10 Things you should never search on Google

If you are internet savvy, this is approximately impossible that you don’t search on Google in a week. Google is the only search engine on the web that gives you immense solutions on a single search quickly. Google is great help in finding things. Google is a gigantic search engine. You can’t image how it works. There are multiple scripts working behind its search. Anyways, today we are discussing about 10 things that you should avoid to search on Google. Now, a doubt in your mind, Why? See these 10 things are not allowed to search on Google. If you search these things, you may put yourself in troubles. If you search these things, kindly stop yourself.  Your protection is important to us. So don’t ignore this information. Let us start those things that you should not find in Google.

  1. Crime related things

Searching crime related things on Google is a serious task. You should not try to search regarding weapons. As a part of your interest, you may search “How to make bomb.” My dear, stop such searching. Control over your curiosity, this can put you in danger. Remember, these types of searches are on radar of Security and Drug Control Services and Your IP address may appear in their database. Then Police can arrest you immediately. These types of searches may be considered related with terrorism.

  1. Symptoms

We talk about health problems. Many websites are available to provide you content and most of them are not managed by doctors. Looking for symptoms on the web will surely not helpful for you. So don’t search symptoms of diseases on the internet. If you are seriously ill, see your doctor please

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a situation where you less know, you will better sleep. There are many diseases having common symptoms. You may think that perhaps you have cancer and it can scare you.

  1. Deadly Animals

Be conscious, keep a distance from such list, otherwise a fear will develop in you. There are various deadly and dangerous animals on our earth. Some of these terrify animals may live in jungle of your area. It will create a phobia that will discourage you to go outside.

  1. Your name

It is common thing that in age of modern technology our privacy and security is in question. If you search your name on Google, you may get your unpleasant photos, old information etc.  It may hurt you badly. If you intend to remove them, you can’t because of loosing credentials of that one.

  1. Fournier

The nickname of Orlando Magic NBA player Evan Fournier is “Never Google” and this is a reason.

  1. Your Email-Address

It can be best experience to watch what you are linked to online. But this can be a bad experience too. Avoid to Google, your email address.

  1. Nikki Catsouras Death Photos

In 2006, 18 years old girl, Nikki Catsouras had died in a car accident in Lake Forest, California. She was driving her father’s car and she lost control of the vehicle and crashed with a toll booth. The result of the crash was horrendous that Catsouras’s parents were not asked to confirm her identity, but as per protocol, photographs of the scene were taken. California Highway Patrol Officers accepted about leak of her photographs on internet by emailing them to friends. Despite many efforts to remove them, Catsouras crash scene photos are easily available on net today. This is little complicated case, hope you will not Google them.

  1. Jiggers

Jiggers are a type of insect that is found in most tropical nations. They are just 1 mm in size and very harmful. They can collectively tunnel into people‘s feet. They regularly lay eggs there for 14 days. It makes feet swell. The condition is called Tungiasis.

  1. Pictures and Videos of Birth

Are you curious to know how you were born? Probably you may lose your consciousness. You will be more respectful towards your mom. However, you should not google picture and videos of birth.






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