8 Best Ways to promote Youtube Videos and Youtube Channel

Are you Youtube video creator? Do you make videos for your youtube channel. Still you are not getting huge traffic. If all questions’ answers are in ‘Yes’ Then please read this post. You will get 8 effective ways to promote your youtube videos.
If you think, mere making youtube videos will attract lot of audience, you may be wrong. You need to promote your videos on self efforts.  Promotion of videos is like an art. You can learn this technique with little endeavors.
In this post, I will write some very useful techniques and methods to promote your Youtube Videos.
These ways are proven and tested by me. I used these techniques and get huge traffic on my channel. Many Youtubers are using these methods and getting good views and subscribers on their channel.

Let’s start with effective strategies to promote videos:

  1. Video Title
  2. Video Tags
  3. Quality Content
  4. Stylish Thumbnail and End Screen and Annotation
  5. Sharing Videos on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  6. Creating a playlist
  7. Making a blog for Youtube Channel
  8. Interact with others (Comments to other videos, Like, subscribe niche)



  1. Video Title

While thinking about video title, first search proper keywords for your video. Deciding effective video title can make your video great. If you could not set good title. Your video can loose chance to win hearts of visitors. There are many tools to search keywords for YouTube videos. simply put title in Youtube search box. You will get good idea to decide best title. Otherwise go for keyword search tools.


  • Try to write proper meaning in short words like 5 magic tricks for kids, 7 DIY weird makeups
  • Make title to attract reader to read it
  • Adding keyword in title can be more beneficial

Here is example with picture






  1. Video Tag

    Give Tag to your videos properly. Otherwise, your videoswill not come in deep search by people. Tagging will also draw your videos attentions to all searchers. Put possible tags of your videos as you can. Tags are related with keywords of videos. Tags should be unique. Tags help your videos to find in searching by audience. when searcher search videos put keywords, then top videos may be those which have good watch time and relevant tagging. Tags should be your main keywords.


3.  Quality Content
Put your all efforts to make your video full of quality. Choose quality content for your viewers. Quality videos are watching many times. People are impressed by quality, they watch content many times. Your videos can get millions views with quality videos. Don’t make 7 videos in a day. Make 1 videos in 7 days. But this video should have best content what you could do. This strategy will definitely work and give you good results. We see many channels which have regular viewers; even people wait for their videos. Why? Because of their quality to make videos, their high skills to read minds of audiences. Quality content players are always win in every race. I can show you many Youtube channels, they have only 100 to 200 videos but they have more than 10 millions views on each videos. Quality will always pay good to you.
Fix your time of uploading videos. This also affects your channel popularity. If you upload 2 videos per day. continue it. If you upload 1 video per day. Be Consistent with it. What method you like to post, it matters. Whether you post 1 video in a month, 1 video in a week, 1 video in a day, make sure, you are regular with this interval.

4. Stylish Thumbnail and End Screen and Annotation 
Thumbnail is cover picture of your video. Now you can understand about cover picture of anything. Most of things we buy in market because of good packing. Even we know many of products because of their beautiful covers. Just like that if you give beautiful niche thumbnail to your videos; visitor will compel to view that one. Your thumbnail should have attractive power to make visitor understand what your videos have.

following are examples of thumbnails:

if we talk about End Screen and Annotation, this is also integral part of your Youtube Videos. You can advertise your other videos in end. As you see often people use this feature to give link to other videos at end. It is best way to present your other videos. This can give you benefit. If a viewer like your current video, he will definitely open your end screen and annotation video.
here is example picture of end screen and annotation:


14 (1)

14 (2)




5. Sharing Videos on social networking sites 
It is trend of modern age. Internet users are growing day by day. In india, the number is reached in millions. Internet is accessible at each smartphone. At morning, we open our eyes and check our phones first to read whatsapp messages, facebook messages etc. So you can understand importance of social networking sites for your videos easily.
If you share your videos on Facebook, it can get lacs of views as Facebook have regular billion users. They can watch your video, if they like they will share with others. You can get double-tripple traffic from social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram). These are big brands of social media.
6. Creating a playlist

Creating a playlist will be best idea for you. Youtube gives you this facility. This can help you to show your audience relevant videos of same topics. This help the viewer and listener to play just playlist and listen or watch all videos of playlist.
For example:

If someone wants to watch songs of a particular singer. If a Youtube channel has playlist for it. It makes easy to viewer watch and listen the songs of that singer. playlists are always useful feature to make your audience busy with you.



7. Making a Blog for Youtube Channel
It is great idea to make blog for youtube channel. It will help to make your video more popular. As blog will attract good amount of visitor for your videos. It will also increase your subscribers. You can make blog on blogspot, wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly.
Blogspot and WordPress may be deal options for you. Blog on blogspot can give you access without more efforts. As you will login your gmail id, you can maintain both your blog and your Youtube channel videos. It may also helpful in adsense point of view.


8. Interact with others Youtubers:
Last but very effective strategy. It is my personal experience. if you will increase your presence on youtube, you will sure get benefits from it. Reply the comments on your videos. You should visit on other popular videosand like/dislike and comment them. This shows your active presence on youtube and many visitor will come to see your channel through it. I have experienced with this technique and received benefits. You can also try these all methods.

With best wishes, I am winding up this post. I hope you will follow these techniques for your Youtube videos and Youtube Channel.

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