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Convert Your Excel Spreadsheet to PDF : Websites

Microsoft Excel software is part of MS-office. Mostly people use Excel to keep numbers and numerical details like calculations, account details etc. You have many cells (intersection of rows and columns) have inbuilt formulas functions that help you to calculate within second by applying those. You can easily multiply, sum, deduction, divide and many functions by applying a formula. You can apply formula on all cells where you want to. It is packed with many features.

When you have an Excel file, you want to convert it into PDF file. You may think to use good Excel to Pdf converter. We have come with some good Excel to PDF converter online websites. These all online tools allow you to convert your files into PDF within seconds. As per policies of these online tools, these tools also care privacy of your files. Most of them delete you files within a few our after conversion. So without delay, we are starting to share links of some online tools to convert Excel files into PDF files.


Note: We have just searched these online tools through We can’t assure you any accuracy or safety of these websites. But these are among top website searched in Google in conversion from Excel to PDF.

How to Clear/Delete Temporary Files in a PC?

Temporary files are those files which are created temporarily having information when a new file is made. These files have (.TMP) extension.Programs and software often store temporary files on your hard drive. Over the period, these temporary files begin to take lot of space (storage). If you are facing space full (storage full) problem on your hard drive, you should delete/clear these temporary files. The deletion will allow you to empty some storage. We are discussing about clear the temporary files in Windows 7.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Press Window Button+R to open Run dialog box
  3. Write “%Temp%” in Run Box and press enter.

  1. Temporary files folder will open there
  2. You can select all by click on them or using Ctlr+A

  1. Press delete button on keyboard
  2. Click on “Yes” then.
  3. All temporary files will be deleted from Temporary file folder.
  4. You need to check now ‘Recycle Bin’ and delete files from there.

When temporary files will be deleted, your computer speed will increase.