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Wanna Change YouTube Thumbnail on Android Phone?

If you are running a YouTube channel, you will definitely go through such situations. Sometimes you can get out of this problem easily. But by the way, we are adding some steps to add custom or automatic thumbnails to your videos with your Android phone.

Add custom or automatic thumbnails

  1. Download YouTube Studio app in your Android phone.
  2. Add your channel on it.
  1. In the YouTube Studio app, tap Menu then Videos.
  2. Select the video you want to add/edit the thumbnail for.
  3. Tap Edit & Tap Edit thumbnail.
  4. Select your custom/automatic thumbnail:
  1. Tap Custom thumbnailto upload a custom video thumbnail from image gallery (where you saved it) on your device.
  1. Confirm your thumbnail selection and tap Select.
  2. Tap Save.



how to make custom Thumbnail on Android phone

Apps to make custom thumbnails on Android phone

Wow! Rumors & Leaks about iPhone 9/ iPhone SE2 ?

Apple is the world famous smartphone manufacturer & seller. Its product iPhone is not only a smartphone but it has become a symbol of status in many countries. iPhone comes with plethora of features and totally different from Android phones. Its ios operating system gives a pleasant experience to its users.  Processing, surfing net and photography, all are stunning and you get real value of your paid money for the product.

With its flagship iphone, Apple is rumored to launch another astonishing smartphone iphone9/iphone SE2. There were some possibilities of launch of this phone in March 2020 but company postponed its launch in April. As the world is facing with Covid-19 like pandemic; so company averted its launch earlier. Now, we are expecting about launch of new iphone 9 on 15 April, 2020. Before this article, as per different sources, name of the phone was under guess by people. Most of us were thinking its name iphone SE2 or iphone 9. Iphones sales may be started from April 22.  Apple will host iphone launch event online as well. We hope that Apple will stop these rumors with actual launch soon. The long rumored iPhone 9 will be in your hands soon.

Will its name be iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2?

Yet it is not sure about the name of phone. As we all know that Apple is known for keeping name and price of product private. Some rumors have supported name iphone SE2. In support of this name they have told that Apple has made phone to compete in mid range segment. As Apple had launched iphone SE in middle range segment previously.  Numerous rumors supports its prices from range $399 to $499.  If it is true then it will be great opportunity for iphone lovers to upgrade their phones with new one. Apple may have different mind about name.

Some leaks revealed its name iphone 9.  Apple can launch the phone with name iphone 9 as company skipped the series with launch of iphone X direct from iphone 8.  Some leaks showed that prices of the phone may be above $1000.

You can get update with latest information to read the tweets of Jon Prosser.

Let’s have a look on outer and internal structure of iphone 9

Note: These specifications are just leaks/rumors/possibilities; we will update you when we will be sure about these.

iPhone 9 runs on iOS v13.0 OS (operating system). iPhone is powered by Hexa Core (2.65 GHz, Dual core, Lightning + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Thunder) processor & it runs on the Apple A13 Bionic Chipset. This stunning phone comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. There is 4.7 inches OLED display in iphone 9. If we talk about measurement, it is 138.5 mm x 67.4 mm x 7.8 mm. magnificent resolution of phone is 750 x 1334 pixels and 294 ppi pixel density. Now, let’s talk about most prominent thing: camera; on rear there is 7MP f/2.2 primary camera and 12 MP + 12 MP camera with digital zoom, face detection, touch to focus and auto flash like specifications. The other unique feature in camera is Simultaneous HD video and image recording. 2050 mAh battery provides robust charging backup. The phone is equipped with connectivity features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, NFC etc.

Apple may launch this phone in two variants : iphone 9 and iphone 9 plus. Iphone 9 will have design similar to iphone 8.

The price of iphone 9 is rumoured to be near Rs. 76,000.  The phone will come in some colors like black, White and red. We have tentative date of launch of iphone 9 April 15, 2020.





What is an API and how does it work?

I was acquainting with pulgin. Yesterday, I came to know about API; I hope most of you may know about API. Honestly, I did not know. As I am working on my dictionary website: English to Punjabi dictionary; so at a juncture of promotion of website, I was in requirement to add something to improve presence of my website on internet. So my brother (who is web developer) introduced me about API. I started to think about it how it is. I think that it is like a script to add in website..blah blah…Let’s know what is API and how to add API to website. First of all, we need to know about the meaning of API.

