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20 Funny and Entertaining Tiktok Videos

Developed by China based company ByteDance, Tiktok is one of the most popular app used by people. More than 500 million downloads on Android platform and over 104 million downloads on ios, Tiktok is a leading entertaining app. Tiktok is called Douyin in china. It is available on both Android and ios platform to create and share video clips (30-60 seconds).

Tiktok app allows users to create music videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. It is vertical level of craze in India for Tiktok. Tiktok has spread its wings in Asia, USA and in other countries. In 2018, Tiktok became the most downloaded app in USA. Amazingly available in 75 languages, the app covers more than 170 markets.

Started in 2016, Douyin was branded with name Tiktok in global market. Douyin was developed in mere 200 days. The growth of app was astonishingly increased in a year by 100 million users and 1 billion views per day. Tiktok achieved rank one milestone in free downloaded apps in various countries. Tiktok was downloaded more than 800 million times in the world.

ByteDance bought shanghai based startup in one billion dollars. was very popular social media platform for people. Tiktok merged with in August 2018 and made larger community. Tiktok covers 150 markets on global level.

Douyin is a different app from Tiktok and available on developer’s site. It is very popular in china due to its effective marketing campaign. Famous Chinese celebrities are using it. Stunningly over 70 million active users are using this app daily.

Tiktok is a mobile app that allows users to create short videos. It is a platform to share fun, knowledge, talent, art etc. To make a video, users can choose audio music. The music works in background of the video. There are filters to speed up, slow down the videos.

In this post, we are sharing some funny and magical Tiktok videos. We are sure that these will fully entertain you. So without delay, start jumping with happiness and laughter.

You can go with following links of Tiktok to enjoy videos.

  1. Amazing Dance Video
  2. Best dance with fun
  3. Funky dance
  4. Awesome comedy
  5. Very funny clip
  6. Hilarious magic
  7. Stunning magic
  8. Puzzle magic
  9. Good effort
  10. Best ever tricks

Make your Gmail Work Super easy with these Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is probably the most popular free emailing service. It was developed by Google. Million people are using this mail service. Shortcut is the way to save time and energy. You need not to follow complete process. You just press 2-3 buttons and desired action places. The interesting fact behind it is to remain free from use of mouse.  You can do many Gmail functions through keyboard only. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful to save time and energy. In this post, we will share Gmail keyboard shortcuts that help to do various functions.

Before start it, you need to keyboard shortcuts on from setting. Read our post “Easy Steps to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts ” to know the procedure to enable keyboard shortcut function.

Here are Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • To compose new email = c
  • To search email = /
  • To open task= g+k
  • Mark selected email as important:  =
  • To reply an email: r
  • To reply all: a
  • To forward an email: f
  • To send selected message into Archive: e
  • Shortcut to reach at newer email: k
  • Reach to previous email: j
  • Reach at next message in email thread: n
  • Reach at previous message in email thread: p
  • To mute the conversation: m
  • Jump to inbox view: u

Shortcuts with Ctrl Key

  • insert link: ctrl+k
  • bold: ctrl+b
  • Italic: ctrl+i
  • underline: ctrl+u
  • send email: ctrl+enter
  • Undo: ctrl+z
  • Redo: ctrl+y
  • Spelling suggestions: ctrl+m
  • Indent less: ctrl + [ :
  • Indent more: ctrl + ] :

Shortcuts with shift key

  • Gmail keyboard shortcut help= Shift +?
  • To select series of message= Shift
  • Add a conversation to tasks: Shift + t
  • To mark current message unread: shift+u
  • To move opened email into Trash: shift+3

Shortcuts with Ctrl+shift Keys

  • Previous font shortcut: ctrl+shift+5
  • Next font:  ctrl+shift+6
  • Shortcut to insert number list: ctrl+shift+7
  • To add Cc recipients: ctrl+shift+c
  • Shortcut to insert bullet points: ctrl+shift+8
  • Quote: ctrl+shift+6
  • To add Bcc recipients: ctrl+shift+b
  • To discard draft: ctrl+shift+d
  • Decrease text size: ctrl + Shift + – :
  • Increase text size: ctrl+ shift + + :


  • Left alignment : ctrl+shift+l
  • Right alignment: ctrl+shift+r
  • center alignment : ctrl+shift+e
  • right to left : ctrl+shift+ , :
  • left to right: ctrl+shift+ . :


  • strikethrough: alt+ctrl+5

Easy Steps to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is undoubtedly the most popular free email service developed by Google. This is available in 105 languages. Billions of people are enjoying it. Google gives 15 GB free storage to Gmail service user. It is advanced service, it automatically scan emails for various purposes like filter spam and malware.  Google always try to develop simple tools for users, Gmail is also in very simple for to work. You can access your email id without complexity. If you want to know how to creat Gmail id, read our post.

