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20 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels till April 14, 2019

Youtube is Google’s famous video website. It has surpassed all its boundaries and become most favorite video website in the world. You can’t image popularity of Youtube. Daily more than 5 billion videos are watched by people on Youtube. Millions of videos are uploaded daily. Youtube is reservoir of entertainment, information, technology, social manners, learning, Education, sports, dance and many more.. You can find almost every information on Youtube. After Google, Youtube ranks 2nd in search engine race. Every hour equal to 300 hours time, videos are uploaded by users. After its inception in 2005, Youtube has flabbergasted others with its fame. Today, we will share information about most subscribed channels on Youtube.

As a smarphone user, you may use Youtube to watch videos daily. You know without subscribers, channel can’t get fame. Subscribers shows popularity of a channel along with views. In simple words, subscribers means regular audience to see your every video. If you have 3000 subscribers, it means you have already 3000 audience to show your videos when you upload. They receive notification when you upload any video on your channel. I have also a channel on Youtube.  So we are starting the most famous channels with most subscribers. The numbering data is taken from Socialblade . It may vary time to time. But we can write here present (time of writing) data .

Here is list of 20 Most subscribed Youtube Channels.

1. Music (over 100 million subscribers)







Music is very popular Youtube Channel with more than 10 Crore subscribers. It is music destination of popular of different genres.

2. PieDiePie (over 94 million subscribers)






PieDiePie is another very famous Channel on Youtube with various entertaining videos. There are more than 20 billion views on the channel.

3. T-Series (over 94 million subscribers)






T-Series is a popular music company in India. T-series is India’s biggest movie label and music studio. Company has been working as music pioneer for last 30 years. The prime concept of company is “Music can change the World.” T-Series channel has more than 67 billion views on channel.

4. Gaming (over 82 million subscribers)





Gaming is a channel dedicated to games. The channel also arrange live video for games.

5. Youtube Movies (over 79 million subscribers)






Youtube Movies  Channel is dedicated to movies. Anyone can buy movies from here to watch.

6. Sports (over 75 million subscribers)






Sports channel is dedicated to all types of sports. You can watch cricket, Basketball, Wrestling, Kabbadi and other sports videos. Channel presents latest videos in top stories. The channel was generated for sports fans by Youtube’s discovery system.

7. 5-minutes crafts (over 53 million subscribers)





5-minutes crafts channel is very useful channel for all people. The videos of the channel solves our day to day problems. We come to know little tricks to solve daily issues easily. You can go through some funny hacks and tricks too. More than 13 Billion views on channel depict its popularity among viewers.

8. Canal KondZilla (over 48 million subscribers)





Canal KondZilla is a popular Youtube channel from Brazil. Channel boasts about 1 billion views per month. Channel have music videos. There are 24 billion views to date. Channel was stared in 2012.

9. SET India (over 45 million subscribers)





SET (Sony Entertainment Television) India is a Hindi Entertainment Channel that provides full family entertainment. It is a dynamic channel and meet the needs of its audiences. There are variety of genres in videos like comedy, drama, thriller, game shows, events and much more. Channel was started in 2006. More than 31 billion views till the date.

 10. Justin Bieber (over 44 million subscribers)





Justin Bieber is world famous singer. Justin is Canadian native. Justin started his career of singing by posting homemade videos on Youtube. Gradually, these were liked by a big number of audiences. Multi-talented Bieber started his inning as a singer. Justin Bieber songs became heartbeat of people. His masterpieces are Sorry, Baby, What do you mean and Love yourself. These songs are heartthrob and liked by billions of people.

 11. Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes (over 43 million subscribers)






Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes channel is dedicated to learning for kids. The channel is committed to make learning fun and enjoyable with 3d animation learning videos. Kids are keenly interested in the videos. Kids’ activities along the music and 3D animation videos are awesome. They laugh, dance and play while learning. It is such amazing Youtube channel. There are over 25 billion views to date.

12. WWE (over 42 million subscribers)





WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment ) is a popular Youtube channel dedicated to World wrestling videos. You can watch video of your favorite wrestling stars. The channel presents live shows and other wrestling events like RAW, Smackdown. There are millions fans of WWE in the world. WWE channel has more than 31 billion views to date.

