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Top and Best 7 Android Apps that are Free

There are more than 2 billion people are using Android phones in the world. Android phones are getting popularity day by day. People are very crazy for Android mobiles because of its simple functions and numerous helpful and useful apps. There are more than 25 lacs Android apps by end of  year 2018. Surprised!  Yes this is true. However, there are multiple apps having same functionality.

Each website owner prefers to make app in order to approach maximum mobile users.  Apps are very simple and compact software to approach maximum users. More than 50% are mobile users in the world. Android apps stand alone on the top. These apps have become universal with Android. However the utility of these apps are confined to necessity and interest of users. These apps are very useful and everyone can use these apps easily. Trying all the apps is not possible work. We have tried to save your efforts and time by preparing  top 7 Android app list. These are among best Android apps of 2019. The list of apps is based on ratings and popularity. These are best apps according to our opinions. But if you prefer others; you can select them as per your requirements. Without more delay, here is list of top 7 Android apps.

  1. Google Drive

It is a cloud storage solution  where all new users (upon sign up) get free 15 GB storage permanently. But you can buy more as per your need. With more than 100 millions downloads , Google Drive is awesome.  App has 4.4 rating till writing of article.  It is a safe place for all of your files; you can access them from any smartphone, table, computer.  Files may be in form of video, documents, audio and photos. Google Drive includes  Google Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.


  1. Google Maps

Gone are those days, when you had to ask way from people. Just fill the current location and destination location. This app will guide you with perfection.  With 4.3 rating and 100 Million downloads, Google Maps is one of the best Android apps. This app is so powerful, you can find any route of any destination in the world. Google Maps allows you to navigate your world faster and easier. There are more than 220 countries mapped on this app including millions of businesses and places. You can get real time GPS navigation and local suggestions for food, event and activities. Google Maps provides you access to places of your interests and traffic data, food, gas stations.

3. Swiftkey

SwiftKey is very popular keyboard from Microsoft.  There are more than 200 million SwiftKey users worldwide. SwiftKey allows you to access 22 Indian languages on your fingertips.  Its artificial intelligence is capable to learn your writing style and diligently predicts while user start typing. It enables you to use your personalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs.  Autocorrect, gesture typing are other brilliant features in it.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo is highest quality video calling apps.  3+ rating and more than 1 billion downloads, Google Duo is a simple, reliable app which works on smarphones and tablets. It has simple interface. With easy login and verifying mobile number, you can simply make video calls like as smartphones. It will experience you superior quality video calling.  Its ‘Knock Knock’ feature is  unique.  You can get live video preview of caller before answering to him/her with video call. You can send video messages through it. You can make voice call too.

5.  AccuWeather

Are you planning to go somewhere? Before starting journey, It is better to check the weather of destination. With more than 50 Million downloads, AccuWeather is the best weather app for you. It gives you daily weather forecasts for winter, live radar maps and local weather news. You can get accurate weather forecasts, alert and severe weather alerts on demand. You can receive today’s weather forecast, rain updates. Most of forecasts alerts are superior in their accuracy. Weather warnings before travel can keep you safe.

6. Google News

With more than one billion downloads, Google News is one of the best Android apps. It is famous for delivering relevant news. Google news app offers a tab which shows personalized news. You can read latest world news and local stories. Full coverage feature show same news story reported by various publishers. Google News is a smart news app.


7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free, messaging, calling app. It is very popular Android app in the world. With more than 1 Billion downloads, WhatsApp is immensely famous in India. It enables you to share text messages, images, links and  videos worldwide. You can make video calls worldwide with WhatsApp. It is considered one of the secure Android app. Facebook is owner of Whatsapp.


Top 7 WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Websites

A WordPress website with niche design, awesome theme, best SEO works well for your business. To enhance the functionality of website, installing useful and helpful plugins is a nice idea. You can reach to global market and expand your business.

You can create your WordPress website in any language of the world. There are no built-in capabilities in WordPress to create multilingual sites. To achieve this goal, making your WordPress site a multilingual is imperative. A good presence in the global market will ensure a smooth functioning of your business. As a result, you can earn better profit.

But if you want to reach to all non-English people of the world then you will have to install a multilingual plugin. You will find translation plugins very useful and helpful. Multilingual plugin really work in both situations: if your website is in language other than English and If your website visitors are not English speakers.

You cannot ignore the number of non-English speakers. There are million people in the world who use English as a second language. A good chunk of people speak English as a second language. You can find most spoken languages in the world. As per my search on about top 5 most spoken languages in the world: Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic. You can sum up with a decision; you will have need of a multilingual plugin.


But if you are thinking to make a localized website, it is recommended to hire a translator than use of automated translation service. If you require allowing users to specify a language optionally, then using an automated translator is good choice.

There are many WordPress translation plugins for you.  Let us take a quick review on top 7 WordPress translation plugins. I hope that this will definitely help you to choose a right one.

  1. WPML

If we talk about most powerful translation plugins, you can’t ignore WPML (WordPress Multilingual). WPML is a premium plugin. It provides you a translation dashboard where you can manage your translation. It is packed with powerful translation management system that allows you to translate post, pages, custom pages and theme. With its compatibility with most major WordPress them and plugins makes WPML very useful plugin.

WPML connects you to leading translation services if you require human translation. It takes care of all multilingual SEO. WPML allows you to use many languages as you can.


  1. Loco Translate

With more than 8 Lac active installations, Loco Translate is considered one of the best translation plugins. It is most popular translation plugin. It provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files. It provides localization tools for developers. It has built-in translation editor within WordPress dashboard. It supports PO features. You can easily edit translation of your website.


  1. Polylang

Polylang is another popular translation plugin with more than 4 Lacs active installations. It allows creating bilingual or multilingual websites. It supports RTL language scripts. It allows to translate posts, pages, media, categories, menus and more..Polylang offers translation by language pack and self translation. You can use many languages with help of polylang. Custom posts types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and post formats, RSS feeds are supported. If you want to use a professional or automatic translation service, you can install Lingotek Translation, as an addon of Polylang.


  1. Google Language Translator

If you are thinking about most light weight WordPress plugin, Google Language Translator is best choice. It has more than 1 Lacs active installation. It makes very easy to create a multilingual website. After installing the plugin, you will need to go to settings to activate the plugin.  You can choose languages that you want to provide for site. The plugin offer machine translation.


  1. GTranslate

GTranslate provides translates WordPress site by using Google Translate automatic translation service and make your website multilingual. With more than 100 languages, your site will be available for more than 95% users. Its paid versions are SEO compatible. These enhance international traffic and sales. This is good combination of automatic and human translation which saves your money. It is very easy to implement. It is with mouse over effect. It is integrated with Google Analytics. It allows you to translate posts, pages, content, categories, tags, menu, widget, themes, plugins. It supports Woocommerce shop translation.


  1. Weglot

Are you looking for quality translation for your website? Weglot plugin is best and easiest translation solution for your WordPress website. It provides quality translation to your WordPress Website. It supports 60+ languages. You can install and setup this plugin in short time. With help of Weglot Translation API it automatically detects and translates content. You can review and edit translation from simple dashboard in your Weglot account. It has more than 20,000 active installations. Weglot translate is fully SEO compatible. It is fully compatible with themes and plugins.


  1. Multilanguage

This plugin is another way to translate your wordpress website into other languages. It has 80+pre-installed languages. It manually translates post, content, pages and category. It allows you to add new language as per requirement. The plugin is loaded with different switcher widgets that allow visitors to choose their language. It allows translating open graph meta tags.


In list of multilingual plugins, you can review the following multilingual plugins yourself by clicking on these: