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How to Trim/Edit an uploaded YouTube Video on Phone OR Laptop

Youtube is one of the biggest search engines on internet. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. People search hundreds of topics on youtube in an hour. This post is for Youtubers who upload the videos on Youtube.

Do you regularly upload videos on your YouTube channel? Have you faced such problems that once upload; you need to trim/edit video after some days? If yes, then what was option for you to edit or trim your video? Right, YouTube Editor Tool. You need not to delete your video and upload again. YouTube has given an editor tool to trim your uploaded video. You can easily cut/trim the part of video and save it. It will automatically remove.

How to edit a YouTube video, follow given steps:


Note: You can trim your video both on phone or Desktop/Laptop. In both conditions (on phone or on desktop/laptop), you have to follow desktop version of

  1. Login your YouTube account
  2. Go to Youtube Studio
  3. Click on Videos option from left side
  4. Click on the video you want to edit
  5. Now click on editor from left side
  6. You will see the complete video
  7. Just play the video
  8. Stop on the part you want to trim
  9. Now click on Trim->Split
  10. You will see a blue bar there
  11. You will also see 3 option in a bar at bottom : Split-Clear all- Preview
  12. Press Split again on second end of trim.
  13. Just play the video till ending part of trim. It means if you want to trim part 0:03 to 0:20 ; in this process, starting point is 0:03 and ending is 0:20. You will click trim on 0:03 and then move to 0:20 and then click on SPLIT
  14. If you think that you have chosen wrong part then press CLEAR ALL
  15. If you are ok with trimmed part, then click PREVIEW
  16. PREVIEW will give you the video after trimming.
  17. If you are comfortable with preview then go on top side of the video and press SAVE
  18. You will get information from YouTube that it will take some time to edit. After some minutes, you can watch your edited/trimmed video publically.


How to apply for an E-Pass during Lockdown in India?

Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) has affected billion of people in the world. After begin from meat market of Wuhan (China), COVID-19 has spread throughout the world rapidly. India is also not unaffected from this pandemic. But with vigilance of Indian Government, it is still under control. The main measure was taken by the central government: lockdown in all states of India. Some states has applied curfew in their states. Our honored PM Mr. Narendra Modi took this step very strictly and quickly. All borders of the states were sealed and no one could enter in other cities without any permission which is called e-pass.

In case of medical emergency or other emergency, you need to apply for a pass. You can apply for pass online. It is procedure of 10-15 minutes. You can get e-pass to enter in other district/city/state. But you are requested to apply for pass only in case of any emergency. Otherwise stay safe at home.

During the process of apply for a pass in Punjab, you should have these documents: Your latest photo, your id proof (as required on line), Supporting documents (The documents that prove your emergency. If medical emergency then you should have doctor treatment reports etc.).

I hope in other state, there will be similar to these. Very simple process to apply, just follow asked questions and put true and accurate information. You will get your e-pass link on your mobile number that you will submit during registration. If your e-pass was rejected, then reapply. Here are url links for different states to apply for e-pass. If you still face any problem, kindly let us know in comment section.

  1. Punjab
  2. Delhi
  3. UP
  4. Haryana
  5. Rajasthan
  6. MP
  7. Uttrakhand
  8. Chandigarh
  9. Bihar
  10. Himachal
  11. Kerala
  12. Andhra Pradesh