13. Dude Perfect (over 41 million subscribers)





Dude Perfect is elegant amalgam of sports and comedy. The channel videos are complete package of entertainment. You will feel relax after enjoy the comedy with sports. There are 5 best friends who entertain the people. Channel is enjoying over 7 billion views to date. Channel was started in 2009.

14.  HolaSoyGerman (over 38 million subscribers)






HolaSoyGerman was started 2011. A man is hero of the each video and he tries to laugh you with his activities. You will get entertainment on this channel with his funny activities. He shows many reactions while working on things. There are more than 3 billion views on the channel to date.

15. Badabun (over 38 million subscribers)






Badabun is a popular Youtube channel maintained by Badabun network. It is quickest growing channel. It is entertainment channel. channel has over 11 billion views. It was started in 2014.

16. Ed Sheeran (over 38 million subscribers)





Ed Sheeran is a famous channel for guitar lesson. There are 16 Billion views on channel. Channel was started in 2006.

17. EminemMusic (over 36 million subscribers)





It is a famous music channel. It was started in 2007 and having 13 billion views to date.

18. Whinderssonnunes (over 35 million subscribers)





Whinderssonnnues is a comedy channel. Whindersson Nunes Batista is a popular comedian, singer. Channel is enjoying more than 2 billion views to date.

19. Ariana Grande (over 34 million subscribers)





Ariana Grande is a music channel. It is very popular. Channel has 12 billion views. It was started in 2007.

20. Zee Music Company (over 34 million subscribers)





Zee Music Company is a part of India ‘s leading television network. It is among the largest producers of Hindi programming. This Youtube channel is dedicated to music. You can enjoy songs here. There are over 16 Billion views on the channel to date.


7 Most Viewed Youtube Videos of All Time

Youtube is near to enjoy successful 15 years of its starting. It is considered second biggest search engine after Google. More than 100 Million videos are already uploaded on Youtube. As per estimate per hour, 300 hours time videos are uploaded by people. Some videos are least popular and having a few views and others have huge watches. They can be called most popular videos. We are going to share the most viewed videos by the people. Most are music videos. Modern generation of young people accept Youtube most trusted and useful website. They are also keen to upload valuable and trendy content on Youtube. Smartphone users watch nearly 5 Billion videos every day. In next post we will write on most subscribed channels on Youtube. Let us start with most popular and most watched videos on Youtube:

7. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Blank Space is Taylor Swift’s most popular song with amazingly 2.4 billion views at present. The song was released in 2014. It went in the air within 3 weeks. It became so popular that it was on top in US Billboard hot 100. Taylor Swift became first woman singer to get such great success. Taylor Swift acted as a villain in the video.

6. Katy Perry-Roar

Pioneer in the Youtube, Katy Perry ‘s Roar is immensely popular song with more than 2.7 billion views.  It was uploaded on Youtube in 2013. The song has been very famous after its presence on Youtube. Katy Perry is a sensational singer with many hit songs. Her many song crossed 1 billion views on Youtube. The Lyrics of the song have millions views.

5. Dark Horse-Katy Perry

This is another billion views music video by Katy Perry. Katy Perry had sung song Dark horse with rapper Juicy J. It was uploaded on Youtube in 2014. You can enjoy trap and hip-hop in the song.  Song was directed by Matthew Cullen.  Song was used in promotion by world’s big brand Pepsi. Dark Horse was one of the best selling songs of 2014 with sale of over 13 million units.

4. Maroon 5 – Sugar

Maroon 5- Sugar was super hit song on Youtube. The video was originally on mid-20s comedy like wedding crashers. It was grand hit song with 2.9 Billion views at present. Maroon 5 was a big name in pop music singing industry. The block buster video was uploaded on Youtube in 2015

3. Justin Bieber-Sorry

Justin Bieber was a mega hit singer. His video Sorry has 3.1 billion views on Youtube to date. Justin Bieber‘s video ‘Sorry’ has 11 millions likes and 1.4 million dislikes till the day of writing. Justin Bieber is considered second artist to enjoy this achievement. Sorry touched billion views figure very quickly.

