Top 10 Wordpress Plugin Developers


WordPress is very famous platform for websites and it is powered over 25% of websites over internet. This data is just amazing. WordPress is fantastic blogging platform for blogger; it has become preferred choice of blogger because of its easy functionalities to use. WordPress has grown as a flexible and multi-functional platform. Integration of plugins with WordPress websites gave big boost to functionalities of websites astonishingly. If you are searching for an experienced WordPress plugin developers having amazing reputation on web. You are reading right post for you. Finding plugin developers with solid web appearance may be a challenge. Many factors matter in this search. Some of them are portfolio, feedback, reviews, experience, projects, niche, customization services, customer support etc. WordPress developers are earning millions of dollars through providing services of theme customization and WordPress plugin development.

After deep search about these companies, I have prepared list of 10 best WordPress Plugin development companies/developers of Year 2018-19:

1. Themepunch


Themepunch is a team of dedicated web developers who are enthusiasts and optimistic with the aim to provide everyone with affordable premium WordPress plugins & WordPress themes. With aim to deliver perfect product, Themepunch is advancing day by day. More than 3 Lacs buyers of products on Codecanyon and with 4+ rating show its credibility. It has qualified support team to provide help with their products.

Its Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin is one of the famous plugin with more than 2.5 lacs sales on Codecanyon and 18000+ feedbacks.

2. Ladela



Ladela is another famous name in plugin development. Ladela develops top notch Booking, Scheduling and client management plugins for WordPress. Ladela is dedicated to provide superior solutions for businesses. Ladela has more than 35k sales on Codecanyon and 900 people rating more than 4.

Bookly is a famous plugin developed by Ladela.

3. Kreatura

Kreatura is a group of creative web designers and developers. They are one of the famous plugin developers.

Their LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin is one of the top notch plugin with more than 80k sales and 9000+ ratings and feedback on Codecanyon.  It powers more than 1.5 million active sites on a daily basis. This plugin is multi-purpose plugin to create sliders, image galleries, and slideshows with impressive effects. Kreatura provide great support to its customers.

4. Azzaroco


Azzaroco is a team of young and experienced WordPress plugin developers. Azzaroco provides high premium WordPress plugins for your business. With more than 20 plugins and 6 graphic items on Codecanyon, Azzaroco has 39k+ sales and 1200+ rating and feedbacks. Azzaroco has a dedicated support team to help you in case of any problem with plugin. Azzaroco has mentioned that support is one of their priority.

It shows its vast experience in this field. Among the famous plugins most preferred by people are Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin, Testimonials Showcase for Visual Composer Plugin, Team Showcase for Visual Composer WordPress Plugin, Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress.

5. Wpbakery


Wpbakery is a dedicated team of highly experienced and talented developers. Wpbakery has developed most popular plugin :WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress. This plugin has already 3 Lacs+ sales and 19000+ rating and feedback by customers.  Its plugins has been integrated with more than 500 WordPress themes and more than 20 lacs WordPress websites are working on its quality products.  Wpbakery has a big portfolio on Codecanyon and high qualified support by its team.

Wpbakery has only 3 items on Codecanyon but with good customer base: Easy Tables – Table Manager for WPBakery Page Builder, Templatera – Template Manager for WPBakery Page Builder,WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress.

6.  Sevenspark

Sevenspark is one of the top notch WordPress plugin and theme developers. Sevenspark is equipped with good support team to help in every condition.

Its UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin is one of good selling plugins on Codecanyon with 75000+ happy customers and 4000+ ratings.

7. Brainstormforce

Brainstormforce is a group of passionate, hackers, designers, writers, marketers, artists and creative people. They focus on innovation and they care for user’s experience. They keep a mission in their mind to make internet a better experience.

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)  is one of the most popular plugins developed by Brainstormforce. It is purchase by more than 50000 people on Codecanyon. With 4000+ ratings and feedbacks, it is amazing.


8. Semenov

Semenov is expert in merging visual design and technology to make the great products for computers and mobiles. They provide support to their clients 12 hours in a day and 5 day in a week (Mon to Fri).

