7 Best Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android for Hindi Typing

Hindi language is an official language of India. Hindi is very popular in other countries too. Hindi is first language for 425 million people and second language for over 100 million people. 40% people of India speak Hindi language. Hindi is spoken by population of 13 countries; India is on top among these. Other countries are  Nepal, US, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, Uganda, Suriname, UK, Newzealand, Germany, UAE, Trinidad and Tobago and Singapore.

Presently the popularity of Hindi typing is increasing exponentially. All People don’t use PC for Hindi typing. Smarphone is loaded with lot of Hindi Keyboard apps developed by various IT and Software companies. The apps are available on both platforms Andorid and IOS. With the help of any Hindi keyboard app, you can type in Hindi instantly. Nowadays networking sites are prevalent among smarphone users. You can quickly type message for Whatsapp or SMS. You can post comments on posts/videos of your friends and relative Social Media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. You can talk with people in Hindi on chat messenger like Skype, Whatsapp, Gtalk. You will use the app very easily and without more efforts. Here we have compiled a list of Hindi Keyboard for Android. There are numerous apps for Hindi typing for Android operating system in Google Play Store. We will talk about Hindi Keyboard Software to download for PC in our next post. Enjoy Hindi typing on your phone now. So following are Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android.

1. Desh Keyboard

Desh Hindi Keyboard is English to Hindi keyboard app that allows you to type Hindi faster. You can find Hindi letters by typing in English. There is Hindi emoji keyboard. You can easily text or message on your phone. It saves your time in handwriting input.

2. Hindi Keyboard

With Hindi keyboard app, you can use all Hindi alphabets, letters and words very quickly with no hard work.

3. Hindi Keyboard-Roman English to Hindi Input Method

This is another popular Hindi keyboard for Android. Hindi Keyboard is a simple keyboard that have English letter keyboard layout with various Hindi typing keyboard themes and size.

4. Tej Hindi Keyboard

It is very simple keyboard that works on phonetics. It is a phonetic keyboard designed for the Hindi users who like to type in Hindi. You need to just press English letters to type in Hindi. You can type words in your own language. You will learn to type in Hindi in no time because of its phonetic structure.

5. Hindi Keyboard by My keyboard app

Hindi keyboard is a handy app that you can use to type in Hindi. It is loaded with various catchy themes. It is fully customized keyboard app. The keyboard is designed in different awesome themes. You can select your theme that you like most. You can even set your own photo in keyboard background.

6. EazyType Hindi Keyboard Emoji & Stickers Gifs

EazyType Keyboard is one of the best Hindi keyboard apps that provides the option to type Emoji icons in your message like on Whatsapp, Facebook chatting or texting SMS. This is a delicate keyboard to type Hindi on your Phone. It allows you to type easily in any app. The interesting thing is that you can write blogs in Hindi in your browser online.

7. Easy Hindi Typing – English to Hindi Keyboard 2018

Easy Hindi keyboard typing 2019 is a special keyboard for the Hindi lovers. It provides easy environment to type in Hindi for them. You can feel the best chatting experience on messenger with this keyboard. The keyboard change roman words into Hindi. There is a good collection of themes on keyboard, you can choose your own. It gives you option to buy themes too.

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