2. Wiz Khalifa– See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth

Wiz Khalifa had become one of the most popular singer with his song see you again and ft. by Charlie Puth. The video has been viewed more than 4 billion times since its upload in 2015. The song was released in support to promotion of movie, Furious 7. It was presented as a tribute to famous star Lt. Paul walker. It crossed Gangnam Style in views in 2017. There are only 3 videos that crossed 4 billion views on Youtube.  See you again is one of them.

1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Unparallel and most viewed Spanish song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Ft. by Daddy Yankee. This song presents global craze of Youtube. The video has crossed remarkable 6 billion views to date. Video was released in 2017. It surpassed all other popular videos and achieved top rank in most viewed video very quickly. Only within 2 years, it has crossed 6 Billion views. When people were surprised to see the popularity of Gangnam Style but this video had created new challenge for all other videos. Despacito is a Spanish word which means “slowly.” You will wonder to know that this song is sung in Spanish language. The singer of song is Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee. The song was superhit in chart of over 40 countries.





8 Best and Free Birthday & Wedding Photo Frames Apps for Android

If we ask people, what is their favorite event in a year? Answer may be their birthday or wedding anniversary. So these two events are very special in every man’s life. So Triople is trying to make your moments auspicious with beautiful and impressive tips. You capture memories in form of photos. You can beautify your photos with photo frames apps. There are tons of apps available for photo frames for Android. But finding reliable and elegant result app is a challenge. Triople has tried to help you to solve this issue. We have compiled a list of 7 Best and Free photo frames apps those can make your photos elegant and adorable.  You can decorate your all prime memorable events (birthday, marriage, functions etc.). You can beautify your pictures with a few taps on your smarphone. All these selected apps have impressive designs, beautiful frames and amazing features. Without delay we are starting from first one.

1.Photo Frames –Unlimited

Photo Frames Unlimited is most popular app for Android. With over 650 elegant photo frames and 150+ hoarding and near 50 shapes ensure you need not to watch other apps. You can make your photos more attractive here. This is photo frame and collage maker app. It is loaded with best picture editor tool. It ensures high quality and beauty of your pictures with frame. You can easily choose and apply any frame for your photos. To make it easier for you, developers have categories the events. There are 20 frame categories like unique, hoarding, birthday frames, love, magazine etc.  There are over 25 collage templates to choose from. You can make a catchy collage with this app. The app also provides you nowadays trend and style information to beautify your photos. You can rotate, resize and move photos inside the frame app. It allows you to share your creativity through Facebook, Twitter, email, Flickr and other social networks.  Over 1.7 lacs people share their experiences in form of ratings and average rating of app is 4.1 to date.

2. Photo Frames by Tricore

A beautiful Photo Frames app developed by Tricore, Photo Frames is loaded with perfect looking and stunning frames that will dip your dull pictures into a colorful beauty. With more than 150 photo frames, greetings and icons, Photo frames app is awesome. There are 8 major categories for frames like Love, birthday, wedding etc. There are types of photo frames like: Flower & Birthday Photo frames, Love & Wedding Photo frames, Funny & Creative frames and Hoarding & Good morning frames. In other specialties of apps are Animated Flower and Love Greeting cards, Greetings, Add photo with shapes or crop, Birthday and Love photo collage frames, Create animated gifs wishes, Save and share in online platforms (like email and social networking sites), different types of live wallpaper animations. This app will change your complete experience about photo framing.  Boring and average pics will be turning into gracious.

3. Love Photo Frames

Amazing photo frames to decorate and beautify your photos. Applying frames is very simple in this app. You can apply frame after choosing picture from gallery or capture by camera. There are elegant, romantic and exciting double frames for your images. You can alter frame if you don’t like and apply others. After saving pics with frame, you will have option to send pics directly by email, SMS  or social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.). The app has very user friendly interface and easy to use.