2 famous plugins developed by Semenov are : RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery [33000+ happy buyers with 1820 feedbacks ] and  RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress  [28000+ happy buyers with 2912 feedbacks].


9.  AA-Team

AA-Team is a team of enthusiastic developers who are dedicated to their mission.  They have developed many popular plugins and themes and graphic products. AA-Team provides support to their customers.  They have 62 plugins on Codecanyon.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin is very popular plugin developed by AA-Team. It is purchase by more than 24000 people and 1000+ customers shared their feedback and rating on Codecanyon.


10. SkymoonLabs

SkymoonLabs is an offshore web development company. The team has sole mission to develop high quality products for clients. They are awesome on support. They provide 24X7 hours support to their clients. The company boasts to develop user-friendly interfaces. SkymoonLabs has developed 5 plugins (as on Codecanyon).

Cleanto – software with booking system for cleaner service companies is the popular plugin by SkymoonLabs with 500+ happy clients and 80+ ratings and feedbacks on Codecanyon.  This plugin is developed in PHP Script.  More you can check on click on links given in this article.


List of Best Selling Electronic Products on Amazon for your preference..

Amazon is a big online shopping websites. Millions of products are sold everywhere on Amazon. In India, almost every person has various needs. I can expect most of people, especially youth has given order min. once on Amazon for any product. Popularity  and quality of Amazon products are very high, reviews are witness of it. In this post, we will present some best selling products in electronic category:


1. Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (White)

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i is one of the best selling product on Amazon. It is lithium Polymer batter, make in India. It is more durable device. It plays well with others, including devices from Mi, Apple, Samsung and more, it can also charge some USB-C laptops.It has 2300+ reviews by customers. check more: Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (White)



Kanwar Anand Says,

” This is maybe my 10th personal power bank. I have used Anker, Adata, Plantronics, Ambrane, Intex, generic ones, iWalk and more. Most of them promise too much but by keeping the price tag low, you end up losing on genuine quality and assured performance. With the Mi Power Bank, you get what is promised. This is one difference that I noticed. The power bank was mostly charged when I needed it to be charged and after having used it for 30 days, I can safely say it has a great capacity of holding the charge.

What phones & devices does this charge for me?

S8 Plus, iPhone 8, Fitbit Blaze (once a week) and my Amazon Fire TV when I don’t have a power plug to plug it.

Does it fast charge?

Yes, it fast charges the S8 Plus. This means it saves me the time and hassle of connecting with the wall charger. Yes, the wall charger is still little faster as wall charger uses 2.1 A charging and this uses 2.0 A charging (I think) but this is a major positive.

Can it be used to charge two devices?

The good news is that the 3-4 times I have used this with both devices, I have not seen any reduction in performance quality. It keeps the power going and seems to be able to support it. If its fast charging in one, then it is giving consistent charge to the other slot too.

How often do I Charge it?

Maybe once a week. Not more than a maximum of twice a week.

Can it charge a macbook?

I tried to use this and in one hour it only adds 12% to my Macbook Pro Touchbar 13″ so it is not worth it.

How long does it last?

Lets say it will charge both my phones maybe 7-8 times in total before giving up.

Who should get this?

IF you have one phone and it dies easily, you should get this as this will keep it charged. I suggest you charge only till 85% and then disconnect
if you have two phones, this is a good device

How long does it take to charge? I have never measured it. But with the accompanied cable and my Samsung Fast Charger Adapter, it charges in 6 hours to 100%. This is not bad for me as I plug it in overnight.

Drawback? Mi is a Chinese company and I feel a little bad for using it. But the product is good if you forgive the political inferences. Thanks.”

Akash Mane writes,

“Fast charges my samsung galaxy s9. No problems yet!It’s heavy, not as heavy as Coolnut (which doesn’t fast charge my s9) but it’s perfect according to what capacity it delivers!!”

Dhirendra writes,

“I got it for Rs.1499.
No charging cable has been provided with it.

