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60+WordPress Keyboard shortcuts to enhance your proficiency

Do you want to save time while writing a post on WordPress? Almost all of you use combination of keyboard and mouse to write and publish an article in your WordPress blog/website. But you know that you can do all things with your keyboard only. You can save your time and energy with keyboard shortcuts. In your WordPress visual editor, you can do all jobs till publishing your post with keyboard only. There are some shortcuts that will definitely help to save your time and efforts. You need not to use your mouse to work after knowing all these.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts you use often in your daily chores like control+c (copy), Control+x (cut), Control+v (paste) and control+k (add hyperlink). These are also very useful in WordPress visual editor. I hope that you will definitely use these other shortcuts to increase your working efficiency in WordPress. Here is a list of WordPress 60+Keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl keyboard shortcuts 

Ctrl + c – To Copy content

Ctrl + v – To Paste content

Ctrl + x – To Cut content

Ctrl + z – Undo

Ctrl + a  – to select all

Ctrl + y – Redo

Ctrl + p – to Print content

Ctrl +b – bold

Ctrl + i – Italics

Ctrl + u –  Underline

Ctrl + k – to insert a link


Keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl & shift

Ctrl + Shift + Right – select a word to the right

Ctrl + Shift +Left-select one word to the left

Shift + Home – select the all text of a current line

Shift + Left – select a letter to the right side

Shift+Right- select a letter to right side

Ctrl + Shift + Up – select a line upside

Ctrl + Shift + Down – select one line downside

Shift + End – select the all text of a current line till end

shift+Enter- Move done one line below


Keyboard shortcuts with Alt, ctrl & shift

Ctrl + Shift + v -Paste the chosen text without formatting

Alt + Shift + a – second shortcut to insert a link

Alt + Shift + c – Align center

Alt + Shift + d –  strike through

Alt + Shift +h- For help

Alt + Shift + j – Justify

Alt + Shift + l – Align left

Alt + Shift + m – open media to upload media files or access media gallery

Alt + Shift + o – Starts an ordered list

Alt + Shift +p- for page break

Alt + Shift + q – Creates a quote

Alt + Shift +r – Align right

Alt + Shift + s – Removes a link

Alt + Shift +t – Insert more tags

Alt + Shift + u –  to add number list

Alt + Shift + w – Full screen

Alt + Shift +x- To add/remove tags

Alt + Shift + Z – spread the editor formatting bar

Alt + Shift+1 to 6

Alt + Shift+1- heading 1

Alt + Shift+2- heading 2

Alt + Shift+3-heading 3

Alt + Shift+4-heading 4

Alt + Shift+5-heading 5

Alt + Shift+6- heading 6

Alt + Shift+7- Paragraph



Top 7 Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Are you looking to make videos to upload to Youtube? Do you have content that you need to make video with external device? Now forget to use external device because solution is already in your smartphone. There is a lineup of many powerful and professional app to take screenshots and record the screen. You need to just download the required app to record screen. In previous post on Triople, we have shared an article on Screen Recorder Software for PCS. But now we are going to write about Best 7 Screen recorder apps for Android in Google Play Store. These all are loaded with advanced features to make your video attractive. You can create educational and promotional videos with these apps. You get full control to adjust all features in the apps. Let us start Top 7 Screen Recorders Apps for Android.

AZ Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a very popular app for screen recording, Az Screen Recorder is right choice. The output comes without watermark. You can capture screen without worrying of time limit. It is easy to download and use. There is no requirement of root access in it. You can create Full HD videos with this recorder. You have pause and play button to stop and start during recording. The video automatically saves in your phone gallery. The app is packed with amazing features and control to adjust video resolution, frame rate, screen orientation etc. It allows you to save, delete or share videos. App is available in free and paid both versions. Paid version comes with more features like magic button, overlay front camera, countdown timer, draw on screen, trim videos, live stream and no ads.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is one of the best screen capture apps. You don’t need any root access to record your screen video. It is easy to use. It works on all Android phone with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above versions.  It allows you to record audio along with screen record. You can pause and resume recording. It is lightweight app without ads. It gives you floating control. It is clean and light UI app.  There is in-app video trimmer.

 DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a high quality screen recorder. It allows you to record smooth and very clear videos. It records your screen with quality up to 1080p, 12 Mbps/60fps. It comes with a host of features like screen capture, video editor, video recorder and no root required. You can record video calls, game videos and live show without worry. The app is available in 20 languages. In other features include frame rate, bit rate, many resolution, front facing camera, brush, GIF maker, live creator and many more.. It is free to download and use.  There are different video editing functions in DU Recorder like Trimming, margining, add background music, add subtitle to video, add background pictures and more. Both Free and paid (in app purchase) versions available. In free version, there is watermark in each recorded video.

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is an elegant and professional app to record screen. It is a easy to use. It comes with user friendly interface. There are many amazing editing features in the app. Super Screen Record does not need root access. Good thing that you can record screen without thinking about any time limitation. You get all features free. Created high quality videos are without watermarks. The app contains pause and resume button to control during recording. The app supply quality upto 1080p/60fps. Resoulation, frame and bit rates are available in app. You can use other features like GIF Maker, video editor and Brush too. You can record full HD videos in free. It comes with free and in-app purchases.


It is one of the best screen recorders. There is no time limit and watermark in videos. You can record HD videos with app. RecMe works with both rooted and unrooted devices. There are both versions free and Pro available. In free version, there are limited features and in pro you get more features. In pro version, the additional features are display front/back camera overlay on screen, recording countdown, image overlay and screen drawing.

 Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

This  Screen Recorder is developed by Kimcy929. It allows you to record screen and take screenshot. It is multilingual app. It is available in almost all prime languages of the world like English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. It supports to save video in SD card. You can use facecam while recording. In other features include magic button, Pause, Resume, stop and show time record. You can trim video after recording. The app supports day/night theme. It is easy to download and free to use.

 Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

Mobizen is a very easy to use screen recorder. It allows you to record, capture and edit games and videos. The screen records in full HD. The app supplied highest quality up to 1080p resolution. With most of free features, you can make extremely amazing videos. You can fun with game sound and your voice recording with Facecam. Enhance quality of your output with various video editing features like trim, cut and more. In clean recording mode, you can record video without watermark. The app is free to use. App comes with in-app purchases too.



7 Best Logo Maker and Logo Generator Apps for Android For 2019

1. Logo Maker Plus

Generate logos and designs with hundreds of free customizing and editing tools. Become creative and easily make logo with the app. the app features 3D depth to your logo.

Downloads : Over 10 Million  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.7 (till date of writing)

2. Logo Maker By content Arcade apps

Create you logo with best graphic maker. It is versatile logo design maker. You can create logos, business card, letterheads or trademark for your business.







Downloads : Over 1 Million  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.4+ (till date of writing)

3. Logo Maker Free

Logo Maker is featured with latest logo maker for your business logo. It is very professional app. You can make 3D logos, visiting cards and other business cards. There is a good stock of design in app gallery. It is easy to use and download. You can make logo easily.








Downloads : Over 1 Million  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 3.9 (till date of writing)

4. Logo Generator and Logo Maker

one the best logo maker apps, Logo generator and Logo maker by Light creative Lab. It is a powerful logo design maker app. You can create very creative logos with it. There are more than 2K editable logos, you can customize them as per your needs. You can use professional tools for customization. Amazingly 100+ fonts to choose from. It has professional layer management feature. You can experience professional creativity by use this app.







Downloads : Over 1 Million  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.5 (till date of writing)

5. Logo Maker by Iris Studio

Iris studio has developed very professional and powerful logo maker app for Android. There are thousands of arts, colors, background and textures. This is loaded with effective editing tools to make attractive and professional logos. There is a big collection of stickers, elements, shapes, backgrounds in the app.  You can use all general editing like flip, rotate, 3D rotate, font, color, hue, size and many more. It is very easy to use. This is liked by millions.








