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What is an API and how does it work?

I was acquainting with pulgin. Yesterday, I came to know about API; I hope most of you may know about API. Honestly, I did not know. As I am working on my dictionary website: English to Punjabi dictionary; so at a juncture of promotion of website, I was in requirement to add something to improve presence of my website on internet. So my brother (who is web developer) introduced me about API. I started to think about it how it is. I think that it is like a script to add in website..blah blah…Let’s know what is API and how to add API to website. First of all, we need to know about the meaning of API.

What is an API?

API means Application Programming Interface.  The part “interface” is prominent in it because an API communicates with program for you.  You have to know the language to talk with the program, but in absence of an API, you can’t get. API allows two applications to talk with each other.

In easy words, an API is the messenger that sends your request to the provider that you’re again requesting it from and then returns the response/result back to you.

API (messenger)->-<Provider

While writing a program, a developer does not start from beginning. APIs has enabled developers to reuse repetitive complicated processes with small coding. It is related with programming. Developers (Programmer) are now more high-yielding than they were before; they had to create a lot of codes.

When a programmer (developer) wants to present data to public, he put endpoints; he publishes a fragment of language that has been used to make a program. Other developers/programmer may take data from the application by creating URLs or using HTTP clients to request data from those endpoints.

With an API they don’t have to rewrite whole program each time; they only write a new program. Instead, they can focus on the new and unique portion of their applications and outsource all of the data functionality to APIs.

Endpoints return text to computers to read, so it will not make proper meaning if you can’t understand computer programming used to create it.

An API permits one program to request data from another. There are 15,000 publicly available APIs.


Why API is used?

Computer has made heavy data sorting and collection jobs easier. You got relief from repetitive jobs like adding entries and invoice making.

For example, if you are operating a milk company. A milkman supplies milk daily to you. If you want to check record of quantity; you need to check record his individual record by search company data.

On the other hand, if all reports of milk were uploaded to a central database, you could write a simple program that accesses that database and finds all the instances of the milkmen’s name. This would take much less time and be much more accurate.

There are three components of APIs:


User request->Computer accept request to send to server-> Server responds to a request

A programmer first creates server that receives and holds data. After running the server, programmer publishes documentation with endpoints. Outside programmer can easily know about structure of data through documentation. Outer user may query the data on server or can develop a program to run searches on database.

Let’s understand working of API with a simple example

Suppose there is a waiter in a hotel. As a customer, you are watching menu to choose items. Hotel cooking zone is a provider to supply your order/demand. As a customer, you require a link to talk your order to provider hotel cooking zone and then deliver your food to your table.

Waiter works as an API who works correct then your order will be successful. Like a messanger, API that takes order (means waiter in this example) and tells hotel cooking zone (server) what need to do and respond back to your request (waiter comes back with ordered food).

Same happens in signup process of social media sites. All the information and data provided for Facebook sign up is done through API. API has simplified the works.

Most of API’s are free to use but some are paid too.

Do you know that you use API in your routine activities while booking hotels, airlines, train tickets, fair tickets etc. The question is how?

Whenever you book a hotel; you visit different website like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, OYO etc. You hardly visit to a specific hotel website, because you know these websites provides better prices and discounts. You are given different hotel booking services through single website. How? It is with use of API. API controls your query and returns with proper results. API has made working and life easier.


11 Notable Sites With Fantastic Free Stock Photos

I am starting with a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” From a long time, Photography has always been a robust part of designing.

Some website allows you to download photos for private use only.  They don’t allow you to use commercially.  Many stock photo websites sell their photos. We try to find beautiful, unique and cheesy photographs; our search ends up with cost of money. It is always a good idea to have some stock photography websites list. As a website, video channel owner, you need photographs to depict your ideas in your articles or videos.

We have compiled a list of websites for free stock photos. These websites have millions of photos. You can download these pictures easily and instantly. They are superior in quality. These websites have copyright free images. These websites are protected under CC0 (creative commons).

License information

Most of these pictures are copyright free under Creative Commons (CC0) license. These websites have public domain photos. In simple words, you can edit, copy, modify, and distribute the photographs for commercial and private purposes without taking permission.

