What is PDF file and How to Read it?

PDF files are usually used by every computer user. The question arises what is PDF file. Often in simple words, which we can read and print only. We can’t change in .PDF file. This answer may be given by a common man. By somewhat it is accurate. In this post, we will talk about definition of PDF file, its use, helping software to read it.

What is PDF?

The PDF is abbreviation for Portable Document Format (PDF). The file with extension .pdf is called pdf. This type of file is read only file that maintain layout and formatting of a page. This kind of file is considered ready to print file. The PDF format is commonly used for documents like statements, scanned files, forms, E-books, manuals, brochure, pamphlets, leaflets, bills, guides etc.



It was launched by Adobe in 1991.  The purpose behind its launching was to enable people to open their documents on any device/hardware/operating system without requiring specific app. PDF is now an open standard kept by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Other purpose was to keep layout of format unchanged.  This is also beneficial where you are worried about temptation of files. PDF file can contain all types of content like images, tables, text, embedded fonts, business logic, forms, buttons, videos and more. PDF files are prevalent in these days.  This format is used to present and exchange files reliably without worry.

It has reduced the tension of layout disturbance. Most of bills and statement are converted in PDF format.  Most of you are using PDF files.

Reading/Viewing a PDF file

PDF files are in a standard format that is considered by various apps and software that open such extension files.  Approximately all web browser, Adobe the maker of PDF has developed Adobe Acrobat Reader, several apps support PDFs.  You can download Adboe Acrobat Reader here.  If you are newbie or unknown about the resource to download reader; you can use web browser to read the pdf format content.

You can’t create file into PDF. It is read only format only. But you can convert any word (.doc/.docx), excel (.xls, .xlsx), PPT(.ppt/.pptx) file into PDF easily. How can you convert Doc into PDF, read this post:  How to convert Doc into PDF.





10 Best Responsive and Multipurpose Free WordPress themes

WordPress is undoubtedly most popular CMS platform. Because of its fame, themes made for Wordpess sites are in epochal popularity. Sites powered by WordPress are using these themes. The main cause of popularity of WordPress is ease to set up and create website. Users can make a website like blog or other wizard setup. Users need not to work hard in create WordPress website. That’s why themes, plugins, widgets are specially made for WordPress by developers.

Most of these themes are with unique features to decorate your website in unique way. Free WordPress themes may not fulfill your requirements. We have compiled a list of some funky and stylish WordPress themes for you. Triople expects that you will utilize your money perfectly (if you buy one). Free themes are better choices for bloggers and amateurs. But paid themes are preferred by professionals. So we have tried to collect both Free and Premium WordPress themes for you. Today, we are presenting some alluring WordPress themes. We hope that you will definitely use one of them in your website.

  1. Allegiant is a fabulous WordPress theme that has been designed and developed elegantly. It is delicate and professional and best choice for business. The theme is very fast and flexible and suitable for all modern and technological requirements of websites. In this cutting edge technology, Allegiant is highly professional theme with powerful platform for the seamless experience of engaging. It is available in both versions free and premium .



2. Illdy is a marvelous and very flexible avant-garde WordPress creative website theme that has been diligently and carefully designed and developed to cater the needs of new websites. It is the most comprehensive WordPress theme that is available free of charge. The theme is very responsive. It is translation-ready theme. Equipped with the powerful WordPress Live Customizer and a range of configurable widgets and Retina-ready icons and shortcodes, Illdy is completely prepared for all types of modern and future websites.



3. Talon is an awesome and very flexible theme. It is multipurpose and versatile theme with large header takes major part of screen. The header of the theme works as a static image or a slider. The buttons and icons of the Talon theme are fecund. You can utilize charts and graphs to visualize the data.


4. Neve is a pliable and multipurpose theme that is free of charge. It is fast and flexible with plethora of features. It gives you amazing experience. It gives you flexible customization and various demos for businesses like lawyers, restaurants etc. It overlays content blocks. It is loaded with lazy loading effects and parallax. Neve is SEO friendly and light weight theme. Neve is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor.


5. Zakra theme is modern and responsive theme. It is multipurpose theme for various types of businesses. You can experience demos of the theme. The range of demos from business to e-commerce. It is very flexible and fast theme. There is a outstanding hearder area, here you can add an image.



6. Portum theme is very simple, modern WordPress theme. It is flexible and sophisticated theme. It can decorate your business site well. It is amazing and antastic theme which needs little amount to buy. Portum business is very beneficial theme that quickly readjusts all screen sizes. If you want an outstanding and splendid experience, try Portum.


7. Monstroid2 is a versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme compatible for all types of projects. Equipped with 9 ready-made layouts, Monstroid2 offers its users comprehensive customization possibilities and a plethora of widgets & plugins. It has 100% responsive design. It has contained 9 readymade designs. There are 4 blog layout styles in this theme. It is very flexible and fast theme.