What is an API?

API means Application Programming Interface.  The part “interface” is prominent in it because an API communicates with program for you.  You have to know the language to talk with the program, but in absence of an API, you can’t get. API allows two applications to talk with each other.

In easy words, an API is the messenger that sends your request to the provider that you’re again requesting it from and then returns the response/result back to you.

API (messenger)->-<Provider

While writing a program, a developer does not start from beginning. APIs has enabled developers to reuse repetitive complicated processes with small coding. It is related with programming. Developers (Programmer) are now more high-yielding than they were before; they had to create a lot of codes.

When a programmer (developer) wants to present data to public, he put endpoints; he publishes a fragment of language that has been used to make a program. Other developers/programmer may take data from the application by creating URLs or using HTTP clients to request data from those endpoints.

With an API they don’t have to rewrite whole program each time; they only write a new program. Instead, they can focus on the new and unique portion of their applications and outsource all of the data functionality to APIs.

Endpoints return text to computers to read, so it will not make proper meaning if you can’t understand computer programming used to create it.

An API permits one program to request data from another. There are 15,000 publicly available APIs.


Why API is used?

Computer has made heavy data sorting and collection jobs easier. You got relief from repetitive jobs like adding entries and invoice making.

For example, if you are operating a milk company. A milkman supplies milk daily to you. If you want to check record of quantity; you need to check record his individual record by search company data.

On the other hand, if all reports of milk were uploaded to a central database, you could write a simple program that accesses that database and finds all the instances of the milkmen’s name. This would take much less time and be much more accurate.

There are three components of APIs:


User request->Computer accept request to send to server-> Server responds to a request

A programmer first creates server that receives and holds data. After running the server, programmer publishes documentation with endpoints. Outside programmer can easily know about structure of data through documentation. Outer user may query the data on server or can develop a program to run searches on database.

Let’s understand working of API with a simple example

Suppose there is a waiter in a hotel. As a customer, you are watching menu to choose items. Hotel cooking zone is a provider to supply your order/demand. As a customer, you require a link to talk your order to provider hotel cooking zone and then deliver your food to your table.

Waiter works as an API who works correct then your order will be successful. Like a messanger, API that takes order (means waiter in this example) and tells hotel cooking zone (server) what need to do and respond back to your request (waiter comes back with ordered food).

Same happens in signup process of social media sites. All the information and data provided for Facebook sign up is done through API. API has simplified the works.

Most of API’s are free to use but some are paid too.

Do you know that you use API in your routine activities while booking hotels, airlines, train tickets, fair tickets etc. The question is how?

Whenever you book a hotel; you visit different website like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, OYO etc. You hardly visit to a specific hotel website, because you know these websites provides better prices and discounts. You are given different hotel booking services through single website. How? It is with use of API. API controls your query and returns with proper results. API has made working and life easier.


5 Sci-fi books that surprisingly predicted the future

“It’s hard to make predictions – especially about the future.”—Robert Storm Petersen

Prediction shape course of events. Sci-fi authors have been predicting the future for hundred years. The kind of predictions that may keep changing; the present time is managed with beliefs about how much is worth to know about the future. Tom Clancy was considered a famous predictor who had ability to predict the future events through his writings. We have collected some books that discuss consequential shifts about predictions.

Does Sci-fi predictions inspires for future discoveries? This question is still unsolved.Tom Clancy described 9-11 like attack in his book “Debt of Honor” published in 1994. These are unforgettable predictions which are not common. Many times, we can’t even guess how accurate the descriptions of the future world in sci-fi books are. Some authors have written fiction books with certain knowledge of surpassing limits of common understanding.

  1. Is modern Transplant inspired by Marry Shelley’s “Frankenstein”?

In 1818, when Shelley published her book Frankenstein“, science was concentrating to find the new field of dead tissue reanimation through electricity. This fiction gave new ideas for future medical like organ transplantation.

  1. Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” described the future electric submarine

Jules Gabriel Verne was a progressive thinking author. He predicted lunar modules to solar sails a century before its inventions. In 1870, Jules Verne ‘s popular book “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” was published, the novel predicted electric submarines around ninety (90) years before of its invention.


