10 Useful Robots that have simplified human works!

Robot is a machine like a human. It is programmable machine which carries a series of human movements and actions/functions automatically. The control of robots can be done externally by a control device or control may be predefined in it. Robots can be prepared resembling a human, but particular focus is on working not on look.

Thousands of robots are made by human. Robots are helping man in their works very much. Robot is a machine which never feels fatigue, never stops and works with more accuracy. South Korea is a leading the world with 631 robots. After It, Singapore (488), Germany (309) and Japan (303) are in row.


In this post, we are talking about top 7 useful robots for human. We have rounded up real life robots to help human in the world. These robots have made the human life easier. Some high tech companies have developed some meaningful robots to ease your life. You can enjoy whole day outside from home, robots can handle your daily chores. The robots may be future of the world. We will discuss about their features and their manufacturers.

Robomow RS630 (Lawnmower   Robot):

If you are searching for a perfect machine to cut grass of your lawn, Rombomow RS630 is a perfect device to keep your lawn clean. Developed by  Isareal based company Udi Peless and Shai Abramson,  Rombomow RS630 has become a very popular lawnmower machine in Europe and USA. You need not to worry about growing grass. Rombomow RS630 will give you solutions for all these problems. 44 pound plastic machine can move 20 degree slopes. It has capability to cut 0.78 inches long grass. Robomow is so smart; it leaves wet grass without cut until it dries. It has weatherproof design. You can check here about where to buy.

Gita Bot

It will be amazing experience if your goods are carried by some other while shopping. Gita Bot can be your permanent assistant to carry your goods. A Boston based startup company Piaggio Fast Forward has developed a robot named Gita Bot. Gita Bot is two-wheeled cargo carrying device. It was created in 2017. Gita bot follows you when you are outside the home and going to work. This robot can carry up to 40 pounds weight. You can enjoy shopping on feet, Gita bot will carry solve your worries of carrying bag and goods. watch following video to see its working.

Braava Jet Robotic Mop

Clean your home with support of braava Jet Robotic Mop. It removes messes of floor with little efforts. Braava Jet Robotic Mop can handle every dirt, grease and grime. The robotic mop works fine to mop your home. It gives a good shine to your floors. Just tap on it, it start scrub and shine your home floors. It works on various types of floors perfectly. This robot has been developed by Irobot. Irobot has developed many devices regarding cleanliness.  Some of them are Roomba Vacuuming robot, Roomba 980 robot vacuum. Here you can watch this video to ensure its working. To buy this robotic mop click here.


Romeo is a research platform project led by Softbank Robotics. It is 140 cm tall humanoid sized robot that has designed and created to help elderly and those who lose their own autonomy. Romeo works like a caregiver. Romeo can open doors, climb stairs, reach objects on a table and handle care duties. Romeo supports dependent persons. This clever bot shall prove very helpful for elders in their homes.

 RC 4WD Snow Blower Robot

SuperDroid has manufactured a superb robotic machine to blow snow. It has helped people to get rid of shoveling the snow. This robot is a powerful machine with 2 135-rpm electric wheelchair motors that move the wheels of machine. This robotic machine has sufficient power to effectively work in deep snow. The robust 208cc engine has immense power to remove snow. This robot can clear 2 feet wide path and throw snow up to 40 feet. You can clear your path easily. No need to do hard chores to remove snow, just press button of RC 4WD Snow Blower Robot and enjoy the magic. It comes with remote start/stop system and optional Wi-Fi controller. Remote start/stop system reduces your access to machine. You can start/stop it from safe distance. watch working of the robot in following video. buy it from here.


Looj 330- Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot is committed to develop efficient robotic machines to clean your inside and outside area of home. So Looj 330 is another milestone by iRobot in the world of technology. Looj 330 has made gutter cleaning works easy. No need to do hard efforts to clean gutter, easy solution is Looj 330. This hefty and solid device scrubs and cleans your gutter area with a press of start button only. Looj 330 removes leaves, dirt and clogs with brushing gutters.  It is a miracle in technology, Looj 330 works with high-velocity, 4 stage auger and clean mode. The interesting thing, Looj 330 enters in your gutter on its own; it works with its sensors and recognizes debris and provides high quality cleaning. How it works? Watch video to know about its working. Buy from here.


A humanoid like robot, Sophia is capable of holding conversation. Sophia was shown in various interviews. The robot was created by founder of Hanson Robotics, David Hanson. David is known for developing human like robots. Sophia had also an appearance in Jimmy Fallon Show. Sophia was made to look like Audrey Hepburn. Sophia was given official citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It is first robot in the history to recognize with citizenship. This robot was given title “Innovation Champion” by United Nations. Watch below video, Sophia and Jimmy in an interview. Jimmy asks and Sophia answers quickly without stopping. Sophia gave interesting information about her. Watch start from 4:46 minutes. Conversation is very interesting. Sophia sings a song with Jimmy.

Starship Technologies

Imagine, what happens if a robot deliver parcel and post? Imagination may be fabulous. But this is true now. Starship Technologies is a USA based company which develop self-driving robotics delivery vehicles. Starship Technologies have developed a  robot to deliver parcels and post within 2 miles periphery quickly. This self-driving delivery bot runs on wheels. This wheeled bot is unique in short range delivery. Watch video, how accurately this robot delivers foods and parcels.

LG Rolling Bot

Are you worried about safety of your home and belongings? LG Rolling Bot may remove your all worries. LG Rolling Bot is a mobile camera; it can roll around your home capturing images and videos. LG has developed this bot to use as a security monitoring device for a home. The bot is compatible to smarphone. It can be connected with Wi-Fi. When you are outside, you can watch live streaming through phone.

Genibo QD

Genibo QD is autonomous pet robot. It is cool gadget for those who do not love living dogs. This robot concept similar to Sony‘s ERS-7 Aibo. Dog is considered a loyal pet to its owner, but due to busy schedule in lives, people have no time to walk and care dogs. This robot may be useful and helpful for such persons. This robot can recognize itself and surrounding through its sensors, camera and voice commands. Surprising fact about this robotic dog, this can share its feeling with users. Genibo can understand 100 voice commands like sit, stand up, come here etc. You feel like real dog when you interact with this robot, its mood also changes as per interaction. You can experience various moods of dog like anger, happiness, sadness, pleasure, surprise, boredom etc. The robot was developed by Korean company Dasarobot. This dog robot uses nose mounted camera and loaded software to identify its user’s face. Watch video to know more about it.

Fire Fighting Robot

Wei’s Technology PTY Ltd. has developed an explosion proof fire fighting and scouting robot. It is very useful to extinguish the fire in factory, warehouses and explosive environment. It can be remotely controlled up to 3 kilometers in line of site. The robot works through heat eye detection. The heat eye detection has contained infrared thermal imaging to track the source of heat. It will beneficial to save lives of firefighters in event of fire in petrochemical industries, gas and fuel. These all petrochemical and gaseous conditions are very harmful for human beings.  Robot can work in all types of areas. The machine has robust structure and strong climbing and moving capacity. The load capacity of robot is amazing. It can carry load of 2 persons on plain surfaces and one person load on ramp and up-down surfaces. This fire fighting bot works effectively without any hurdle. Let’s watch the video.

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