1. The build quality is excellent.
2. The material is also quite strong and durable.
3. It gives around 13000 mAh capacity. Huge.
4. Fast charging available for input. (5V & 9V)
5. 2 ports are there for output. Both the ports give fast charging. (5V, 9V & 12V).
6. There is also an indicator of charging level. This shows how much the power bank is charged. It has 4 lights. All the 4 lights lit when the power bank is fully charged. The lights that lit reduce with the discharging of the power bank.
7. You can also use a fast charger for charging this power bank. Mi fast charger is recommended. This will charge is very fast.

1. No charging cable has been provided.
2. The white colour of the power bank makes it prone to lose colour. The colour changes to a dirty white soon.
3. Since the capacity of this power bank is huge, if you use a normal charger, it takes a lot of time to charge it completely.
4. Somewhat costly.

Final comment- If you can afford this power bank, this is the best choice in the market. Also, it is highly reliable since the name of ‘Redmi’ in itself has become the symbol of trust nowadays.”


2. SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash drive is an ultra-compact and portable USB flash drive. You can save photo, videos, songs and others in 32 GB space of this drive. You can share with computers also. It has capless design. Red and black colors enhance its grace. 7500+buyers shared their reviews on Amazon. Some of reviews are given here from that:


“Didn’t have any problem while delivering the product. It is in good condition and working fine.But I disliked that there was a very long wait to get this item it was almost 11 days after placing my order.By the way, the product is small and very much comfortable and easy to use in our hectic daily life.”

A Kumar writes,

“Good product. After so much hesitation I decided to buy USB 2.0 pen drive although it’s speed is slow. I was little bit nervous if I will got original product or not. It’s not like that. I got the genuine product . You will get approx 29.2 GB storage in 32 GB pen drive. Delivery service was very fast . I got this product within 3 days after I ordered.It’s little bit tight in my USB slot. It’s also heated up after using few minutes. But it’s normal. Nothing to worry about these problems.”

3. boAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)

This is finest product for every music lover. Its innovative housing designs makes your adjustment easy and create high level of wearing comfort. Sonic clarity, bass driven stereo is other features of this device. This is extra secure and fit and comfortable to your ears.  This product has 31000+reviews on Amazon.

Following are some reviews:

According to Vijay:

The product is just perfect for the price range! I have used sony and jbl before, but they lack some or the other features like sound quality,noise cancellation and even the built quality. But this one just ticks all the boxes. You can go for it if you are looking for a earphones under 1k.


Better Sound quality than it’s competitors

Built quality is great (metal finish)

Better Noise cancellation than it’s rivals

Bass is just awesome (I’m a fan of it)

Better pricing of all.


Nothing as of now

According to Bhushan Gajare:

The boAt Bassheads 235 V2

*MADE FOR for extra BASS lovers
*Attractive anodized surfaces
*Sturdy TPE material that provides ruggedness and durability
*PREMIUM metallic finish
*Tangle free and anxiety resistant cables.
*Integrated controls with a mic.

According to Vignesh:

Better than expected! Great Indian product, very clear and bass is super. Due to high bass, peak volume makes more sound which can’t be avoided in this type of earphones. Long quality cables. It’s slipping from ear as it has more weight in outside, it’s required for high bass earphones. That’s the reason, ear hook is given along. Buttons and mic is good.

4. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

After Connecting your Amazon Fire Tv Stick to your HDTV, you can start streaming movies, TV shows and songs from all famous platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Gaana etc.  Subscription fees amy apply. It is very easy to setup and use. You can watch thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood movies, shows, songs and games. To know more just click here:

More than 15000 reviews till the date (3 December 2018).



According to Rosita Estrella Pereira

I bought the Amazon Fire Stick on sale. Received it on time. Easy to install & set up had no issues at all. But was surprised to know that it did not have a separate tab with your watchlist (like Netflix). When called the CS unit handling Fire Stick issues, I was told that it’s not yet developed.

This was the only dissapointing issue, rest everything is good.

According to Navjyot S.