4. Flowers Photo Frames

Flowers Photo Frames is another popular frame app. As clear from name, you can decorate your photos with flower, plants, roses, tulip and many other frames. It gives your photos natural look. If you are nature lover, you will like it very much. Colorful frames to your photos make them catchy. You can apply frame on your gallery photos and direct captured photos. You can apply effects on your photos like black and white, grayscale and more. There are quality and HD frames available to apply. Frame photos will boost your fun with your friends and family. Make your photos brighten with unforgettable moments and memories. You can share your framed photos directly via email, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. It is very easy to install and simple to use.

5. Birthday photo frame with name and photo

Decorate your birthday photos in memorable way. Blazing pictures with beauty are fabulous. Frames added more pulchritude to your photos. Birthday photo frame with name and photo gives you a chance to decorate your own or your loved one’s photo. You have to select photos from gallery or you can direct click picture. You can set your photos in frames. For birthday celebration you can choose birthday frames from app. It will change environment of your photos into its birthday design. You can apply effects on photos too.  You can write name on photo too. The app allows you to make HD photo frame. It is easier to download and use. It is amazing and very popular app for Android that you can easy install on your smartphones.

6. Birthday Photo Frames

Are you planning for a birthday party? Looking for beautiful birthday photo frames? We have better option in free of cost for you. Prepare your birthday cards and beautify your photos. Adorn photos with beautiful HD photo frames and make these moments extra special. Birthday Photo Frames app for Android is for you. You can apply eye-catching frames to your photos. People will praise your work. It is nice birthday photo frame editor. Applying way is same as other apps. Choose pictures from gallery or direct click from camera and wrap the photos with catchy frames. You can rotate drage, zoom in and zoom out photos to fit them in frames. With more than 8k ratings, average rating is 4.1 to date.  Celebrate your birthday with friends and family without getting worry about photos.

7. Photo Frames: Hoarding and Photo Editor

Photo Frames: Hoarding & Photo Editor is one of the most popular photo frame apps for Android in the world.  Amazingly more than 30 millions download and over 2 lacs ratings, app is enjoying 4.0 average rating. App is much liked by users. You can decorate your photos free with high quality frames. You can apply HD quality frames to your photos. There is user friendly interface.  The app works in absence of internet too. You can enhance photo with help of photo enhancer in it. You can set your image as wallpaper and also save as wallpaper. It allows you to save photos on SD card. In other features, zoom in, zoom out, rotate and many more.

8. Marriage Photo Frames

Looking for best marriage photo frame? You can use marriage photo frames app for Andorid for this purpose. It is the best app. It allows you to add beautiful marriage frames to your photos. You can decorate your photos with elegant wedding frames. The app has funny text, templates, photo effects, backgrounds, grid and layout, stickers and many more. It is very effective collage maker. You can create collages using your pictures. It has simple interface to use. You can rotate, edit and crop you photos to fit them in frames. You can save them in gallery. App allows you to share your photos directly via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Beetal. There are many frames to choose from. You will have freedom to choose from multiple emoji, stickers, text and backgrounds.

Top 7 Free File transfer apps for Android

Previous times, mobile users were using Bluetooth to transfer the audio, video and data files.  Bluetooth has become old  technology. Bluetooth was ideal to transfer small size data. But it was taking more time while transfer of movies and other video files. Transferring files without consuming time and in secure way was a big problem. But the new technology has drastically changed. After introduction of Android smartphones, your time saving and bulk data transfer apps are also available on this platform. These apps not only transfer your files but save your time too. These are very quick in transferring the data files. You can move multiple large files within no time and securely. There are numerous file transfer apps for android in Google Play Store. But we have picked up handy and easy file transfer apps for Android. These are reliable and rapid in working. Some of them are very popular, you may know about them. But these 7 are best in performance and appreciated by various users. So Here is a list of 7 Best file transfer apps for Android.

1. 4 Share Apps

4 Share Apps is another good file transfer app for Android. You can rapidly move files to your friends. It allows you to share files between Android platforms. You can connect app with another device through scanning QR Code. App speed goes up to 20 M/S. It allows you to share all types of files. You need not to check data speed, internet. You don’t require USB to transfer data.  4 Share Apps supports more than 31 languages. Over 1 Lacs ratings and average rating was 4.3 for the app to date.