Downloads : Over 5 Million  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.7 (till date of writing)

6. Logo Maker-Graphics and Design free logo creator

one the best logo maker app with powerful and professional graphic editing tools. It allows you to make strong branding logo. There is a huge numbers of colorful templates. You can customize easily. There is a lineup of photo stickers. You can add text with multiple fonts and text effects. The app allows you to share logos on social media. It is extremely easy to download and use. There are various categories for logo like Food logos, Game logos, business logos, fashion logos, music logos and many more. The categories are very helpful to choose logo of your business without wasting time and energy. There are professional filters to enhanced colors of logos.








Downloads : Over 1 lac  (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.7 (till date of writing)

7. Logo Maker by Shopify

Hatchful is one of the most liked logo maker apps by the users. You can enjoy professional functionality of the app with hundreds of designed logo. It is a handy app that meets your needs of creative logo. You have to select your industry (Arts, Game, Toys and more). The app provides you options of logos as per that. It makes your choice comfortable. It is easy to use. It is packed with powerful graphic design editing tools. You can customize logo as per your needs. You can change colors, font, size, style, icons and other branding elements of your logo. You can create multiple logos.









Downloads : Over 1 Million (till date of writing)

Average Rating : 4.7 (till date of writing)

7 Best and Free Animation Video Maker Apps for Android and ios

1. Toontasitc 3D

Toontastic 3D is one of the popular and best animation app. It is developed by technology giant Google. It is made for both platforms Android and ios. You can draw and animate your cartoons without more efforts on your phone. It is extremely easy to use. You can make your cartoon videos within a few clicks. It allows you to record your voice and create 3D video. You can store video on your device. There are powerful 3D drawing tools in app. There are 3 story arcs (Short Story, Classic and Science Report) for digital storytelling. You can export your videos to your gallery and share with your friends. So create funny and playful stories with Toontastics 3D.

Installation: 1 Million +

Average Rating: 4.5


2. Animation Desk

Animation desk is among best animation apps for Android and ios. It allows you to create animation and cartoons upon videos. With more than 40 brushes app allows you to make unique creativity. You can save your videos in gallery on your devices.

Installation: over 5 Lac

Average Rating: 3.7


3. I can Animate

Are you looking for slow motion app, I can Animate is perfect solution for your requirement. This is available for both Android and ios users. The app is easy to create animations and it is free to use. You can choose purchase option to enjoy more features of the app. There are all basic editing options in app like copy paste, edit, delete, undo etc.

Installation: over 1 Lac

Average Rating: 3.9


4. Flipclip

One of the popular apps for animation, Flipclip is developed by Visual Blasters. It allows you to create your professional and creative cartoons. It is very interesting and easy to use app. You can create your own cartoons on this app. There are animation timeline, drawing and editing tools. It allows you to share your videos Faceboo, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr.

Installation: over 10 Million

Average Rating: 4.4


5. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is a very popular video maker and GIF maker app. This is available for both Android and iphone users. You can show your creativity by creating cartoons and animation videos. You will feel a good skillful while showing your cartoon videos. It allows you to capture images. You can create beautiful videos with those pics. Some elegant features are frame to frame animations, animated stickers, animation timeline. You can insert, copy your frames. There are advancing drawing and sketching tools in app. The good thing is that it is completely free app. You can enjoy all features without thinking its limitations. It allows you to use multi-layers for complex animations. It gives you control over speed and length of videos. You can record for your videos. You can create you personal Emoji with Emoji me option. You can save your video as GIF and share on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Installation: over 50 Lac

Average Rating: 4.1


6. Animoto

Animoto is a famous app to make fun videos with photos and video clips. It is also available for Android and ios users. It is a slideshow maker app. You can keep your family moments and memories in videos. Choose photos from phone gallery and add music and make amazing animation videos. There is a good lineup of various slideshow styles to choose. You can use these styles in your videos. There are hundred songs in the library to use. You can conveniently send and share your videos via email, message,  Facebook and Twitter.