8. Zelle Pro is highly professional and custom theme. It offers customization of content blocks. There are handy slide-in effects on the main page. The one page structure shows it a premium WordPress theme and perfect solution for commercial websites. This theme is extremely useful for those who have no plan to have big amount of content on their websites and they have attention to generate leads in the business only. In the other features: integrated contact form, Theme options panel for convenient management, no limits of theme widgets.


9. Newspaper X is free of charge available for magazine and newspaper to download. It is managed through WordPress customizer. It is Bootstrap based theme.This theme has 4 categories: editorial, latest news, events and Wordl news separated in grids.



10. Pixova Lite is an outstanding one-page WordPress theme. This is an artistic theme for those who want to enhance personal services. It is loaded with retina ready quality and unlimited colors to mix. It is paradise for web developers. It is very simple to use. It also provides useful tool for business-oriented sites.




Top 50 Tiktok Viral Videos that will unquestionably entertain you!

Tiktok is heartbeat of people today. here are over 500 million users of Tiktok. Tiktok users are very dedicated and crazy to watch and make videos. Tiktok app has download all over the world over 800 million times.

I think every mobile user have used Tiktok once after its emerge to watch or make funny & useful videos. You will never bore with 60 seconds videos. This is stunning source of knowledge and entertainment. Once you start to watch videos, you can spend hours just move with thumb. The spellbound clips will magically engage you and incite your curiosity to watch more. Today Triople has compiled a list of Top 50 Tiktok Viral Videos that will definitely entertain you and value your spent time.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

Video 12

Video 13

Video 14

Video 15

Video 16

Video 17

Video 18

Video 19

Video 20

Video 21

Video 22

Video 23

Video 24

Video 25

Video 26

Video 27

Video 28

Video 29

Video 30

Video 31

Video 32

Video 33

Video 34

Video 35

Video  36

Video 37

Video 38

Video  39

Video 40

Video 41

Video 42

Video 43

Video  44

Video 45

Video 46

Video 47

Video 48

Video 49

Video 50
































Word to PDF and PDF to Word Converter Tools online

Probably every computer user need to access word file during work. Billions of people use Ms Word for their typing causes. It is very compact software and it is brilliant one to guide you about errors (Grammatical, Spellings etc.) I daily use Word to typing and other jobs. It is fine.

Hope, if you receive any .pdf. You need to work in PDF file. Is it possible? I think No. What is PDF file you can know better here.   You can work in that pdf file matter if you convert that one into .doc/.docx file (MS word file). That enables you to work in that one. So You need to convert PDF file into .doc/.docx file. There are multiple online converter tools that give you facility to convert PDF to DOC/Docx and vise versa. Triople has compiled a list of such online converter that are useful you to convert your file into doc extension.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Schedule with Date, teams, Venue and IST time

one of the world’s biggest cricket tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has begun. Every Cricket Fan is enjoying the matches of their favorite teams. It is very difficult to assume that who will be champion of World Cup 2019; But the battle is neck to neck. All players have spirit to win the content only. All teams are with their best preparation to show their performance. Every sight is focused on this prestigious and marvelous Cup. Let’s see what will happen, Today here is list of all matches of World Cup 2019 tournament. Some of these matches have been played till the date; but many of them are yet pending to play.