2. Shareit

Shareit is most popular app among smartphone users in the world. As its name is very catchy and clearly denotes its work.  With fastest cross platform transfer, Shareit is good sharing app. It is lightweight app that works on mobile and Windows OS PCs. You can transfer files between mobile to desktops too. It works on Wi-Fi. Shareit uses webshare feature that allows you to receive and send files from a webpage. You can transfer big files within moments. It supports transfer of approximately all types of files like music, video and PDF files. Shareit have also 200X more speed than Bluetooth. You may enjoy highest speed of 20M/S. Shareit app has over 1 million ratings. Average of ratings is 4.6 to date.

3.Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another famous file transfer app for Android. You can transfer files with Wi-Fi Direct even in unavailability of data or internet. It works on permission only. You have to use QR code or 6 digit numeric code generated by the app to receive a file. User can upload maximum 50GB files in one time. User can share files to multiple people at once through a link.

4. Xender

Xender is one of the pioneer apps for file transfer. You can send photos, music, movies and other data files to your friend/family member within a few clicks. Xender helps to share all types of files anytime and anywhere. Surprisingly 200X fast speed than Bluetooth, transfers your files like rocket speed. The app is available in 20 languages. Xender transfer over 200 million every day. Xender is compatible for IOS, Android, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transfer. Xender is Wi-Fi transfer master. Xender promises you no ads.

5. AirDroid

Developed by Sand Studio, AirDroid is one of the most popular app for Android in Google Play Store. Packed with lot of praiseworthy features, AirDroid supports transfers of all types of files on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile device. The app gives you freedom to use and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac  and Linux, wirelessly and without rooting. App provides you secure screen sharing. It allows you to manage messages and contact stored on your phone. It supports backup photos and videos from your phone to desktop. There were more than 5 Lacs ratings and average rating was 4.5 to date.

6. Superbeam

Superbeam allows you to share files in easiest and quickest way. You can share files between two Android devices through WiFi Direct. You can be paired devices through scanning QR code, NFC or manual sharing key. It allows to share devices through web interface those don’t have Superbeam. It supports all kinds of files. It allows keeping history of your all transfer activities. Whereas Superbeam app is free to download and use. But you can upgrade with PRO version by paying required amount. PRO version is with some extra features like no ads, change default save location to any available storage, receive using manual sharing keys, share files with multiple devices, moving unlimited files through web interface and no limits of history record and many more. App has more than 2 lacs rating and average rating was 4.3 to date.

7. Zapya

Zapya has million subscribers and it allows you to share files without internet too. One of the fastest sharing apps Zapya gives you freedom to share files cross platforms. The app allows you to share files from PCs, Android phones, iphones without use of mobile data connect and WiFi. The app is free to download and use. With Zapya, you can create group and invite your friends to join it. It allows you to chat with your friends. You can literally chat and transfer files to your friends. It supports more than 20 languages. Zapya is simplest to use. It also allows you to share files using QR codes. Zapya supports Android (versions 4.0 to 9.0), iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, and Web browser. Zapya had more than 4 Lacs ratings and average rating was amazing 4.6 to date.


7 Best Mobile Recharge Apps to avail Cashback and Discount offers

The utility of mobile phone is beyond our thinking. Daily duration of mobile phone use is 4.15 hours on average. Why, because mobile phone is loaded with amazing features to fulfill our daily requirement. Mobile phone is not limited to call only. It has contained various features like chatting, mailing, payments, entertainment, videos, social networking and many more. Most part of utility is possible after launch of Play store for apps.

Mobile phone seems useless if we have no balance to call or use internet data. What will you do if your phone balance near to zero and you have no energy to go outside? Definitely you will find time saving and energy saving way to recharge your mobile. Yes, online recharge is an ideal option for you. It is the best way to mobile recharge and wins cashbacks and discounts as well. There are many mobile recharge apps available in your Android /ios phone. Now you don’t need to visit any recharge shop/vendor. It will save your time and money too. Today, we will discuss about best mobile recharge apps with attractive cashbacks, discounts and offers.

