How to increase traffic on a new website?

SEO means Search Engine optimization. It is like a journey that takes times and hard work but result is fruitful and surprising. With little efforts, you can get better, but you should know what to do exactly. As a newbie, you should read various techniques and information about SEO. You can get good guidance on internet. There are different techniques, as a beginner, you may find it difficult. In this post, Triople team will try to guide you about exact steps for a new website. If you have never done SEO work, you can still get idea how to do it. These are some quick steps for SEO. We are sure if you will follow these steps, you will get amazing results. Let’s start:

Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile is the order of the day. Almost all people use internet on their smarphones most of time. No doubt in this matter, millions of people are using smartphone to know information. You should focus on mobile friendly website. More than 70% searches on Google come from mobile phones. If you make your website mobile friendly, it will work. It will helpful to increase ranking in search.

Update Your Social site pages and groups Regularly

This is very common and very popular platform. Social websites are considered way to boost traffic on website. Regularly update your social pages. The social pages are effective way to promotion of brand. You can find a good number of people engaged there. Engage with them, chat with them and share your latest information. Update people with your modern products. Social networking sites are helpful to improve ranking of your website. Never miss chance to make and update social pages [like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc.].

Use of Twitter in website promotion?

Make your Twitter account with same business name as you used in your website. Post tweets related your business. Update twitter with latest tweets on your new products. Retweet others posts. Follow relevant accounts. Regularly use it. You can visit Triople Twitter page.

Use of Facebook and Instagram in website promotion

Make your Facebook page with same business name as you used in your website. Regularly post the information about products on Facebook and try to increase visitors there. It will promote your brand and also attract traffic to your website. You can watch Triople page on Facebook.

How Whatsapp is useful in website promotion?

On Local basis, you can create a Whatsapp group for your Business and add your regular customer to update them about your product. Ask them to visit on your website too.

Use Google My Business

Being the biggest search engine in the world, Google has been continuously adding new features to make search feasible and easy for people. Google always focus on simplicity of work. Why don’t you try Google My Business, if your target visitors are from your local area? Google My Business may boost your SEO and attract lot of visitors for you site. Your site will come in local search.

Importance of on Page SEO

On Page SEO is also a significant step for you website. It helps to optimize your website. It also assists to make your site search engine friendly. Proper Title, Meta tag, description, keywords are very important for a new website. Whether, it is not deciding factor, but it make good impression of your website.

Linkbuilding and Backlinks

This is integral part of SEO. It comes under off page seo. You have to create links for your website. You have to access other website and create link there for your website. Never go behind quantity of links. Quality always matters everywhere. One quality backlink is equal to many common backlinks. Always try to create backlink on popular platform. Your site will easily under search after some time. You can read other off page Seo technique here.

SEO is not one day wonder. It is continuous effort that will give result after a time. The other determining factors (like design, content, presentation, keywords and search engine algorithm etc.) are also responsible for your page ranking in search engine top pages.  Don’t forget to submit your website url on all popular search engines. How? Read Triople post How to submit website url on search engine.

I am sure these tips will definitely help you to start SEO on a new website. You can read my article on SEO and SEO techniques.

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