Match No Date/Day Match Time (IST) Venue
1 30-May, Thu England vs South Africa 3:00 PM Kennington Oval, London
2 31-May, Fri West Indies vs Pakistan 3:00 PM Trent Bridge, Nottingham
3 1-June, Sat New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 3:00 PM Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
4 1-June, Sat Afghanistan vs Australia 6:00 PM County Ground, Bristol
5 2-June, Sun South Africa vs Bangladesh 3:00 PM Kennington Oval, London
6 3-June, Mon England vs Pakistan 3:00 PM Trent Bridge, Nottingham
7 4-June, Tue Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka 3:00 PM Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
8 5-June, Wed South Africa vs India 3:00 PM The Rose Bowl, Southampton
9 5-June, Wed Bangladesh vs New Zealand 6:00 PM Kennington Oval, London
10 6-June, Thu Australia vs West Indies 3:00 PM Trent Bridge, Nottingham
11 7-June, Fri Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 3:00 PM County Ground, Bristol
12 8-June, Sat England vs Bangladesh 3:00 PM Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
13 8-June, Sat Afghanistan vs New Zealand 6:00 PM The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
14 9-June, Sun India vs Australia 3:00 PM Kennington Oval, London
15 10-June, Mon South Africa vs West Indies 3:00 PM The Rose Bowl, Southampton
16 11-June, Tue Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka 3:00 PM County Ground, Bristol
17 12-June, Wed Australia vs Pakistan 3:00 PM The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
18 13-June, Thu India vs New Zealand 3:00 PM Trent Bridge, Nottingham
19 14-June, Fri England vs West Indies 3:00 PM The Rose Bowl, Southampton
20 15-June, Sat Sri Lanka vs Australia 3:00 PM Kennington Oval, London
21 15-June, Sat South Africa vs Afghanistan 6:00 PM Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
22 16-June, Sun India vs Pakistan 3:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
23 17-June, Mon West Indies vs Bangladesh 3:00 PM The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
24 18-June, Tue England vs Afghanistan 3:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
25 19-June, Wed New Zealand vs South Africa 3:00 PM Edgbaston, Birmingham
26 20-June, Thu Australia vs Bangladesh 3:00 PM Trent Bridge, Nottingham
27 21-June, Fri England vs Sri Lanka 3:00 PM Headingley, Leeds
28 22-June, Sat India vs Afghanistan 3:00 PM The Rose Bowl, Southampton
29 22-June, Sat West Indies vs New Zealand 6:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
30 23-June, Sun Pakistan vs South Africa 3:00 PM Lord’s, London
31 24-June, Mon Bangladesh vs Afghanistan 3:00 PM The Rose Bowl, Southampton
32 25-June, Tue England vs Australia 3:00 PM Lord’s, London
33 26-June, Wed New Zealand vs Pakistan 3:00 PM Edgbaston, Birmingham
34 27-June, Thu West Indies vs India 3:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
35 28-June, Fri Sri Lanka vs South Africa 3:00 PM Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street
36 29-June, Sat Pakistan vs Afghanistan 3:00 PM Headingley, Leeds
37 29-June, Sat New Zealand vs Australia 6:00 PM Lord’s, London
38 30-June, Sun England vs India 3:00 PM Edgbaston, Birmingham
39 1-July, Mon Sri Lanka vs West Indies 3:00 PM Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street
40 2-July, Tue Bangladesh vs India 3:00 PM Edgbaston, Birmingham
41 3-July, Wed England vs New Zealand 3:00 PM Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street
42 4-July, Thu Afghanistan vs West Indies 3:00 PM Headingley, Leeds
43 5-July, Fri Pakistan vs Bangladesh 3:00 PM Lord’s, London
44 6-July, Sat Sri Lanka vs India 3:00 PM Headingley, Leeds
45 6-July, Sat Australia vs South Africa 6:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
46 9-July, Tue TBC vs TBC 1st Semifinal 3:00 PM Old Trafford, Manchester
47 11-July, Thu TBC vs TBC 2nd Semifinal 3:00 PM Edgbaston, Birmingham
48 14-July, Sun TBC vs TBC Final 3:00 PM Lord’s, London

India Vs South Africa Match Score Card ICC World Cup 2019 June 5, 2019

Team India has started its ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 with first match Vs South Africa. Indian players showed their best performance and won the match. South Africa was playing versus India after two consecutive losses.  In its first match England defeated South Africa and in second match Bangladesh beat it. Indian players were in tremendous form in their beginning match. Virat Kohli’s brigade is powerful team in the world and one of the expected World Champion team in this tournament.

South Africans were in down fervor due to humiliating defeat against Bangladesh.  As you know South African cricket team is always considered among most powerful teams in the world cup. Their performance again Bangladesh has reduced their confidence for future matches. This was plus point for India. As far point view of history of World Cup matches, India won only 1 match against SA before it and SA won 3 matches from all played 4 matches.  So Indian did not lose any good chance. Indian batted and bowled well and won the match. Faf du Plessis, the captain of South African team.

Rohit Sharma was real hero of this match. He hit century with 10 splendid 4s and 2 huge 6s.  Other match winning performance was given by YS Chahal who took 4 important wickets of South African Players. Bumrah took two wickets. South Africa had won the toss and decided to bat first and made total

South Africa 227/9 [50]


 South Africa 227/9 (50)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
Hashim Amla C Rohit Sharma b Jasprit Bumrah 6 9 1 0 66.67
Quinton de Kock C V. Kohli b Jasprit Bumrah 10 17 1 0 58.82
Faf du Plessis B YS Chahal 38 54 4 0 70.37
Rassie van der Dussen B YS Chahal 22 37 1 0 59.46
David Miller B YS Chahal 31 40 1 0 77.50
JP Duminy Lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 3 11 0 0 27.27
Andile Phehlukwayo St. Ms. Dhoni b Ys Chahal 34 61 2 1 55.74
Chris Morris C V.Kohli b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 42 34 1 2 123.53
Kagiso Rabada Not out 31 35 2 0 88.57
Imran Tahir Not out 0 2 0 0 0.00
Extra 10 (W6, B1,  LB3)
Total 227/9 (50)


India 230/4

India 230/4 (47.3)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
Shikhar Dhawan C Quinton de Kock b Kagiso Rabada 8 12 1 66.68
Rohit Sharma Not Out 122 144 13 2 84.72
Virat Kohli C Quinton de Kock b Andile Phehlukwayo 18 34 1 52.94
KL Rahul C Faf du Plessis b Kagiso Rabada 26 42 2 61.90
MS Dhoni C &b Chris Morris 34 46 2 73.91
Hardik Pandya Not out 15 7 3 214.29
Extra 7 (W4, LB3)
Total 230/4 (47.3)


India won the match by 6 wickets.

Watch India Vs Australia match score card