alcohol help us to stay safe from coronavirus germs. The demand of hand sanitizer surged during covid-19 surprisingly.

Epidemic and Pandemic: Both words are very popular during covid-19 spread.  Both have approximate same meanings that wider spread of a contagious disease in a geographic area.

N95 and surgical face masks

You can say these mask are medical approved mask to protect you from SARS-CoV-2 like diseases. These are also called N95 respirator masks. The work of mask is to protect you from droplets of infected persons (via cough and sneeze).


Ventilator is a machine that helps to expand lungs of a patient to breath and supply oxygen when a patient is not able to do it own.

Non-medical masks (Homemade masks)  and face covering

Non-medical masks are those masks which are made of cotton material these are called homemade masks too. Some people call it face covering. These are used to cover mouth and nose. These are different from medical masks. These are helpful to protect a person when it is not possible to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.

Incubation period

Incubation period is a period between when a person is exposed to virus and appearance of symptoms and signs of disease.

PPE (Personal protective equipment)

PPE stands for Personal protective equipment; PPE helps to reduce effect of harmful material that cause injury or illness. PPE includes suits, gloves, eyewear etc.

Community spread: Community spread means the spread of contagious disease in a geographic area means within a community.

Social distancing: This word has also come in trend during covid-19 spread. Social distancing is also called physical distancing that means keeping space between yourself and other people when you go out of your home.

Lockdown and curfew:  A state of emergency when people are restricted from some areas as a security measure.  People are not permitted to enter or leave a building or area freely.  Curfew is a rule when every person must stay at home between specific times.

BiPap machine

BiPap machine is  like a ventilator that some hospitals are using to help COVID-19 patients breathe.

Novel coronavirus: Novel means New Coronavirus means Coronavirus.

Self-isolation: Self-isolation means separating oneself from other people. As we all know that Covid-19 is an infectious disease so this measure is taken.

Self-quarantine: Self-Quarantine is an act of protection under which a person stops to contact with other people for a particular time. Mostly during covid-19, the time is fixed at least 2 weeks; it is the time when symptoms of covid-19 appear properly.

How to Trim/Edit an uploaded YouTube Video on Phone OR Laptop

Youtube is one of the biggest search engines on internet. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. People search hundreds of topics on youtube in an hour. This post is for Youtubers who upload the videos on Youtube.

Do you regularly upload videos on your YouTube channel? Have you faced such problems that once upload; you need to trim/edit video after some days? If yes, then what was option for you to edit or trim your video? Right, YouTube Editor Tool. You need not to delete your video and upload again. YouTube has given an editor tool to trim your uploaded video. You can easily cut/trim the part of video and save it. It will automatically remove.

How to edit a YouTube video, follow given steps:


Note: You can trim your video both on phone or Desktop/Laptop. In both conditions (on phone or on desktop/laptop), you have to follow desktop version of

  1. Login your YouTube account
  2. Go to Youtube Studio
  3. Click on Videos option from left side
  4. Click on the video you want to edit
  5. Now click on editor from left side
  6. You will see the complete video
  7. Just play the video
  8. Stop on the part you want to trim
  9. Now click on Trim->Split
  10. You will see a blue bar there
  11. You will also see 3 option in a bar at bottom : Split-Clear all- Preview
  12. Press Split again on second end of trim.
  13. Just play the video till ending part of trim. It means if you want to trim part 0:03 to 0:20 ; in this process, starting point is 0:03 and ending is 0:20. You will click trim on 0:03 and then move to 0:20 and then click on SPLIT
  14. If you think that you have chosen wrong part then press CLEAR ALL
  15. If you are ok with trimmed part, then click PREVIEW
  16. PREVIEW will give you the video after trimming.
  17. If you are comfortable with preview then go on top side of the video and press SAVE
  18. You will get information from YouTube that it will take some time to edit. After some minutes, you can watch your edited/trimmed video publically.


