Most Popular Kitchen Products in online shopping on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s leading online shopping sites. Thousands of products are sold on Amazon daily. Some products are so popular in sale, everyone want to buy. Mostly these types of products have wide market with budget price. Every customer buys as per his/her need. But some products are required by everyone especially basic kitchen appliances. Thus I have tried to collect most popular kitchen products in online shopping on Amazon website. Here we will discuss about top 5 kitchen products:

  1. Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades, Green

This new handy plastic chooper by pigeon is very fine quality product. this is used by more than 11000 customers. More than 60% people has positive views towards this products. They are somewhat happy with this product. More you can check on: Plastic Chopper

Shaista writes, “This works wonders.. made cooking so simple n time taken for cooking is been comparatively reduced . M loving it . Got in the deal price pls give this on deal again i want to buy thia for my mom. No electricity consumption … no words to express my satisfaction 😀☺☺”


NPK writes, “▶Extremely useful to chop or crush onions, capsicum, tomato, carrot etc very much fine…
▶Handy and easy to clean…
▶No need of electricity..
▶Very good quality of plastic”


2. Ganesh Vegetable Dicer, 12 Cutting Blades, Green

Ganesh vegetable dicer is also good plastic product. A large unbreakable container with rubber grip there. This is fastest easiest way to chop vegetables. this is daily used kitchen products by housewives. On Amazon, there are more than 4000 reviews. near 40% people gave 5star rating to this product.

Prasad says, “Value for money. Did not expect decent quality at price of 400. Easy to cut vegetables, especially salads.
Do not try the full carrot or cucumber. Cut it up in 5-8 cm pieces by knife and then use dicer. Bigger pieces take more effort than smaller ones. Full carrot, say, takes lot of effort”

Kiran Says, “This is not a China product, it is MADE IN INDIA.(I prefer boosting our economy rather than others 😉 )
This is good when you have to cook for large number of people(>4). Else the time you save in cutting vegetables will be spent on assembling/cleaning the cutter. And you have be pretty strong to use this product.”


3. Oddy Uniwraps Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper (White)

This product is Certified by European Council (EC) Regulation 1935/2004, B.F.R . Germany, DM 73 Italy, and IS6615:1972 for food contact safety. This is very safe product. It is also routine used item to pack chapatis and bread. It is good quality product. You can wrap cooked food before reheating it. It has size 260mmX20 meteres.  It is microwave, freeze and oven safe product. It is 100% food grade. More than 1000 reviews on Amazon. Good news more than 70% people gave 5star  rating to this product. More information check here: Oddy Uniwraps Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper (White)


Review by Meera singh: “HI THERE INTRODUCTION
Before sharing my experience with the product I thought I will share some information about it.
Parchment papers are cellulose based papers used for baking. These papers are acid treated and they give a non- stick like surface while baking.
They should not be mistaken for butter paper.Butter papers are not suitable for baking.They cause smoke and fire in the oven
Parchment papers are much superior in quality than butter papers.
We can also use them as in en pappilote,a technique used to cook or steam food inside closed pouches ( mainly fish)

Now let me share my experience.


Excellent for baking.I made cakes and cookies They came out easily without any problem.
No need to grease the oven tray and no sticky tray to wash, heyyyy really useful in kitchen.

I used it for wrapping rotis and bread and I could reheat them directly in the oven with the wrapping.So no need to use plastic containers for reheating rotis in microwave.

The cutter given with the box is very useful and sharp enough.

The packing is really good .I can cut the papers as required and the rest is safely inside the box.The pack avoids wastage .


I could not reuse the paper as they were smeared with cake and cookie remaining.
The website description said reusable up to 7 times.Not in my personal experience

It does take a few minutes to figure out in opening the box.But it’s not rocket science,one can figure out.I have attached pictures ,don’t forget to view them ( I have taken a close up picture to show where to cut the box )


Great for baking and wrapping but not reusable in my opinion.
Would I recommend this if you are planning to buy? Yes! Certainly I would!
Would I buy again? Yep I would buy again.


Review by Yashna: “Excellent product. Finally, i can use something to base my sticky rice rotis or alu parathas, before turning them over on the tawa. Nothing sticks back to the sheet. This is avery good alternative to plastic sheets, where we oil or dust with flour and then roll out the dough. Here there is no need of any of those. Food comes out clean.”

4. Pigeon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set, 3-Pieces, Multicolor

Pigeon stainless steel knives are awesome in quality. These are made from high quality stainless steel. These have hollow ground edges. This is set of 3 knives: 8 inches, 5 inches and 3.5 inch in size. over 4000 reviews for this products. More than 50% customer are with 5 star rating.


Jitin Goyal: “Knives are sharp and are of high quality apart from being stylish too. The big one is way too big and is hardly used, it’s only good for cutting meat I guess. Value for money.”


Anshu kumar :  “Bigger in size built quality is very good
Easily cut vegetable and it’s very comfortable..”

5. Pigeon Gas Lighter Smart with stand and free 1 knife

First of all what will you do, when plan to cook food?  Right, you will on gas with lighter. so lighter is basic item for a kitchen. here we present Pigeon Gas lighter which is strong and sturdy. It is made of stainless steel. It has thicker gauge for higher durability. Orange color knob enhances its grace. In this pack one piece of knife is free with one piece of lighter. Near 950 reviews for this product.


Rupam: “Very nice product. I’m using it since a month. I don’t face any issue till now. It looks exactly the same as it has been shown in the picture. Though the knife(free) is good for nothing. It’s not sharp and the grip of the knife is also bad.”


Tridib Ghosh: “Very handy, light, and sturdy. Steel used is thick gauge. This shall last long I guess. Price is OK, considering that delivery charges are included. Much better than the local make cheap one that I used before this.”


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