Some Useful Functions on the Remote Control

In this post, we will discuss about different functions of air conditioner remote control. Earlier, we explained about various modes available on the ac remote. Now we have other functions that are very beneficial and useful for a user. These help to gain suitable temperature and cool.

Fan Function

Imagine what is role of fan in an air conditioner. Compressor is to generate cooling but fan has its great role to throw the cool air/hot air in the place. You can adjust the speed of fan as per need; Auto/Low/Medium/High.


You will find one button named Time/Clock on your remote control. This function allows you to adjust the operating time of air conditioner. It saves energy and bills in this way. An air conditioner remote has 24 hour clock inside. You need to set the time before using the timer on/off functions. Modern ac has inbuilt time functions.


Swing function allows you to enjoy the air in all directions. These help to adjust the blow of air in desired direction.


There are different names of the same functions in different air conditioner remote control. Display/light functions highlight on the internal ac unit while turn on it. It is like screen of ac where you can find the current mode, temperature, timer and other features what are in use presently. You can on/off light/display by pressing this button.

Temperature only display: Such a display only shows the current room temperature. These kinds of remotes are now going out of favor, and would only be found on older models. It’s more convenient to view each and every setting right on the display.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode gives you control to automatically regulate air surrounding you at night. It rises the temperature by 0.5 to 1 degree after each hour; maximum it enhance temperature by +3 degree; you need not to watch about it.


Conventional AC units had timers that you can set to on/off on desired times. Modern air conditioner units have delay timer that allows you to set counting of hours before the unit is started or stopped.


The Ionizer is used to provide dust and contamination free fresh air. Currently, it is a basic feature in a ac unit.

Blow Function

Blow /Clean mode is a mode where indoor blower of ac runs for a few minutes even after ac is off. This mode lets the indoor coil dry and stops the dust or mold formation.





Air Conditioner Remote Control Modes| Uses of the modes on AC Remote

Air conditioner gives a sooth feeling in the scorching summer of the country. You can calmly sleep in cold of the air conditioner. You may feel as you are in a hill station in the summer season. The outside temperature is burning everything but you feel cool in the ac room. Most of us use only some functions of the air conditioner; many functions are not used because of less knowledge. With much advancement in air conditioner technology, you may be confused by all the hard names and symbols on your ac remote. You need to be aware of different mode given on ac remote control.

Let us talk about the functions of the modes on the ac remote. These modes are very helpful to face different climate and seasons during summer. Let’s see how they are useful in various weather conditions.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is the mode where air conditioner works automatically; it means air conditioner automatically set temperature and fan speed. You can change temperature and fan speed in this mode.  Air conditioner set temperature and fan speed as required in the room. AC automatically sets the compressor and fan speed as suitable for the current room temperature. Once reach on required temperature, the compressor is off and fan speed is also adjusted automatically. Overall, air conditioner automatically adjust all required things depend upon room conditions.

Cooling Mode

Cool mode will cool your room. The control is in your hand now. You can adjust the temperature and the fan speed to feel in hot weather. The outer temperature is very high then this mode takes some time to make your room chilled.

Dry Mode

Dry Mode in ac remote is mostly to remove the moisture from the room. This mode works like a dehumidifier. This mode is mostly used in the rainy season when moisture and humidity level is high inside.  It refreshes the inner environment of room.  In this mode, compressor is on/off to expel the humidity out and fan runs on low speed continuously.

Quiet Mode

This mode is a silent mode. In this mode the unit works quietly as it may possible. In this mode, the fan speed becomes little slow.

Fan Mode

This is energy saving mode in the ac unit. But you can’t enjoy cool in this mode because compressor is off. The normal fan of the air conditioner works in this mode. Fan mode does not give you chilly and cool air to feel good. Fan mode helps to ventilate your room and it helps to refresh air in the room.

Heat Mode

This mode is available in the most of air conditioners but works in some units. The function of the heat mode is to warm the room with hot air. This works by reversing the airflow in the ac unit. The ac unit throws the hot air inside the room instead to send it outside. The ac unit throws cold air outside the environment. Hot air is provided by the compressor. This mode is very useful in the winter season. Fan may take 3 to 5 minutes in starting to stop to spreading cold air in the room.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode is called Jet mode/Fast mode/ high power mode. This mode helps to achieve cold of set temperature in short time. As it works very fast to get the desired temperature, maximum energy is used in this mode. The compressor and fan work at full speed. This consumes lot of electricity. It is wise to use this mode for short span otherwise it leads to high cost of electricity bills. You can use this mode if you want to cool your room instantly and there is scorching heat outside.