Easily Add/Remove Facebook Page Story- Read it

Facebook is an America based social media company. The social site has great presence on the web. With more than 2.50 billion active users, Facebook is leading the social media. The number of users has surprisingly increased after launch of Facebook app for the different platform (ios and Android). Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The company’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, California. Facebook provides social networking services free of cost. The company only charges for advertisements, which is prominent part of income of Facebook. The website has many components including post, timelines and story.

The story is very interesting part of Facebook. People often watch story as they watch whatsapp status of other people. Today we will discuss; how to add story in Facebook page.

As a businessman, Facebook page helps to promote your business. It helps to enhance the presence of your business globally. You can add photos and description of various products you provide. You can even create page to share your information regarding hobby, art or knowledge. Some people may not know how to add story in a Facebook page. You can add story to Facebook page by following below steps:

How to add story from Facebook mobile app:

Open your Facebook Id from mobile app.



Go to your Facebook page.


-This is my Facebook page  (indianghode)

-Tap on your profile picture of FB page

-Tap on create story

-Add photo/video what you want to add

-Tap on Share Now button

-Your story will publish soon


How to delete/remove story of Facebook Page

Open your Facebook Id from mobile app.


-Go to your Facebook page.

-Tap on your profile picture of FB page 


Tap on view story option

-Now you can see all photos/videos one by one (as you added)


-Visit on the photo/video you want to delete

Tap on three dots (…) on top right corner of the story photo/video

-Tap on delete photo option  [red box bottom]

This will be delete your photo/video…you can remove all pics and videos of story like this way.

5 Classy YouTube Thumbnails Makers Android Apps!

Thumbnail is like topic board of a video. Thumbnail is the picture which has contained a clear view about the video.  An impressive thumbnail may attract lot of visitors and subscribers to your YouTube channel. It is vital to get videos more views. A good thumbnail can force a visitor to click and watch your video. First of all we will take how to make a good thumbnail through Android apps. This article will consist of some catchy and handy apps to make stunning thumbnails for YouTube & Facebook videos.

Thumbnail is first screen of your video. This has text that is essence of the video. You need to add impressive text for read and watch. As you need to add concise and clear lines for visitors to watch. Let’s talk about some useful apps to make thumbnail conveniently without wasting time. We will also discuss about how to add thumbnail to a video of YouTube channel via Android phone.

  1. Ultimate Thumbnail Maker by Nilesh Jain

[Photo source: from respective app]

It is one of my favorite apps to make thumbnails for YouTube videos. It allows you to make stunning book covers, thumbnails for your channel videos & banners. You can upload your image and design thumbnail. You can also choose good template from a list of readymade templates for channel. The templates are different as per different domains and categories (like art, food, cloths, office etc.). You have freedom to choose size and add text as you like. It is free to use. I had pleasant experience with this app.

  1. Thumbnail Maker For YouTube Videos


[Photo source: from respective app]

It is another popular android app to make impressive and catchy thumbnails. You can create perfect custom videos thumbnails and miniature through it. It is paradise for YouTube beginners. You can easily and comfortably use it. It is best for professional too. It gives features like photo collage, stunning text adding specifications, many fonts, stickers, photo remix and more.

3.   Thumbnail Maker: Youtube Thumbnail & Banner Maker

[Photo source: from respective app]

The app is free to use and allows you to create easily and impressive thumbnails. The app is useful to make diverse awesome thumbnails. The app has contained tons of backgrounds in multiple graphics and designs. It gives you ability to add text and overlay for personalization. The app is loaded with huge number of fonts to make text attractive. App has use friendly interface.

4.   Thumbnail Maker 2020

[Photo source: from respective app]

This is another good app to make thumbnails, arts, banners and designs for videos. You can add stunning text in your thumbnail. It is free to use.

5.   Thumbnail Maker

[Photo source: from respective app]

This app allows you to make stunning thumbnails, channel arts and banners for your Youtube channel.  You get chance to design your own youtube thumbnail for FREE with it. It has straightforward and user friendly interface.  It is very easy for beginners. Everyone can use this app without complications. You will get wide selection of attractive designs to choose from as your starting point. There is a Color panel to choose the color that you want. There is a variety of fonts for every type of occupation and video to personalize your thumbnail and to write on thumbnail.


watch: How to add custom thumbnail on Android phone

Wanna Change YouTube Thumbnail on Android Phone?

