Amazing Youtube Features You need to know!!

Image: Pixabay

Youtube is a most popular social media video site, where you can watch and upload videos.  With millions of visitors everyda, Youtube is known as world’s biggest search engine after Google. It is one of the most popular video sites. People use Youtube to watch and share videos. It has very easy to use interface, even a child can view video without any difficulty. There are various unique feature in it,  you may not know about them.  We will discuss about those features:

Create Gif from videos:

Creating GIfs out of YouTube videos is very easy task. Just add ‘gif’ before ‘youtube’ in the URL ( and you’ll be redirected to a site, you can make GIfs of specific duration there. You are allowed to add captions, stickers, and some basic effects to them also.

Keyboard shortcuts to make your experience better

There are a few keyboard shortcuts, you can use while watching a video on Youtube. These shortcuts give you full access to start/stop, rewind, Forward, start from beginning, increase or decrease speed. These are shortcuts:

k (pause/play)

j (rewind 10 seconds)

l (Fast Forward 10 seconds)

m ( Mute)

Number 0  ( Start from beginning of the video)

Numbers 1 to 9  (Navigate through 10 % to 90 % of the video )

Space bar  (Repeat the last action)

Image: Pixabay

Leanback (A Version of Youtube)

A few people know about a version of Youtube site which is known as Leanback. It is keyboard navigable website version of Youtube. You can scroll through videos, you can do everything as you do on conventional site (Sharing, commenting, search etc.) with keyboard only.

Audio Librar

Youtube has a very special audio library. It has contained with free sound effects and songs. You can download them as Mp3 format. Video creators can use these sounds in the video they upload on Youtube. You will also have freedom to choose tracks  as per Favorites, Genre,mood, Instrument, duration.

Image: Pixabay

Transcription Facility of Youtube

YouTube has feature of transcription of audio in every video into text which everyone can use. Just click on ‘More’ option and select ‘transcript’ from drop-down menu.You may also use this feature to transcribe audio or video files for free but result may not be perfect. It can very similar to your work and you can adjust it in less time.



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