1. Paytm

Paytm means Pay through Mobile. Paytm is most popular payment app. It provides recharging facilities to prepaid and postpaid both. Apart from recharge, it provides services to pay bills of electricity, DTH recharge, Broadband services, Insurance and gas. You can do shopping through Paytm. In order to use Paytm services, you should have to register in Paytm account and attach your bank account to transfer money to Paytm wallet. Paytm introduce many cashback  and other offers time to time on its services.

2. PhonePe

Phonepe is UPI enabled app. It can directly link to your bank account. You can avail services by recharge your phones and transfer money to your friends. There may be referral plan. Phonepe also launches various cashback offers on mobile recharge.

3. FreeCharge

FreeCharge is one of the most popular mobile recharge apps online. You can recharge your datacard, mobile, DTH and can pay utility bills. It provides all network operator recharge options. There are many attractive cashback offers on mobile recharges. FreeCharge provide amazing customer support.

4. Google Pay

Formerly Google Tez, Presently Google Pay is very easy and simple method to avail recharge services. It also support UPI based payment system. You can receive or pay money quickly with this app. Google Pay provide very reliable services. You can pay bills of electricity, mobile, internet. You enjoy hassle free services with amazing cashback offers. Google Pay has various surprising cashback services. You can avail these services even on payment transfer also. I personally got 756/- Cashback on one payment transfer. I like this app very much. I usually avail its services for transfer money, pay broadband and electricity bills. Interesting fact, you get all cashbacks directly in your account.

5. PayZapp

Payzapp is payment app powered by HDFC bank. It also gives stunning discounts and cashbacks on its services. You can pay utitlity bills (Electricity, Gas, Water, DTH, Data Card etc.) , recharge your mobile phones and transfer money to your friends or family members. You can also pay for any shopping by it. You can benefit through its referral plan.

6. MobiWik

Mobiwik is also a popular app. You can recharge your mobile phones, pay utility bills (Electricity, Gas etc.), book tickets for train or bus. You can transfer money to your friends through UPI on MobiWik. It is quick and simple app. You can easily use its services. It is a fast and secure payment app. MobiWik offers cashback and supercash offers. To know more just visit MobiWik website or install MobiWik app.

7. My Airtel-Recharge

You can avail various offers, discounts and cashbacks on every recharge. You can recharge your mobile phone and pay bills (DTH, Broadband) through this app quickly.

7 Best and Free Voice Recorder Apps for Android for 2019

Android phones are loaded with many unique options and features that make them useful and famous among users. In one decade, Android phones are emerged as a plethora of functionalities. Utility of Android phone had enhanced with Goolge Play Store. The  most popular and widely used feature of Andorid phones is voice recorder app. Voice recorder apps are amazing for recording voice, lectures, events, meeting, songs, poems, jokes, ideas and many more… You can record any audio moment with these apps and make your friends and family laugh. A voice record can be cause to a big smile on faces of your family members. Mostly Android phones come with in-built voice recorders but they may not fulfill your recording requirements due to limited features. There are many handy voice recording apps for Andorid in Google Play Store. There is unlimited numbers of Android voice recorder apps. Choosing among them may be a tough job. So we have compiled best 7 free Android voice recorder apps.

1.Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is a high quality recording app. You can record voice in superior quality by using this Android app. It is free to download. It is a handy and very easy to use app. You are free to record your voice files (meetings, personal notes, lectures, songs etc.). Voice recorder is with simple user interface. Voice Recorder required Android 4.1 and above version to work.  It produces output in MP3 and ogg. App has all basic features: Play,Pause, Save and Cancel. It allows you to send and share your recording through email, Whatsapp, MMS, SMS, Dropbox and Facebook etc. Voice Recorder does not support call recording. You can delete your recording from app easily. Currently, this app has more than 3.5 lac ratings and average rating is 4.8. It is just awesome.