If you are running a YouTube channel, you will definitely go through such situations. Sometimes you can get out of this problem easily. But by the way, we are adding some steps to add custom or automatic thumbnails to your videos with your Android phone.

Add custom or automatic thumbnails

  1. Download YouTube Studio app in your Android phone.
  2. Add your channel on it.
  1. In the YouTube Studio app, tap Menu then Videos.
  2. Select the video you want to add/edit the thumbnail for.
  3. Tap Edit & Tap Edit thumbnail.
  4. Select your custom/automatic thumbnail:
  1. Tap Custom thumbnailto upload a custom video thumbnail from image gallery (where you saved it) on your device.
  1. Confirm your thumbnail selection and tap Select.
  2. Tap Save.



how to make custom Thumbnail on Android phone

Apps to make custom thumbnails on Android phone

What is a Coronavirus (Covid-19) & How did it wreak havoc in Italy & rest of the world?

A deadly infectious disease spread throughout the world in year 2020. The emerging point of the disease was Wuhan city of China. The disease started in December 2019 and rapidly clutched the world. The disease was declared pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). By April 03 2020, near 1 million people (10, 000, 00) of the world were infected with this life-threatening disease. Over 54,000 people were died with coronavirus. Covid-19 means coronavirus.

Covid-19 has already grasped many European countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. It has witnessed havoc like situation in Italy. Covid-19 has killed near 14000 people alone in Italy.  There are more than 1 Lakh confirmed cases in Italy. Covid-19 has taken hold in USA, South East Asia and South America.

As per researches, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) was spread through a chain of transmission. A chain of transmission means coronavirus spreads through an infected person when he/she sneezes and coughs before someone or in crowd. The infection spread in others. More than 10% persons were infected by someone who has virus but symptoms were not clear.

In order to combat with covid-19, Indian government has announced 21 days national lockdown in the country.  The purposes of the lockdown are to break the transmission chain of the covid-19. Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi announced one day Janta Curfew for 22 March 2020; it was successful event to curb the spread of covid-19 infection. All vehicles were stopped including trains and public and private buses. All shops and businesses of India will be closed for 21 days (till April 14, 2020) with necessary services open. Staying at home can break the chain and also reduce the infection among the other people. As we have noticed that covid-19 spreads rapidly.

The coronavirus has created troubles for many developed nations including Italy, Spain and U.S; China is recovering from covid-19 fast.

What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are from a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. After emerging from China, it spread in the world in beginning of 2020. The virus is given name Covid-19. Covid-19 means corona virus disease 2019. Covid-19 is similar to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome); an ailment which spread in year 2002 and 2003.


How did Covid-19 emerge?

It is not sure about the origin of starting of covid-19 but the sources say that it was started from “wet market” of Wuhan city of China where dead and live animals are sold. As we discussed earlier, the virus was transmitted from animals to humans. So it is believed that there is lack of hygiene and cleanliness where animals are kept and slaughtered. The non-hygienic atmosphere is responsible to origin of the viruses.

Is covid-19 originated by animals; it is yet not confirmed but bats are considered host of the covid-19.  Bats are not sold like other animals in the Wuhan market but they have infected the animals sold there.

What are common symptoms of Coronavirus?

In the beginning of the covid-19, the symptoms of the disease are like flu. In initial stage, common symptoms are dry cough, cold, fever, tiredness & difficulty in breathing.  Other symptoms are loss of taste and stomach problems. The disease can take up to 14 days to develop in a human body. Covid-19 is a contagious and infectious disease which can primarily spread through cough, sneeze and saliva of an infected person. It also may spread through discharge of nose (due to cold) of infected person.

Is there any treatment for Covid-19?