This is why I love Amazon and recommend it and it’s product to everyone. The product is great value for money and just works flawlessly out of the box. Beats Chromecast by a country mile.

1. Fantastic UI
2. Great range of apps
3. Easy to setup
4. Can mirror mobile screen to TV wirelessly
5. Has Android remote so you can use it to navigate the stick
6. Support 2.5 and 5 GHz WiFi
7. Free remote with batteries and Alexa void search

All in all a great product. 10/10 would recommend again.

5. Samsung EVO Plus Grade 1, Class 10 32GB MicroSDHC 95 MB/S Memory Card with SD Adapter (MB-MC32GA/IN)

It is good memory card. You can store up to 32 GB data on it. This has largest capacity and highest read/write speed in Samsung’s class. It is best for full HD video with surprising performance. Evo Plus keeps you save with richness of life. With massive amount of storage you can store big data of 1.5 hrs 4000 UHD vides, HD videos of 4 hours and 7500 photos or 3,000 songs. Check more here: Samsung EVO Plus Grade 1, Class 10 32GB MicroSDHC 95 MB/S Memory Card with SD Adapter (MB-MC32GA/IN)

This product has 6000+ reviews by customers.



According to Sanket Chaurasiya


1- Feels Durable.

2- Good quality plastic used in making the memory card.

3- Memory card adapter is also provided.

4- Decent Read & Write speed considering the price and type of card you are paying for.


1- The memory card adapter feels like made with low quality plastic.

2- Samsung is famous for making Micro SD card and portable Hard drives which are usually made in Philippines, but this one is (Made in China).


1- If you have a tight budget then go for it and if budget is not the main concern then go for (Pro version).”

According to Aseem S.

“I was having a terrible time with my class4 transcend card so New memory card purchase was inevitable ! As i have more trust – i went for samsung.

Got this one for 650rs. Packaging was good for a small memory card.

This card is blazing fast both in read and write😊

I got write speed ranging between 15-25 mbps which is awesome ! I could easily transefer the whole Harry potter to my phone within 15 mins.

I am super happy with this purchase

🖐🏻5 out of 5🖐🏻”



Most Popular Kitchen Products in online shopping on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s leading online shopping sites. Thousands of products are sold on Amazon daily. Some products are so popular in sale, everyone want to buy. Mostly these types of products have wide market with budget price. Every customer buys as per his/her need. But some products are required by everyone especially basic kitchen appliances. Thus I have tried to collect most popular kitchen products in online shopping on Amazon website. Here we will discuss about top 5 kitchen products:

  1. Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades, Green

This new handy plastic chooper by pigeon is very fine quality product. this is used by more than 11000 customers. More than 60% people has positive views towards this products. They are somewhat happy with this product. More you can check on: Plastic Chopper

Shaista writes, “This works wonders.. made cooking so simple n time taken for cooking is been comparatively reduced . M loving it . Got in the deal price pls give this on deal again i want to buy thia for my mom. No electricity consumption … no words to express my satisfaction 😀☺☺”


NPK writes, “▶Extremely useful to chop or crush onions, capsicum, tomato, carrot etc very much fine…
▶Handy and easy to clean…
▶No need of electricity..
▶Very good quality of plastic”


2. Ganesh Vegetable Dicer, 12 Cutting Blades, Green

Ganesh vegetable dicer is also good plastic product. A large unbreakable container with rubber grip there. This is fastest easiest way to chop vegetables. this is daily used kitchen products by housewives. On Amazon, there are more than 4000 reviews. near 40% people gave 5star rating to this product.

Prasad says, “Value for money. Did not expect decent quality at price of 400. Easy to cut vegetables, especially salads.
Do not try the full carrot or cucumber. Cut it up in 5-8 cm pieces by knife and then use dicer. Bigger pieces take more effort than smaller ones. Full carrot, say, takes lot of effort”

Kiran Says, “This is not a China product, it is MADE IN INDIA.(I prefer boosting our economy rather than others 😉 )
This is good when you have to cook for large number of people(>4). Else the time you save in cutting vegetables will be spent on assembling/cleaning the cutter. And you have be pretty strong to use this product.”