Some photos may require attribution. We are just presenting websites list and features what is possible by us. You are requested to research carefully about license of the photos before use. Each photo has description about license in some websites. In most of websites, each photo’s description may be useful for you. we have tried to provide you links of license to read.



[Photo Credit: Casey Horner]

If you are dabbler of high-resolution photos; Unsplash is for you. It is best source of stock photos. You can find attractive photos on homepage. This website was started as a side-project by an online marketing agency with motto to provide catchy designs. Unsplash photos are free under Unsplash license. For commercial and noncommercial use of photos kindle read more information about License:  license of Unsplash.



[Photo Credit: Wesley Eland]

Pexels have a collection of best quality photos. It was started in 2015. It has gained popularity as a distinguished stock photo website. Interesting thing, Pexels has all free stock photos under CC0 license. Pexels has an excellent working on site with high quality photos. Tagging of all photos in such stunning way, they are easy to search. Pexels not only provide stock photos on its site, it also outsources photos from best quality websites. To know more about use of photos kindly read license information: Pexel License




[Photo Credit: valentinsimon0]

Pixabay is one of our favorite websites for free stock photos. It is vibrant website of big photo collection. Amazingly, a huge collection of free stock photos will enthrall you. Pixabay has also high quality photos. All photos are under CC0 (Creative Commons) license. Visit here to know more about license here: Pixabay License



[Photo Credit: Mouli Choudari]

Flickr is the best online management and sharing website. The site works on 2 goals: first to make available one’s photos to people who loves him/her. Second, facilitate news ways of organizing photo and videos. However Flickr has a hulking collection of high quality public domain photos but the website is not dedicated to public domain photos. There are more than 30 Lacs high quality public domain photos on Flickr. For creative commons (CC0) photos, kindly read this page: Flickr



[Photo Credit: Bernard Spragg]

Searching some awesome stock photo? Picography is haven for it. All photo categories are available here. All images are free under CC0 (Creative Commons) license. All photos are free for personal and commercial use. Read more about terms: Picography terms




Wikimedia is a prodigious photo chrysalis which is dedicated to education and information. It is a famous website on the web. A huge collection of over 50 million free usable media files (videos images and sounds). Anyone can contribute (in form of videos, images, information) in this website. Wikimedia is heaven for photographers, designers and artists of various fields. They can get usable material from this website. To use media files, kindly read these terms first: Wikimedia terms



[Photo Credit:Dracaena Marginata Tricolor]

KaboomPics is a good website. It is filled with features that help to find every photo based on keywords. It has fabulous content. Kaboompics is a good collection of high quality free photos.


Life of Pix

[Photo Credit: Laurine Bailly]

Life of Pix is another big website with free stock photos. Life of Pix is a big repository of high resolution copyright free photos for personal and commercial use. All photos are released under creative commons (CC0) and all are public domain images.  The slogan of website is catchy: ‘Give Life to your pix.’ Site was created by Canada based advertising agency: Leeroy Creative Agency. Life of Pix team declares photographer of the week in every week. Read this page before use of photos:  Life of Pix




StockSnap is a grand collection of thousands of images.  It is repository of high resolution photos. It is impressive library of free stock images. It has unique feature that make browsing of available photos comfortable. StockSnap adds all photos under creative commons. No requirement of attribution for them. Thousands of high quality photos are added regular basis.



Burst is a repository of high resolution images. Burst is powered by Shopify. It has free stock images. Library of Burst has thousands of high resolution images. Burst has ravishing interface with extensive collection of photos. Royalty free photos are taken by worldwide community of its photographers. Burst is free stock photos for websites and commercial use. The aim to start website was to assist entrepreneurs in making high quality websites. Limited photos are under Creative Commons (CC0). Rests of photos are under Shopify’s image license. To know more about use of Burst photos kindly visit on homepage and Read FAQ.


Canva is a stock photo website. Canva is a repository of million images. It is loaded with hundreds of fonts. Photo filter feature of Canva allows you to edit your photo using preset filters. You have ease access to thousands of icon, shapes and element.  Kindly read policies of Canva before use photos : Licensing