2.Titanium Voice Recorder with number id

Titanium Voice Recorder is good voice recorder for Android. It is HD audio recorder app.  This app also provides high quality voice output. You can record your lecture, speech, song and other voice notes in easy and comfortable way.  Titanium Voice Recorder is loaded with an intelligent Caller ID feature that helps you to identify unknown callers. This allows you to know unknown numbers in real times through its Caller ID feature. Titanium Voice Recorder is very easy to use just click/touch the mic and start recording. You can pause recording by touching mic again. Record phone calls in real time are possible by this app.  Titanium Voice Recorder features HD Audio recording using 16 Bit/8 Bit PCM Encoding. It allows to play/pause/stop recordings. You can rename or delete recording in just a few taps conveniently. It supports 3GP/ACC format. It allows you to share/send recording by email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, etc. You can enable this feature by long tap on recordings. You can set your recording as default ringtone or alarm. It allows you to delete multiple files at a time.

3. Parrot Voice Recorder

Parrot Voice Recorder is developed by Searing Media Inc. Just enjoy the recording with this app within 3 taps only. It allows you to produce quality voice recording with balance. Parrot Voice recorder has simple user interface. It supports MP4 and WAV formats. You can schedule your recording for specific date and time. It allows you to sync your files to Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud backup on your phone. You can record your voice via your mic, Bluetooth headset and camcorder mic. It has unique features to remove background noise. It is free to download and use.

4.Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is another awesome recording app for Android. It may be your day to day helping app to record voice files. You can record meetings, songs, lecture, speech, classes, notes and many more..The app gives you limitless time to record.  Easy voice Recorder is for all professional and new learner. This app gives you high quality, clear recording. Students, businessmen, musician, teachers, corporate, job persons can avail benefits of its features. App is very easy to use and quick to provide output.  It supports PCM, MP4 and AMR formats. It allows you to quickly start new recording. You can send/share via email or your preferred app. You can set your recording as ringtone. It is free to download. But in Pro Version, there are additional features like upload new recording on Google Drive or Dropbox automatically. In Pro version, it supports MP3 and AAC formats including free version formats.  You can record via a Bluetooth microphone. PRO version supports trimming of recording.

5. Voice Recorder PRO

Voice recorder is free recorder app. It is packed with beautiful features. It is easy to download and use. Elegantly designed, Voice Recorder is full featured app. You can record for high quality voice files. You can capture meetings, speech, lecture, songs, concerts, interviews and many more.. The main feature is that it work amazingly on smartphones and tablets. It supports MP3, PCM (WAV), AAC (m4a/mp4) an AMR (3gp) formats to save space. It supports stereo and mono recording. It features with live audio spectrum analyzer. It has power to record in background when screen is off. You can send/share via email and other sharing apps. You can easily rename or delete any recording file. It gives Blinking LED notification during recording while screen is off. The other surprising feature of app is to automatically stop when memory is full.

6.Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

Smart Recorder is high quality recorder for Android in Google Play Store. It is free to download and use. It is very easy to use. You can capture any voice file. It has designed with solo motto to produce high quality voice recording. With simple user interface, smart Recorder has features to short recording by omit relative silence. More than 40 million people have downloaded this app till 2012 and over 4 Lac users have given ratings. Average rating was 4.4 to date. It features automatic and manual sensitivity control for Skip silence mode. It has live audio spectrum analyzer. It supports WAV and PCM formats. You can record in background even screen is off. You can play/pause/stop and save recording. It is extremely efficient app. You can send and share via many options. It features with microphone gain calibration tool.

7. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)

The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is advanced recording app for Android. It has changed the way of recording voice files. Packed with customization options and loaded with features, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is just unique app. It is highly reliable app. You can capture lecture, speech, personal nots, interviews, talks, concerts, group discussion and many more.. There is red button in app to start and pause recording. You can record in WAV, OGG, M4A and FLAC formats.  You can automatically upload voice files on Dropbox and Google Drive. It is free to download and use. The free version restrict you to record up to 10 minutes per recording clip.