  1. H.G. Wells ‘s “The World Set Free” describes about the atomic bombs

The World Set Free is one of the books written by H.G. (Herbert George) Wells that had changed perspective of the history with predictions. In 1914, the novel was published. He predicts nuclear warfare times before invention started and he also describes the chain reactions and radiation. He mentions a weapon with boundless demolition power, used from air that would annihilate everything for miles. He used term “atomic bombs.” H.G. Wells earlier imagined atomic bomb as a uranium-based hand grenade that may explode indefinitely.

  1. Ralph 124C 41+” by Hugo Gernsback predicted solar Energy


Hugo Gernsback was a man with forward thinking. The title itself have a meaning on words, (1 2 4 C 4 1 + ) meaning “One to foresee for one another.” You may wonder to know that this novel has contained predictions of many devices including television (and channel surfing), remote-control power transmission, video phone, transcontinental air service, solar energy (solar power) in practical use, sound movies, synthetic milk and foods, artificial clothes, voice-printing, tape recorders, and spaceflight. Amazing!  The story of the novel had weak plot but it was great story in aspect of Sci-Fi.

  1. Satellite TV and Electric cars predictions in John Brunner’s “Stand on Zanzibar

This famous novel was published in 1968. Brunner describes about struggle of US with overcrowd. The book was based on imagery rather than reality. It gave imagination of intelligent computers, on-demand TV, laser printers, Satellite TV and laser printers. This novel was very popular; it was winner of two famous awards: The Hugo Award for best novel, 1969 and Winner of the BSFA Award for best novel, 1969.



What is a Coronavirus (Covid-19) & How did it wreak havoc in Italy & rest of the world?

A deadly infectious disease spread throughout the world in year 2020. The emerging point of the disease was Wuhan city of China. The disease started in December 2019 and rapidly clutched the world. The disease was declared pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). By April 03 2020, near 1 million people (10, 000, 00) of the world were infected with this life-threatening disease. Over 54,000 people were died with coronavirus. Covid-19 means coronavirus.

Covid-19 has already grasped many European countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. It has witnessed havoc like situation in Italy. Covid-19 has killed near 14000 people alone in Italy.  There are more than 1 Lakh confirmed cases in Italy. Covid-19 has taken hold in USA, South East Asia and South America.

As per researches, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) was spread through a chain of transmission. A chain of transmission means coronavirus spreads through an infected person when he/she sneezes and coughs before someone or in crowd. The infection spread in others. More than 10% persons were infected by someone who has virus but symptoms were not clear.

In order to combat with covid-19, Indian government has announced 21 days national lockdown in the country.  The purposes of the lockdown are to break the transmission chain of the covid-19. Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi announced one day Janta Curfew for 22 March 2020; it was successful event to curb the spread of covid-19 infection. All vehicles were stopped including trains and public and private buses. All shops and businesses of India will be closed for 21 days (till April 14, 2020) with necessary services open. Staying at home can break the chain and also reduce the infection among the other people. As we have noticed that covid-19 spreads rapidly.

The coronavirus has created troubles for many developed nations including Italy, Spain and U.S; China is recovering from covid-19 fast.

What is a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are from a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. After emerging from China, it spread in the world in beginning of 2020. The virus is given name Covid-19. Covid-19 means corona virus disease 2019. Covid-19 is similar to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome); an ailment which spread in year 2002 and 2003.


How did Covid-19 emerge?

It is not sure about the origin of starting of covid-19 but the sources say that it was started from “wet market” of Wuhan city of China where dead and live animals are sold. As we discussed earlier, the virus was transmitted from animals to humans. So it is believed that there is lack of hygiene and cleanliness where animals are kept and slaughtered. The non-hygienic atmosphere is responsible to origin of the viruses.

Is covid-19 originated by animals; it is yet not confirmed but bats are considered host of the covid-19.  Bats are not sold like other animals in the Wuhan market but they have infected the animals sold there.

What are common symptoms of Coronavirus?

In the beginning of the covid-19, the symptoms of the disease are like flu. In initial stage, common symptoms are dry cough, cold, fever, tiredness & difficulty in breathing.  Other symptoms are loss of taste and stomach problems. The disease can take up to 14 days to develop in a human body. Covid-19 is a contagious and infectious disease which can primarily spread through cough, sneeze and saliva of an infected person. It also may spread through discharge of nose (due to cold) of infected person.

Is there any treatment for Covid-19?


There is no such particular treatment and medicine for covid-19 but scientists and doctors are trying to find it. Many clinical trials are done but still efforts are continue. The disease is very new so it takes time to discover a confirmed medicine for it. As per sources, warm water has properties to give relief to an infected person. A person needs to gargle with warm salty water time to time. The infected person should stay away from other family members.



Wash your hands frequently to keep hygiene of the hands. Frequently clean your hands and cover your face while sneezing and coughing.  Sanitize your hands with soap and water or with hand-sanitizer frequently.

Wear a mask on face when you go outside.


Keep social distance at least 1-2 meters from other people. Stay home and stay safe. Don’t go outside unnecessarily. Don’t go in crowd in this outbreak of covid-19.


As we know that it spreads through sneeze, cough and droplets of infected person. Visiting in crowd can increase risk of infection.


Similar to cold and flu virus, covid-19 spreads via droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs.  The droplets may be stick to any surface and picked by another persons. Most of times, people get infected via touching infected hands to their face (nose, mouth or eyes).  It is not sure yet whether the virus is airborne.

How did Covid-19 spread quickly in Italy and the world?

It is a common question in a mind of every man: how did covid-19 spread quickly in Italy?  We will discuss on main reasons behind it.

We all know that covid-19 is undoubtedly highly contagious virus. Initially, Italy did not recognize that all Chinese businessmen and tourists coming to Venice and Milan may carry Covid-19.

Italy has strong business connection with china. As we all know that Italy is famous for fashion modeling. Milan is fashion hub for the world.  In beginning, Italy did not adopt any strict screening process for these Chinese visitors. Italy also did not properly check the Italians coming back to their country (especially those came back from China).


It is supposed that either some Chinese visitor’s infected local people of Italy or some Italian (who visited China in those days) have infected other local people.

It seems a sigh of relief that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has mentioned that there is no evidence that authenticates that COVID-19 has been transmitted via imported goods.


Note: we are not professional health advisers. We only believe in sharing information for knowledge purposes only.




Pal Song lyrics

Pal Song 
(Lyrics – Prashant Ingole, Kunal Verma)


Hmm.. Hmm.. Hmm.. Hmm..

Pal eak pal me hi tham sa gaya
Tu hath mein, hath jo de gaya

Chalun main jahan jaye tu
Dayein main tere bayein tu
Hoon rut me hawayein tu,


Hasoon main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaye tu
Bheengu main barsaaye tu,

Saaya mera hai, teri sakal
Haal hai aisa, kuch aajkal

Subah main hoon tu dhoop hai
Main aaiyna hoon tu roop hai
Ye tera saath khoob hai,

Tu ishq ke, saare rang de gaya
Phir khinch ke, apne sang le gaya

Kahin pe khoo jaye jo
Jahan ye ruk jaaye pal
Kabhi na phir aaye kal,

Eak mange agar sau khwab doon
Tu rahe khush main aabad hoon
Tu sabse juda, juda sa hai
Tu apni tarah, taraasha hai
Mujhe lagta nahi hai tu, dusra

Pal eak pal, me hi tham sa gaya
Tu hath mein, hath jo de gaya

Chalun main jahan jaye tu
Dayein main tere bayein tu
Hoon rut me hawayein tu,

Hasoon main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaye tu
Bheengu main barsaaye tu,

Ooo… Hmm…

Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna Song lyrics

Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna Song 

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Hame tumse pyaar kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante.e.e.

Magar.. jee nahi sakte tumha..reee binaa..


Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna, Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante,

Magar jee nahin sakte, tumhare bina,

Hume tumse pyaar… 1


Suna Gham judaai Ka, Uthaate Hai Log,

Jaane Zindagi… Kaise, Bitaate Hai Log,

Din Bhi Yaha To Lage, Baras Ke Samaa..aann,

Humein Intezaar Kitna, Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante,

Magar Jee Nahi Sakte, Tumhare Bina,….

Humei Tumse Pyaar… 2


Tumhe Koi Aur Dekhe to jalta Hai dil,

Badi Mushkilo Se Phir, Sambhalta Hai

Kya Kya Jatan Karte Hai, Tumhe Kya Pata,


Yeh Dil Beqaraar Kitna, Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante,

Magar Jee Nahi Sakte, Tumhare Bina, 3

Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna, Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante,

Magar Jee Nahi Sakte, Tumhare Bina,

… . . . Hume Tumse Pyaar… …