We have tried to make you extra information about keyboard shortcuts of Gmail. You can save your time and energy by these keyword shortcuts. You can access your Gmail account with use of mouse.  These keyboard shortcuts are very helpful to reduce your efforts. You can finish your activities within a few seconds. You can instantly react upon email like reply, send another mail etc.


To use these keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable settings to use shortcuts (Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcut). Follow below steps:


  1. Login your Gmail id with User name and Password
  2. You will find a gear icon  on top right corner of your Gmail id.
  3. Click on mail gear iconlocated at top right corner of Gmail and select settings.
  4. Click “General Tab”
  5. Click “Keyboard shortcuts” under General tab
  6. There are two options there: Keyboard shortcuts off and Keyboard shortcuts on
  7. Click “Keyboard shortcuts on”
  8. Click save changes.


This was the easy process to enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.  After enable it, you can use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. The magic will start now. You have never experienced such coziness while working with Gmail what you will face ahead. Get rid of clicks of mouse. Go with soft keys of keyboard only. Click here to read next post to know all Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Top 7 Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Are you looking to make videos to upload to Youtube? Do you have content that you need to make video with external device? Now forget to use external device because solution is already in your smartphone. There is a lineup of many powerful and professional app to take screenshots and record the screen. You need to just download the required app to record screen. In previous post on Triople, we have shared an article on Screen Recorder Software for PCS. But now we are going to write about Best 7 Screen recorder apps for Android in Google Play Store. These all are loaded with advanced features to make your video attractive. You can create educational and promotional videos with these apps. You get full control to adjust all features in the apps. Let us start Top 7 Screen Recorders Apps for Android.

AZ Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a very popular app for screen recording, Az Screen Recorder is right choice. The output comes without watermark. You can capture screen without worrying of time limit. It is easy to download and use. There is no requirement of root access in it. You can create Full HD videos with this recorder. You have pause and play button to stop and start during recording. The video automatically saves in your phone gallery. The app is packed with amazing features and control to adjust video resolution, frame rate, screen orientation etc. It allows you to save, delete or share videos. App is available in free and paid both versions. Paid version comes with more features like magic button, overlay front camera, countdown timer, draw on screen, trim videos, live stream and no ads.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is one of the best screen capture apps. You don’t need any root access to record your screen video. It is easy to use. It works on all Android phone with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above versions.  It allows you to record audio along with screen record. You can pause and resume recording. It is lightweight app without ads. It gives you floating control. It is clean and light UI app.  There is in-app video trimmer.

 DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a high quality screen recorder. It allows you to record smooth and very clear videos. It records your screen with quality up to 1080p, 12 Mbps/60fps. It comes with a host of features like screen capture, video editor, video recorder and no root required. You can record video calls, game videos and live show without worry. The app is available in 20 languages. In other features include frame rate, bit rate, many resolution, front facing camera, brush, GIF maker, live creator and many more.. It is free to download and use.  There are different video editing functions in DU Recorder like Trimming, margining, add background music, add subtitle to video, add background pictures and more. Both Free and paid (in app purchase) versions available. In free version, there is watermark in each recorded video.

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is an elegant and professional app to record screen. It is a easy to use. It comes with user friendly interface. There are many amazing editing features in the app. Super Screen Record does not need root access. Good thing that you can record screen without thinking about any time limitation. You get all features free. Created high quality videos are without watermarks. The app contains pause and resume button to control during recording. The app supply quality upto 1080p/60fps. Resoulation, frame and bit rates are available in app. You can use other features like GIF Maker, video editor and Brush too. You can record full HD videos in free. It comes with free and in-app purchases.


It is one of the best screen recorders. There is no time limit and watermark in videos. You can record HD videos with app. RecMe works with both rooted and unrooted devices. There are both versions free and Pro available. In free version, there are limited features and in pro you get more features. In pro version, the additional features are display front/back camera overlay on screen, recording countdown, image overlay and screen drawing.

 Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

This  Screen Recorder is developed by Kimcy929. It allows you to record screen and take screenshot. It is multilingual app. It is available in almost all prime languages of the world like English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. It supports to save video in SD card. You can use facecam while recording. In other features include magic button, Pause, Resume, stop and show time record. You can trim video after recording. The app supports day/night theme. It is easy to download and free to use.

 Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

Mobizen is a very easy to use screen recorder. It allows you to record, capture and edit games and videos. The screen records in full HD. The app supplied highest quality up to 1080p resolution. With most of free features, you can make extremely amazing videos. You can fun with game sound and your voice recording with Facecam. Enhance quality of your output with various video editing features like trim, cut and more. In clean recording mode, you can record video without watermark. The app is free to use. App comes with in-app purchases too.