There is no such particular treatment and medicine for covid-19 but scientists and doctors are trying to find it. Many clinical trials are done but still efforts are continue. The disease is very new so it takes time to discover a confirmed medicine for it. As per sources, warm water has properties to give relief to an infected person. A person needs to gargle with warm salty water time to time. The infected person should stay away from other family members.



Wash your hands frequently to keep hygiene of the hands. Frequently clean your hands and cover your face while sneezing and coughing.  Sanitize your hands with soap and water or with hand-sanitizer frequently.

Wear a mask on face when you go outside.


Keep social distance at least 1-2 meters from other people. Stay home and stay safe. Don’t go outside unnecessarily. Don’t go in crowd in this outbreak of covid-19.


As we know that it spreads through sneeze, cough and droplets of infected person. Visiting in crowd can increase risk of infection.


Similar to cold and flu virus, covid-19 spreads via droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs.  The droplets may be stick to any surface and picked by another persons. Most of times, people get infected via touching infected hands to their face (nose, mouth or eyes).  It is not sure yet whether the virus is airborne.

How did Covid-19 spread quickly in Italy and the world?

It is a common question in a mind of every man: how did covid-19 spread quickly in Italy?  We will discuss on main reasons behind it.

We all know that covid-19 is undoubtedly highly contagious virus. Initially, Italy did not recognize that all Chinese businessmen and tourists coming to Venice and Milan may carry Covid-19.

Italy has strong business connection with china. As we all know that Italy is famous for fashion modeling. Milan is fashion hub for the world.  In beginning, Italy did not adopt any strict screening process for these Chinese visitors. Italy also did not properly check the Italians coming back to their country (especially those came back from China).


It is supposed that either some Chinese visitor’s infected local people of Italy or some Italian (who visited China in those days) have infected other local people.

It seems a sigh of relief that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has mentioned that there is no evidence that authenticates that COVID-19 has been transmitted via imported goods.


Note: we are not professional health advisers. We only believe in sharing information for knowledge purposes only.




Sakhiyaan Song Lyrics (Babbu)

Sakhiyaan Song Lyrics 

(Written By: Babbu)


Oh O Aaa Aa, Oh O Aaa Aa

Sakhiyaan Ne Mainu Maine Maardiyan

Uddiyan Ne Channa Gallan Payaar Diyan

Sham Nu Kithe Kihde Nal Huna Ae

Vekhiyan Ve Photo aan Main Car Diyan


Mainu Dar Jeha Lagda Ae

Dil Tutt Na Jaaye Vichara

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara


Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na


Jado Kali Behni Aa Khayal

Aeh Sataunde Ne

Bahar Jaake Sunn Da Ae

Phone Kihde Aunde Ne

Phone Kihde Aunde Ne


Jado Kali Behni Aa Khayal

Aeh Sataunde Ne

Bahar Jaake Sunn Da Ae

Phone Kihde Aunde Ne


Kari Na Please Aesi Gal Kise Nal

Ajj Kise Nal Ne Jo Kal Kise Nal

Tere Nal Hona Ae Guzara Jatti Da

Mera Naio Hor Koi Hal Kise Nal


Tu Jihde To Roke

Main Kam Na Kara Dubara

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara


Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara

Oh O Aaa Aa, Oh O Aaa Aa


Ehna Sochi Tenu Mutiyara To Ni Rokdi

Theek Hai Na Bas Tere Yaara To Ni Rokdi

Yaaran To Ni Rokdi


Ehna Sochi Tenu Mutiyara To Ni Rokdi

Theek Hai Na Bas Tere Yaara To Ni Rokdi


Kade Mainu Filma Dikha Deya Kar

Kade Kade Mainu V Ghuma Leya Kar

Saare Saal Vicho Je Main Russan 1 Vaar

Ehna K Ta Bann Da Mana Leya Kar


1 Paase Tu Babbu

1 Paase Ae Jag Saara

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne Mera

Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara


Tere Yaar Bathere Ne

Mera Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara

Tere Yaar Bathere Ne Mera

Tu Hi Hai Bas Yaara

Na Na Na Na Ta Na Na Na Na

Oh O