Installation: over 50 Lac

Average Rating: 4.3


7. GIFMob

GIFMob is a good animation app developed by Photo3DLab. It is for both Android and ios smartphones. You can create animation in easy user interface. You can create stop motion animated GIF with multiple pictures.  You have also got freedom  to make MP4 videos. You can enjoy live preview stop motion. You can enjoy your stop motion videos and also fill fun in your friends ‘s life by sharing these. App is with free and buy options. In paid version, there will be more features. It allows you to save videos in MP4 format. App has contained a camera to capture pictures.

Installation: over 5 Lac

Average Rating: 3.8


7 Best Free Animation Video Makers and Animation Maker Apps for Android

Animation videos are very interesting videos. These are liked by all in the world. As a Youtuber or blogger, creativity in videos is always appreciated by the viewers. If you content is creative and interesting but presentation is average. It will finish the interest of the visitors. To get top views and appreciation of video, both content and presentation should be impressive and effective.

Need of animation in video has been enhanced. You can add extra fun with animation in video. Animation videos are more explanatory than normal. Animated video creators get attention of new visitor quickly and earn money rapidly. Animation video is a power way to display message to people.

Making professional and influential animated videos is skillful and knowledgeable job. You need a training to make such videos. It takes long time to learn all tips and tricks of making animation videos. But technology has improved the way to make videos. You need not to take complex trainings now. You can create videos after reading little tips. In this article of Triople, we are sharing some effective animation tools and animation apps for Android to make interesting animation videos. First we will talk about online tools to make animation videos.

1. Animaker

Animaker is among best animation tools to create videos online. It is professional tools for business and individuals. It is very simple to create videos through Animaker. Animaker tool gives you HD quality animation videos. You can use its features like infographics, 2D videos, handcraft animation, whiteboard animation and more. You can use free version to create animation videos. But free version provides you limited time videos (up to 2 minutes) with limited features. If you buy PRO version, it allows you to make lengthy videos with accessing all features. There are multiple options in PRO version. If you are starting to create cartoon videos, you should go with paid version. There are multiple options in paid version as per requirement of individual and businesses like Personal, business and Startup and free.

2.  Renderforest

Renderforest is a cloud based video maker to create videos for Youtube and blogs. You can make promotional contents and funny videos with Renderforest. You can enjoy 2D animation videos. With hundreds of template, you can easily make videos. This cloud based tool allows you to adjust scenes and change text. You can create funny and interesting animated content. This tool also comes with both versions: free and paid. In free version, you can make limited time videos up to 3 minutes. You are given 500 MB storage. There will watermark on each video in free version. In other limited music tracks, free logos in PNG only. In paid version all these limitations will be removed. You will enjoy other features too. Check paid version plans here: Renderforest Subscriptions

3. Moovly

Moovly is one of the best tools to make videos. There is a big gallery of over 175 million pictures, video clips due to its integration with Shutterstock. You can choose from different templates to make a video. You can make videos online easily. You can make tutorial, training, promotional and education videos. Moovly has free and paid both versions. In free version there are limited features than paid. Check paid subscription here.

4. RawShorts

Rawshorts is very popular animation creator tool for the professional. RawShorts is a powerful animation maker to make cartoon, tutorial and other educational videos. You can enjoy free version of the tool to make such videos. With Pro version, you can benefit the special features of the tools. There are various plans as per needs of the users check here

You can create interesting animation videos with RawShorts. Funny cartoons are liked by everyone and it fills fun in your content. It allows you to direct upload to Youtube. You can create 100MB and 2 minutes long video in free version. RawShorts supports full HD 1080p in paid version. There is good stock of videos and template to use.

5. Animatron

Animator is another best animation maker online. It gives you a chance to make explainer videos, animated banner ads and whiteboard animation. It is very easy to use. You can create HTML5 animations. You will experience amazing and fabulous presentation with this animation maker. This is so professional program that many tech giant have used it . Google, New York Times are among some big names who used this program. It also comes with free and paid versions. Click here to know pricing options You can use royalty free video clips, images and audio from a huge collection of over 5 lacs items. You can create whiteboard style animation.

