How to Clear/Delete Temporary Files in a PC?

Temporary files are those files which are created temporarily having information when a new file is made. These files have (.TMP) extension.Programs and software often store temporary files on your hard drive. Over the period, these temporary files begin to take lot of space (storage). If you are facing space full (storage full) problem on your hard drive, you should delete/clear these temporary files. The deletion will allow you to empty some storage. We are discussing about clear the temporary files in Windows 7.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Press Window Button+R to open Run dialog box
  3. Write “%Temp%” in Run Box and press enter.

  1. Temporary files folder will open there
  2. You can select all by click on them or using Ctlr+A

  1. Press delete button on keyboard
  2. Click on “Yes” then.
  3. All temporary files will be deleted from Temporary file folder.
  4. You need to check now ‘Recycle Bin’ and delete files from there.

When temporary files will be deleted, your computer speed will increase.



Easiest Ways to change admin password in WordPress

WordPress websites are very convenient to handle and maintain. Lacs of people are using WordPress based websites. Password is an important thing for each website. If we want to change our WordPress website, how can we do? Changing password in WordPress website is very simple process. You can change the password with different ways. Let’s talk about the simplest ways:

A few steps to change password:

  1. Login in website as normally you open the admin of a website.
  2. Go to Users>All Users

Click on Edit section and scroll down to NEW PASSWORD option and click on Generate Password button.

3. The password will be automatically generated there. You can change it by overwriting on it. You are recommended to give a secured and robust password. The examples of weak passwords are 12345, your mobile number, your home no. like this. Example of strong passwords are use number, special character and words in a password.

4.Then click on update.

You can logout and login with your new password new.


Second method to change password (Automatic Emailer)

Other process, you can follow as you forget your password. You put user name and then click on forgot password. This will ask your email connected with website. You can put and submit. You will get an email having link to change password. You can reset your password through this process.