What is eBook and Top online E-book Stores

Modern age is progressing towards success because of internet revolution. World has been closer now. You can talk and even see your relative from thousand miles only due to internet age. Once there was a time when you needed to maintain a book shelf or library like shelves to keep your favorite books along with you at home. Now your smartphone or your pc does the same job. You need not to maintain a space for your book collection. Now e-book era has begun.

E-book is short form of Electronic book. In simple words the book published in electronic format for quick access is called e-book. You can download it from internet. The book can be read on smarphone, computer, e-reader(Amazon Kindle) and tablet. An eBook can be published in various file formats, for eg, PDF, Rich Text Format, plain text, images and more. Amazon is considered one the biggest e-book store on the web. Amazon once announced that e-books are selling more than paper books.

There are different stores (website) where you can freely download e-books:

Google Books – Google Books is a service operated by Google. You can find thousands of free and paid books and magazines there.

Project Gutenberg:-  Project Gutenberg is another popular e-book website. Here you can search book of your choice from collection of 15000+ free e-books. You can read books both online and offline.

O’Reilly Open Books – O’Reilly is one of the most popular and trusted computer book publisher. O’Reilly has extensive collection of computer and technical books.

Wikibooks – Wikibooks are extremely popular on the web. There is incomparable service by Wikimedia in creating books that are editable and created by anyone.

Bookboon – Bookboon has several business, travel and school text books. Most of e-books are in PDF format.

25 Free Computer Science Books – The site has free available computer science e-books.

FreeTechBooks – Freetechbooks has amazing collection of thousands of technology related e-books like computer and programming. There are hundreds of maths, artificial intelligence related books available there.

Freebooks4doctors– Freebooks4Doctors has stunning collection of free medical books. If you want to read medical books you can visit this website.

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