7 Best and Free and Premium Game Apps for Android for 2019

Games are sources of entertainment and enjoyment. Games make sharp mind of your children. Passing –time with playing game is such a good moment for all. Smartphone has created intimacy with game apps. All game apps are available on your phone now. You can play anytime. You may play many games. If you are searching for best game apps for Android in Google Play Store, you are at right place. Most of the games here are free to download. We have compiled a list of Best games for Android in Google Play Store. You can try these games and make fun in life.


1. Alto’s Odyssey

One of the most popular games, Alto’s Odyssey is prime choice of people.  You can join Alto and his friends and start boundless sand boarding journey to search secrets. Alto’s adventures get simplicity. Game features easy mechanics and impressive graphics. Players do all adventurous activities like skiing and big jumps to tackle the hurdles. There items are available to collect. It has superb one touch trick system. Chain is with combo and 180 goals to complete. There are dynamic light effects and other natural calamities effects like sand storm, dunes, and shooting stars. Game is free to download. With 4.7 average rating, Game is liked by lacs of people.

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the most popular game app on mobile. In PUBG, 100 players fight with each other on 8X8 KM a small island. Player are loaded with weapons, ammo and vehicles. The last standing person who fights incredibly wins the battle. It is PVP battle royal game. You can play as a solo player or in a team. You have to use your super skills to defeat opponents. If you are last person standing, you win the game. It is very easy to play PUBG on mobile phones. It is convenient to choose and manage items there. Robust anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE players. It is not just a game, this is a battle royale.  Specifications requirements for PUBG on mobile:  Android 5.1.1 and above  at least 2GB RAM. PUBG Mobile has more than 10 million ratings and average rating in Google Play Store is 4.5 to date.

3. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has been launched globally in the Google Play Store. It is so popular game that more than 3 million ratings, average rating is 4.5. People like to play Brawl Stars. It is fast paced multiple player battle game developed by Supercall. Battle in multiple game modes is available like: Gem Grab, Heist, Showdown, Bounty, Brawl Ball and Robo Rumble. Brawl Stars can be played with online multiple players as well as MOBA elements.  Each game is full of fun and entertainment.

4. Skyforce Reloaded

Skyforce reloaded is a dashing name. Game is developed by Infinite Dreams.  It is not much popular as other given above. The game is very interesting as it relates with ancient arcade. If you are plane savvy and want to fly over the sky and shooting, game will give you amazing experience. Game is captured with modern visuals and design. Skyforce reloaded is loaded with catchy environment and excellent effects. There are 15 stages of game. Sky Force Reloaded is a top-down shooter where you aim to shoot bad guys while flying a plane and to avoid bullets. Exciting part of game is to perform all types of quests. There is very professional voiceover and praiseworthy soundtrack. Skyforce Reloaded has average 4.7 rating and ratings are given by more than 1.5 Lacs users.

5. Pokemon GO

One of the most popular and biggest mobile game is Pokemon Go. Players can experience real world around them. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the possession of Gyms with your Pokemon.  Pokemon Go is very solid free option. Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go is amazing and interesting game which integrates players with original world. More than 10 million rating, game is liked by various people.

6. Evoland 2

Evoland2  is fabulous sequel to First Evoland. It is a premium game for Android. Game advances by a story. There are amazing graphics in game. It features more than 20 hours of gameplay. It is not only a game but a story that will make your travel through time finding different art styles.  You have to pay onetime payment to download. You will experience add free game. There will be no in-app payments after it. Game supports most Bluetooth external controllers. Average rating is 4.3 to date.

7. Vainglory

Vainglory is a free-to-play cross-platform MOBA with the strategic depth. It allows you to play game with your friends anywhere on any mobile or device. You can arrange match with your remote friends.  With superior graphics, awesome performance and smooth performance, Vainglory is fabulous game.  The Best MOBA is on Android.  In the game there is unique set of 48+ heroes with unique combo systems.  In other features free camera, wave control, teleports and active items.  It has most powerful engine with best graphics and high frame rates. Vainglory has vibrant worldwide community in 14 different languages.  Over 7.5 lacs ratings, game is liked by many users. Average rating is 4.4.