6. Powtoon

Powtoon is a incredible software to make professional animation videos to win the interest of the people. Powtoon fits to your pocket. It is not costly software. It allows you to use cloud based platform to make animated videos. Powtoon is integrated with  top websites and apps to provide their user best experience. There is big collection of media files for your free use in content. You can select template and graphics to make your video exceptional and unique. For Pro version click here

7. Biteable

Biteable is one of the best animation maker. You can use almost all features in free version. It is fabulous to use. You can create promotional and informational videos in interesting way. You can create slideshow, personal and business videos with incredible HD quality and you can use up to 1GB free storage. In free version, you can create only 5 videos per month. Bitable has both paid and free versions. In Pro (paid) version, you get more features than free. You can access more features to make videos. It allows you to direct upload to Youtube and Facebook. There are over 80 stocks clips in Biteable. Click pricing here.

Now we are compiling a list of Animation video maker apps for Android and ios

  1. Toontastic 3D

  2. Animation Desk

  3. I can Animate

  4. Flipclip

  5. PicsArt Animator

  6. Animoto

  7. GIFMob

check more details about these apps click on these.

Top 7 Logo Generators and Logo Makers Websites and Apps for Android

There is neck to neck competition in the global industry. Innovative and advance ways are helpful to take advantage in the global world. Name and logo of business are always eye-attraction for customers. Logo makes your public presence with graphics and colorful cool design. Logo becomes identity of a brand. Most of you have remembered the logos of precious brands in the world. You know why? Because they are so attractive and lead the name of company.

Where you need logos?

For a business, website, blog, YouTube channel, product brand, blog etc.

Designing a logo from professional can cost from USD 50 to 500.

If you have creativity and you can effort, you can make your logo free of cost. We have complied free logo maker websites where you can create your logo conveniently. Logo is visual identity of your brand. Here are some logo generators and makers to fulfill your logo dream. It also increases your confidence as a creative person.  These logo makers are so classified; most of them have included categories of business. It means you can choose as per category of your business (agriculture, technology, finance etc.) Let’s start.

1. Canva





Canva is a big name in logo making. Canva provide offer free and paid templates for social media images, business cards, flyer and many more… there is a variety of effective and impressive lineup of free and paid templates with logo options. You can create your business card, letterheads and logo with use of Canva. You can work after choosing any free template, you can customize (color, font, size and others) template as per your choices and make a catchy logo yourself. Canva allows you to choose free graphics from its library. You can design result in form of PDF, JPG and PNG.

2. Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator






Hatchful Shopify is among top and best free logo makers. Hatchful shopify is an impressive logo maker that allows you to create good designs. You can simply use it and customize your logo as per your choices. You have options to select visual style even after choosing business name and tagline. There are a range of logos to select from. You can choose the logo that fits your requirements. You can create logos within a few seconds. You need not to learn any complicated techniques to work here. The magic ends within a few clicks. You get interesting and attractive logos for your businesses. Hatchful has prodigious stock imagery and a big and vast library of options.








Uccraft logo maker is a free app. It allows you to create logos easily with different prompts that come up on screen. You can create cartoonish style logos. You can download logos in PNG format after create them.

4. Free Logo Services








If you want to create logos of your business, Free Logo Services is amazing for you. It comes with hundreds of templates that can be saved in cloud for free. It has many impressive options to clarify your business to create logo. First start with options of industry to choose from, then text you enter and then you can customize the color, font, layout, badge, icon. Is it easy? Yes, it is very popular logo maker. You can generate your business card with your logo.

5. Graphic Springs






With a big number of templates, Graphic Springs also places well among other logo makers. It provides you freedom to choose from a wide list of multiple categories of templates. You can complete process of logo making in some clicks. Like type your business name-tagline-select image category-choose logo and customize it easily. You can be more creative with shapes, symbols and logo designs. Although it is free to use. But you can buy PRO version by paying USD 19.99. You get ease to download your logo in PNG, JOG and SVG formats.

6. Hipster







The Hipster Logo Generator was originated after hipster moment. You can create logo with hipster style. It is a perfect and very useful logo generator for your business. It is very easy to use. It is free logo maker. You can create logos without any hard experience of designing.

