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What is PDF file and How to Read it?

PDF files are usually used by every computer user. The question arises what is PDF file. Often in simple words, which we can read and print only. We can’t change in .PDF file. This answer may be given by a common man. By somewhat it is accurate. In this post, we will talk about definition of PDF file, its use, helping software to read it.

What is PDF?

The PDF is abbreviation for Portable Document Format (PDF). The file with extension .pdf is called pdf. This type of file is read only file that maintain layout and formatting of a page. This kind of file is considered ready to print file. The PDF format is commonly used for documents like statements, scanned files, forms, E-books, manuals, brochure, pamphlets, leaflets, bills, guides etc.



It was launched by Adobe in 1991.  The purpose behind its launching was to enable people to open their documents on any device/hardware/operating system without requiring specific app. PDF is now an open standard kept by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Other purpose was to keep layout of format unchanged.  This is also beneficial where you are worried about temptation of files. PDF file can contain all types of content like images, tables, text, embedded fonts, business logic, forms, buttons, videos and more. PDF files are prevalent in these days.  This format is used to present and exchange files reliably without worry.

It has reduced the tension of layout disturbance. Most of bills and statement are converted in PDF format.  Most of you are using PDF files.

Reading/Viewing a PDF file

PDF files are in a standard format that is considered by various apps and software that open such extension files.  Approximately all web browser, Adobe the maker of PDF has developed Adobe Acrobat Reader, several apps support PDFs.  You can download Adboe Acrobat Reader here.  If you are newbie or unknown about the resource to download reader; you can use web browser to read the pdf format content.

You can’t create file into PDF. It is read only format only. But you can convert any word (.doc/.docx), excel (.xls, .xlsx), PPT(.ppt/.pptx) file into PDF easily. How can you convert Doc into PDF, read this post:  How to convert Doc into PDF.





Word to PDF and PDF to Word Converter Tools online

Probably every computer user need to access word file during work. Billions of people use Ms Word for their typing causes. It is very compact software and it is brilliant one to guide you about errors (Grammatical, Spellings etc.) I daily use Word to typing and other jobs. It is fine.

Hope, if you receive any .pdf. You need to work in PDF file. Is it possible? I think No. What is PDF file you can know better here.   You can work in that pdf file matter if you convert that one into .doc/.docx file (MS word file). That enables you to work in that one. So You need to convert PDF file into .doc/.docx file. There are multiple online converter tools that give you facility to convert PDF to DOC/Docx and vise versa. Triople has compiled a list of such online converter that are useful you to convert your file into doc extension.

MS Excel Formula List and How to Use these formula..Learn with Examples !!

With more than 30 million users, Ms Excel is famous and very usable software developed by Microsoft. The Code name of MS Excel is Odyssey. Excel is a software program from Microsoft that from Microsoft Office suite of productivity software. Released in September 1985, Microsoft Excel is software for creating and editing spreadsheets which are saved with .xls or .xlsx file extension.

MS Excel is basically used for calculation, pivot tables and other graphics representations. You can keep number record of any data. You can keep monthly budget, salary, expenses and other calculations in Excel. It is very useful software. Excel contains a spreadsheet that has columns and rows. The intersection of columns and rows make cells. We keep data in cells.  There is no restriction to keep only numeric data; you can add text data too. There is a set of formulas to ease your calculation in Excel. It is different from Ms Word. The formulas are very helpful to reduce your calculation work. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and many more functions within typing a few keys. You will enjoy most sorted browsing experience with MS Excel formulas. Sharp your math with Excel.

Today here we will share information about MS Excel formulas and MS excel shortcut keys:


All excel formulas begin with Equal to sign (=) and followed by specific text tag that will denote the formula.  We are sharing some formula here:

1. SUM

Sum means addition of numbers, we can feel comfortable while putting numbers in Excel. No matter what numbers of excel you fill in excel and now looking for total of those numbers. There is a formula there.  = SUM (number 1, number 2, number 3….). The solo aim of Sum is add numbers together. Sum function sums values supplied as arguments; these can be up to 255 arguments. Sum function ignores text values.



You can add cell number here too. Even you can add range of cells too. Here you can see sum of cell range.




2. Average 

Average function in Excel does exactly as its name shows. Average function is used to find average or arithmetic mean of numbers. This work like Sum formula. You can find average of multiple numbers.
=AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)


Let’s have an example of the formula in Excel software



3. MAX and MIN 

The MAX and MIN formulas in Excel are used to find the largest and smallest number in a set of numbers, respectively. The use of this formula is very easy.

= MAX (number1, [number2], …)

=Min (number1, [number2], …)


Let’s learn with an example given below:




If you have curiosity to find the cells in a given range contain numeric values, you can save your time by using COUNT function. This will count all instantly as you apply the formula.

=COUNT(value1, [value2], …)
In COUNTA function, we can find all cells that are not blank, even they have contained numbers, letters, errors, text, dates, times, values, logical values (True/False), text strings etc.
=COUNTA (value1, [value2], …)


Let’s apply both formula, watch following example please.


5. LEN

You often need a perfect formula to count the number of characters in a cell. Yes, LEN is suitable for you needs. You can easily count number of characters in a cell through using it.
=LEN (cell no.)


Examples in Excel sheet given below:



TRIM is extremely useful formula in Excel. You can remove extra spaces in text with it. You can get rid of unwanted spaces in text with TRIM formula. There may be multiple methods to avoid extra spaces but you will find TRIM formula, a cool one.



7. IF Formula

When we face ‘IF’ anywhere, we suddenly think about logic. It is very popular formula in Excel. It is used to test a specific condition and return a value or do a calculation if condition is met, and if the condition is not met, another value or calculation.
IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])


For example, the following IF statement command Excel to check the value in B3 and returns “OK” if it’s less than or equal to 10, “Not OK” if it’s less than 10:

=IF(B3>=10, “OK”, “Not OK”)


8. AND & OR

These are two very famous logical functions in Excel. These are used to check multiple criteria. Now, you may be eager to know different between both formulas. Let’s talk main difference between both functions:

AND returns TRUE if all conditions are met, otherwise FALSE

OR returns TRUE if any of conditions is met, otherwise FALSE

These formula are not often used as they are but both are massively used as a part of large formulas.


we are using here IF formula with And. We will apply it for 2 columns. It returns “Best” if both values are greater than 2

=IF(AND(A2>1, B2>1), “Best”, “”)

In text of OR formula, you are satisfied with one value greater than 1 then it returns “Best”, you should use OR formula.

=IF(OR(A2>1, B2>1), “Best”, “”)

9. Today and Now

One amazing thing, you can watch current date and time without manually update daily. This magic begins with Today and Now function in Excel. This is also a popular formula in Excel.
=TODAY()            [current date]

=NOW()            [current date and time in a cell.]


=TODAY()            [current date]

=NOW()            [current date and time in a cell.]


This formula is used in that condition where you want to take values from two or more cells and combine them into one cell; use the CONCATENATE function:
CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)


For example, to combine the values from cells B4 and C8, just enter the following formula in a different cell: