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List of the most searched keywords on Google in 2021| Google Trending Keywords in 2021 across the Globe and In India

Surprisingly, all people have different likes and choices. The one solution to search is Google. Google is most adorable and most preferred search engine of the world. You need any help, you use Google. Google is like a companion for a phone user. Have you ever thought-What is most searched on Google? If yes, we have a list of most searched terms and questions on Google. Google has become day to day help tool for us.

We have compiled a list of most popular searches on Google. You can say the most searched keywords on Google. As a blog writer or content writer, this may be valuable data. The writer needs to focus on most searched terms for writing. Whereas we can search our keyword searches on Google keyword and Google trends. This post has contained the most searched words/keywords/terms on Google. This is collection of interesting insights and it will help you to better understand the things on Google. You will also know the interests of people across the globe in 2021.

Top searches on Google trends in the world in 2021

1) Australia vs India

2) India vs England

3) IPL

4) NBA

5) Euro 2021

6) Copa América

7) India vs New Zealand

8) T20 World Cup

9) Squid Game

10) DMX

Reference From : Google Trends

Now, We are adding data given by Google Trends for 2021, this is  overall search (not category-wise) and you can check category wise searches on following link. We have taken overall top searches on Google trends in India in 2021.

Top searches on Google trends in India in 2021

1) Indian Premier League

2) CoWIN

3) ICC T20 World Cup

4) Euro Cup

5) Tokyo Olympics

6) COVID vaccine

7) Free Fire redeem code

8) Copa America

9) Neeraj Chopra

10) Aryan Khan

If you want to know according to categories, you can visit Google Trends.

Disperse your creativity across the world with Facebook Reels: How to Earn with Facebook Reels-Triople

Facebook has become a giant social media platform. To continue stand in competition, every company is launching different format of their working. As we have seen a big change in cricket format from test to T-20. In competition with Tiktok short videos, Facebook has introduced feature of creating reels and sharing on social media platform. According to Facebook official blog, Reels are fun and inspiring short videos consisting of audio, AR effects and text overlays. This is a helping platform to reach new audience. Facebook Reels are similar to Instagram reels but features are different. As we know short videos apps are getting popularity across the world and several companies are earning well. A Facebook users can add short videos of combined time 30 seconds.


Here are steps to create a reel:

  1. At the top of your news feed, click on Reels
  2. Facebook camera will open, you can record video or upload video from your smartphone
  3. On the right side, you will see different editing options like add music, length time, adjust speed, add effect and timer. In editing mode you can trim you long video into short video.
  4. Once you completed reel, you can share it on news feed and with friends.

Facebook reel is getting popular among the people. People are earning from Facebook reels too.


Can we earn money with Facebook Reels?

Time is very precious and nobody want to waste time in such activities if these end up with no gain. So Facebook has decided to monetize the Facebook reels. In July, Facebook has announced that Facebook is investing over USD 1 billion in creators across Facebook and Instagram until 2022.  Facebook is offering Reels play-new bonus programmes on Facebook that allows the creators to earn money for the reels they share.  

As per Facebook official blog : “Reels Play on Facebook will pay a bonus to eligible Facebook creators under certain conditions are met, As  the reels get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period on Facebook. Reels must meet content monetization policies and content must be owned by the creator.”