7. Designmatic







With lot of options of logo styles, colors and fonts, Diesignmatic Free logo maker is just awesome. After typing your business name, you will get a surprising list of 30 industry categories to select from. You can choose your preferred logo and then customize it. Generating logo with Designmatic is completely free, but downloading of logo is chargeable. You can create high quality logo with Designmatic. The site have limited downloads.

Here are a list of Logo maker apps for Android:

  1. Logo Maker Plus

  2. Logo Maker by Content Arcade Apps

  3. Logo Maker Free

  4. Logo Generator and Logo Maker

  5. Logo Maker by Iris Studio

  6. Logo Maker –Graphics and Design free logo creator

  7. Logo Maker by Shopify

How to Upload a Video to Youtube-Know all steps!!

Youtube is the most popular video streaming website in the world. It is boundless wonderland of entertaining and useful content. Youtube is not only a source of information but it has become important part of mass media. After emerge of smarphones, use of Youtube has surprising increased. You can watch comedy, Vlog, music, movies, sports, rhymes, songs, scientific information, political information and many more..Youtube is one of the biggest platforms for businesses to showcase their latest products and technologies. Advertisement of Youtube is seen by billions of people per day. So it is a robust platform of promotion for businesses, campaigns, products and initiatives.

If you are not using youtube, you are at right place. In Triople, there are many posts on Youtube only. You can get full information about use of Youtube. In this article, we will share information about how to upload a video to  Youtube. If you want to know, stay with us.

We assume that you have Google account. If you have no Gmail id (Google account). Kindly create your Gmail account by following steps given in our post. Now the real process of uploading starts. Here are some steps to upload a video on Youtube.

1. Sign in your Youtube Account with your Gmail id

You will not able to upload a video if you don’t sign in Youtube. Simply sign in your Youtube account by using your gmail id. Write email id in id field and password in password field. Then click on sing in button.

2. Upload Button


Second step is click on upload button.  To upload a video, click on upload (movie button) button located on right top of the website.  It will take you on upload page.

3. Choose Video and Settings

Next step is to select video source. The upload page gives you to choose different options of settings. You can set privacy settings as you want. There are four settings: Public, Private, Unlisted and Scheduled. Public settings allow other to watch your video after upload.  While you use private settings, it allows only you to watch your video privately. Unlisted means people who have link to video can watch it. In Schedule settings you can choose your date and time to public your video.

4. Manage Upload content (Title, Description and Tags)

Next step is to manage upload content. After upload a video, you have to give it identity. People can know what video is about. There are three parts of managing area. First is Title where you have to write name of video (what video is about). Title should be compact and effective. Viewers should know about video content by reading title of video.

Second field is description, in this field you can describe about your video in given limitation of words. It makes your video sensible. Wording of description should clearly indicate the content of video. You can add keywords in description too. It will increase presence of your videos on Youtube. If you use 3-4 effective keywords with Hashtag (#), you will experience sea change in search of your video. It is my personal experience. I have also a Youtube channel where I have 5700+ subscribers and 2M+ views. I have uploaded near 300 videos.

Third field is tags. Add tags related to your videos. Avoid adding long tags. Tags will clearly indicate the ideas of video.

5. Choose a Catchy Thumbnail

If you have not verified youtube account, you can’t upload Thumbnai. If you have verified account, you can show your creativity by making attractive thumbnail. Thumbnail should have an effective picture and words that direct towards subject of video. You can create thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop. If you have no verified Youtube account while uploading and processing of a video, you will have a selection of 3 thumbnails from video to choose from. Choose your thumbnail and done or publish to set it.

6. Check your published video




Now your video is available publicly. It has its own URL, where viewers can watch,share, comment, like and dislike it. From video’s page, you can access settings, annotations, enhancement and other features. You can check analytics of your video. You can manage it by visiting in video manager of your channel too. You can publicize your video by submitting your video url on top social networking sites (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.) You can increase traffic on your Youtube channel by using annotation, requesting people to subscribe your channel.