Top 7 Free File transfer apps for Android

Previous times, mobile users were using Bluetooth to transfer the audio, video and data files.  Bluetooth has become old  technology. Bluetooth was ideal to transfer small size data. But it was taking more time while transfer of movies and other video files. Transferring files without consuming time and in secure way was a big problem. But the new technology has drastically changed. After introduction of Android smartphones, your time saving and bulk data transfer apps are also available on this platform. These apps not only transfer your files but save your time too. These are very quick in transferring the data files. You can move multiple large files within no time and securely. There are numerous file transfer apps for android in Google Play Store. But we have picked up handy and easy file transfer apps for Android. These are reliable and rapid in working. Some of them are very popular, you may know about them. But these 7 are best in performance and appreciated by various users. So Here is a list of 7 Best file transfer apps for Android.

1. 4 Share Apps

4 Share Apps is another good file transfer app for Android. You can rapidly move files to your friends. It allows you to share files between Android platforms. You can connect app with another device through scanning QR Code. App speed goes up to 20 M/S. It allows you to share all types of files. You need not to check data speed, internet. You don’t require USB to transfer data.  4 Share Apps supports more than 31 languages. Over 1 Lacs ratings and average rating was 4.3 for the app to date.

2. Shareit

Shareit is most popular app among smartphone users in the world. As its name is very catchy and clearly denotes its work.  With fastest cross platform transfer, Shareit is good sharing app. It is lightweight app that works on mobile and Windows OS PCs. You can transfer files between mobile to desktops too. It works on Wi-Fi. Shareit uses webshare feature that allows you to receive and send files from a webpage. You can transfer big files within moments. It supports transfer of approximately all types of files like music, video and PDF files. Shareit have also 200X more speed than Bluetooth. You may enjoy highest speed of 20M/S. Shareit app has over 1 million ratings. Average of ratings is 4.6 to date.

3.Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another famous file transfer app for Android. You can transfer files with Wi-Fi Direct even in unavailability of data or internet. It works on permission only. You have to use QR code or 6 digit numeric code generated by the app to receive a file. User can upload maximum 50GB files in one time. User can share files to multiple people at once through a link.

4. Xender

Xender is one of the pioneer apps for file transfer. You can send photos, music, movies and other data files to your friend/family member within a few clicks. Xender helps to share all types of files anytime and anywhere. Surprisingly 200X fast speed than Bluetooth, transfers your files like rocket speed. The app is available in 20 languages. Xender transfer over 200 million every day. Xender is compatible for IOS, Android, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transfer. Xender is Wi-Fi transfer master. Xender promises you no ads.

5. AirDroid

Developed by Sand Studio, AirDroid is one of the most popular app for Android in Google Play Store. Packed with lot of praiseworthy features, AirDroid supports transfers of all types of files on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile device. The app gives you freedom to use and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac  and Linux, wirelessly and without rooting. App provides you secure screen sharing. It allows you to manage messages and contact stored on your phone. It supports backup photos and videos from your phone to desktop. There were more than 5 Lacs ratings and average rating was 4.5 to date.

6. Superbeam

Superbeam allows you to share files in easiest and quickest way. You can share files between two Android devices through WiFi Direct. You can be paired devices through scanning QR code, NFC or manual sharing key. It allows to share devices through web interface those don’t have Superbeam. It supports all kinds of files. It allows keeping history of your all transfer activities. Whereas Superbeam app is free to download and use. But you can upgrade with PRO version by paying required amount. PRO version is with some extra features like no ads, change default save location to any available storage, receive using manual sharing keys, share files with multiple devices, moving unlimited files through web interface and no limits of history record and many more. App has more than 2 lacs rating and average rating was 4.3 to date.

7. Zapya

Zapya has million subscribers and it allows you to share files without internet too. One of the fastest sharing apps Zapya gives you freedom to share files cross platforms. The app allows you to share files from PCs, Android phones, iphones without use of mobile data connect and WiFi. The app is free to download and use. With Zapya, you can create group and invite your friends to join it. It allows you to chat with your friends. You can literally chat and transfer files to your friends. It supports more than 20 languages. Zapya is simplest to use. It also allows you to share files using QR codes. Zapya supports Android (versions 4.0 to 9.0), iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, and Web browser. Zapya had more than 4 Lacs ratings and average rating was amazing 4.6 to date.


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