Best 7 WordPress Cache Plugins for 2019-augment your WP site speed

Today’s era is very speedy. Slow items are ignored easily. We can name speedy network to internet. If run a site with excess load time, it can restrict your traffic. Less than 5 seconds is considered ideal load time for a site. Excess loading can decrease site Google Rank and overall performance of a site.

There are several processes to optimize a website for speed. Your selection of WordPress hosting determines the speed of your website. Most of hosting plans is packed with in-built cache features. But you need to pay extra attention to speed up your site. You can do this job by installing WordPress Clear Cache plugin.

In this post, you will discover top 7 WordPress Cache Plugins to speed up your website. You will find features, comparison, and evaluation of each plugin. You can choose on basis of various factors like heavy number of installations, number of reviews and as per your budget (in case paid plugin). I hope that it will help you to take a sigh of relief with fast speed. It will help to save your visitors worldwide. Bounce rate will low. Your site will in search on all search engines. Definitely, your site will get rank on all prime search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

  1. W3 Total Cache

With more than 1million active downloads, W3 Total Cache is one among most downloaded cache plugins. It is a free caching plugin with various customization options. You can tailor cache solution to your specifications. It cuts loading time tremendously. It supports content delivery networks. W3 Total Cache use file minification and GZIP compression.You can extend the functionality of plugin by taking premium extensions.


  • Extensive customization selections
  • Supports minification and GZIP
  • Object caching
  • CDN Support
  • Database caching
  • Browse caching
  1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one of the best caching plugin for WordPress with more than 2 million downloads. It is free for every website owner. It is easy in installing and setup. A few settings are for advanced users.


  • Cache preload
  • serves static html files
  • cached file can serve many times.
  • Supports multiple cache files like PHP, Legacy.
  • Supports CDN
  1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket comes with amazing features that speed up your websites in no times. It is considered top most amount WordPress cache plugins. All features with user friendly interface. It is packed with unique features. WP Rocket can solve your website loading problem, It includes optimization extra features. You need not to take help of other optimization and cache plugins with it.  It includes all powerful features to optimize speed. It is not free. It is a premium plugin. You have to pay for it. To know more visit here: WP Rocket


  • CDN integration
  • Static file compression
  • Cache pre-load
  • User-friendly interface
  • Page caching
  • Developer friendly
  • Minify CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Minimal configuration
  • Direct Cloudflare integration
  1.   WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress caching plugin meets all worthy requirements of a user.  Makers of the plugin declared it simplest and fastest WP cache plugin.  WP Fastest cache is simple to set up and easy to use. Having more than 3 Lacs downloads; this plugin caters best browsing experience to users. WP Fastest Cache comes with both versions: free and premium. Premium version is with extra features.


  • Supports CDN
  • Supports SSL
  • Cache timeout for specific pages
  • Minify CSS and HTML
  • Cloudfare support
  • Supports Mod_Rewrite method
  • Cache file deletion after publishing of a page or post
  • Blocks cache for particular page/post with short code
  • Easy setup
  1. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler has been developed by KeyCDN. It is awesome plugin. Cache Enabler is light plugin. It is easy to setup. You can access various options with this plugin like, minifaction setup and set cache expiry time. Having more than 60000 downloads, It is great caching plugin. It creates static html files and stores them on server’s disk. It is free to download.


  • Superb disk cache engine
  • Both automated or manual cache clearing options
  • Actual size display in your dashboard
  • Minification of html feature
  • Web support
  • Inline JavaScript
  • Supports WordPress multisite
  1. WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify combines JS, HTML and CSS files to compress them and it increases site loading speed. After activation, you can experience source of HTML inline Java and CSS are compressed. Size will smaller and help to load page fast. Plugin have already more than 20,000 downloads. It is free to use.


  • It comes with option to enable/disable compression of CSS/JavaScript
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS
  • Easy to download, activate and use
  • Ease of Combining, minifying and caching inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to boost loading speed

7. Hyper Cache

Hpyer Cache is a PHP caching plugin, it works on WordPress blog. It is easy to use. Hyper Cache has double cache versions means separate caches for mobiles and computers.  With more than 30,000+ downloads, Hyper Cache has unique features. It does not require complex configurations.


  • HTTPS ready
  • Allows to change the theme on mobile device detection
  • Arranges compression even on the fly for non cached pages
  • Allows you to move cache folder out of your blog space to draw it out from backups
  • Supports CDN
  • bbPress specific integration

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