Gurmukhi Font (Punjabi) to Unicode Font Converter

Punjabi is widely spoken and written language. It has spread all over the world where Punjabi people live. It was language of Punjab but now spoken in various countries of the world like Pakistan, Canada, America etc. 130 million people in the universe communicate in Punjabi. It is 10th most spoken language in the world. It is an Ando-Aryan language. There are two types of Punjabi Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi. Gurmukhi is Indian Punjabi and Shahmukhi is spoken in Pakistan. Gurmukhi is used by Punjabi Sikhs and Shahmukhi is used by Punjabi Muslims.

In this post we are discussing about various Punjabi font converter. As you know that Unicode is universal font of each language. Same in Punjabi, Unicode can be written any where in any device. It is visible in every device without requirement of any device or software. There are many reasons people like to type in Unicode. Whereas for desktop publishing other fonts are more useful. That’s why people need to type both types of fonts. Sometimes written in other fonts need to convert in Unicode or vice versa. If content is not worth to edit then retyping is only option. But if content is editable then converter may prove best alternate. So here we have compile a list of various tools that can help you to converter your content into other required font. This conversion will not only save you time but your efforts and cost too. Let’s talk without delay:

  1. Punjabi Font Converter 

This is most popular converter site on the web. Punjabi aglsoft provides conversion of 11 fonts. In 11 most of them are very useful and famous font to convert. Some of them are Gurmukhi, Gurbani Lipi, Akhar, DRchatrikWeb, Satluj, Punjabi and Joy to convert into Unicode and vice versa. Daily near 7000 visitors [as per] on this website to avail its conversion services.

2. Gurmukhi Font Converter

This is another amazing converter tool. You will bewilder to know that more than 150 Punjabi Fonts are converted into each other by this tool. This website covers various important font conversion. The famous fonts available to convert are Gurmukhi, AnmolLipi, Satluj, Savi, AmrLipi, Punjabi, Amrit, Akhar, AnmolKalmi, Samtol,Seerat, SriAngad,GurbaniLipi into Unicode and vice versa.

3. Sikh Siyasat

Sikh Siyasat is also popular converter website. Here you can find a few prominent font to convert into Unicode and vice versa. These are AnmolLipi, AnmolUni, DRchatrik, Awaze, Satluj, Asees, Joy, GurbaniLipi, GumukhiLys020 that can be converted into Unicode and vice versa.

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