Top 100 .Gov and .Edu Backlink Websites for SEO

Making Backlinks is considered big boosters for a website/blog. These are very helpful to increase traffic on a website. Traffic is life-line of a website. Along with other backlink technique, making backlinks with .gov and .edu is very important part of off-page seo . Some people don’t give .gov and .edu backlinks more importance. But Remember, these are not worthless,  .gov and .edu backlinks are also thought quality links for a website. Along with quality content, quality backinks are also very important.

Some high quality backlinks are better than thousand low quality/without quality backlinks to enhance rating of a site on various search engines. 

[image: Pixabay]

Note, famous search engine cares for all these quality backinks. These  backinks  improve your site search. SEO expert accept that Google supports  these domains. Adding optimum quality content will always work like a booster for your website, quality .gov and .edu backlinks will also matter to gain better results. I have given near 130 .gov and .edu websites for off page SEO. with help of .gov and .edu links, content of a website will index fast to Google and other search engines. Google will ranks high if backlink is releated to your niche. It will increase organic traffic for your website. .Gov and .edu backlinks will help your site to get genuine traffic. Google likes .Gov and .edu backlinks and give your website good ranking in SERPs.


I hope that it will help you to improve rating of your website and work as a major factor to yield traffic to your website.  Top high domain authority .edu and .gov backlink websites are given below:


CalEPA Home Page

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