What is Python and online Python tutorial websites for Beginners

The technology you select to study is very important and deciding factor of your career. A wrong decision can lead to pile of troubles instead of getting good salaried job. In this post, we will discuss about Python language, which has become very popular nowadays. If you choose to learn this language, it can make your future bright.

Python was developed 40 years ago. There are thousands of software and sites based on this technology. All the benefits of learning language make it very popular. The multinational companies are hiring python programmers. This will be a bright future for you if you learn this language.

What is Python?

In simple words, Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics; it is used to developed applications. It is high-level programming language. Its built in high level data structures with dynamic typing and binding make it extremely impressive. It is used as a scripting to connect existing components together.

Python is a simple, general-purpose, easy to learn, versatile and popular programming language. It is easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability. It cut the cost of program maintenance. It is amazing as a first language because it is concise and simple to read. It supports modules and packages that lead program modularity and reuse of code. It is ideal language to have in a programmer’s stack because it has multiple uses from web development to software development.  The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form free of cost for all main platforms, and can be distributed without any charge. Python is free and open source language. Developers need not to pay any charges to use it. They can share and copy it. This feature has made Python a very ambient and popular language for developers.

It is a minimalist language.After used once, programmers love it due to enhancement in productivity it gives. There are no complicated steps; edit-test-debug cycle is undoubtedly quick. Debugging program is simple; a bug input will not cause a segmentation error. On the other hand, often the fastest way to debug a program is to add some print statements to the source: the fast edit-test-debug cycle makes this easy approach very impressive. When issue occurs, developer needs not to check language and syntax, he can focus only on issue.

How Python is different from other programming languages

We will compare Python with other languages. We will let you know how Python is better than other languages. We will compare with other languages one by one.

Python Vs PHP

Feature Python PHP
Popularity very popular programming language.  very popular programming language.
Hardness  easy to learn.  hard to learn.
Frameworks Python has a number of frameworks A few frameworks
Adoption trend It is growing 20% every year It is losing its traction year per year.
Use cases It is versatile language, it is used in web development, software development and scientific application development etc. It is ideal programming language for web development.
Status It is getting popularity due to its simplicity of use. It is not gaining popularity as Python.
Community and Support Python Software Development Foundation is supporting. It has huge community and amazing support system. PHP is an open source. It has large community but not big as Python has.
Fame (Major Sites) There are various big sites have been developed in Python.

You can count some names like Quora, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Survey Monkey, Bitly, Reddit and Dropbox.

Some big website which have been developed in PHP programming are: Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia, Flickr & Facebook.


Python Vs Java

Feature Python Java
Learn Easy to learn Hard to learn
Compatibility with OS  Yes Yes
Cross Platform apps No Yes
Network based app No Yes
Verbosity Concise Verbose
Performance Interpreted, slow faster
Typing Dynamically typed Statically typed
Ideal for Data science, Machine learning Cross platform and embedded applications

Python Vs C#


Feature Python C#
Learn Easy Hard
Environment to script Any Only in IDE
Libraries A lot of libraries A few libraries
Performance  Low performance High  performance

List of Online Python Tutorial websites for beginners

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