3. Oddy Uniwraps Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper (White)

This product is Certified by European Council (EC) Regulation 1935/2004, B.F.R . Germany, DM 73 Italy, and IS6615:1972 for food contact safety. This is very safe product. It is also routine used item to pack chapatis and bread. It is good quality product. You can wrap cooked food before reheating it. It has size 260mmX20 meteres.  It is microwave, freeze and oven safe product. It is 100% food grade. More than 1000 reviews on Amazon. Good news more than 70% people gave 5star  rating to this product. More information check here: Oddy Uniwraps Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper (White)


Review by Meera singh: “HI THERE INTRODUCTION
Before sharing my experience with the product I thought I will share some information about it.
Parchment papers are cellulose based papers used for baking. These papers are acid treated and they give a non- stick like surface while baking.
They should not be mistaken for butter paper.Butter papers are not suitable for baking.They cause smoke and fire in the oven
Parchment papers are much superior in quality than butter papers.
We can also use them as in en pappilote,a technique used to cook or steam food inside closed pouches ( mainly fish)

Now let me share my experience.


Excellent for baking.I made cakes and cookies They came out easily without any problem.
No need to grease the oven tray and no sticky tray to wash, heyyyy really useful in kitchen.

I used it for wrapping rotis and bread and I could reheat them directly in the oven with the wrapping.So no need to use plastic containers for reheating rotis in microwave.

The cutter given with the box is very useful and sharp enough.

The packing is really good .I can cut the papers as required and the rest is safely inside the box.The pack avoids wastage .


I could not reuse the paper as they were smeared with cake and cookie remaining.
The website description said reusable up to 7 times.Not in my personal experience

It does take a few minutes to figure out in opening the box.But it’s not rocket science,one can figure out.I have attached pictures ,don’t forget to view them ( I have taken a close up picture to show where to cut the box )


Great for baking and wrapping but not reusable in my opinion.
Would I recommend this if you are planning to buy? Yes! Certainly I would!
Would I buy again? Yep I would buy again.


Review by Yashna: “Excellent product. Finally, i can use something to base my sticky rice rotis or alu parathas, before turning them over on the tawa. Nothing sticks back to the sheet. This is avery good alternative to plastic sheets, where we oil or dust with flour and then roll out the dough. Here there is no need of any of those. Food comes out clean.”

4. Pigeon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set, 3-Pieces, Multicolor

Pigeon stainless steel knives are awesome in quality. These are made from high quality stainless steel. These have hollow ground edges. This is set of 3 knives: 8 inches, 5 inches and 3.5 inch in size. over 4000 reviews for this products. More than 50% customer are with 5 star rating.


Jitin Goyal: “Knives are sharp and are of high quality apart from being stylish too. The big one is way too big and is hardly used, it’s only good for cutting meat I guess. Value for money.”


Anshu kumar :  “Bigger in size built quality is very good
Easily cut vegetable and it’s very comfortable..”

5. Pigeon Gas Lighter Smart with stand and free 1 knife

First of all what will you do, when plan to cook food?  Right, you will on gas with lighter. so lighter is basic item for a kitchen. here we present Pigeon Gas lighter which is strong and sturdy. It is made of stainless steel. It has thicker gauge for higher durability. Orange color knob enhances its grace. In this pack one piece of knife is free with one piece of lighter. Near 950 reviews for this product.


Rupam: “Very nice product. I’m using it since a month. I don’t face any issue till now. It looks exactly the same as it has been shown in the picture. Though the knife(free) is good for nothing. It’s not sharp and the grip of the knife is also bad.”


Tridib Ghosh: “Very handy, light, and sturdy. Steel used is thick gauge. This shall last long I guess. Price is OK, considering that delivery charges are included. Much better than the local make cheap one that I used before this.”


Top Selling Products on Amazon that may be wonderful for you!

Amazon is considered world’s largest online shopping website. Amazon has wide range of reviewers. Thousands of products are sold every day on Amazon. The products having more positive reviews are sold more. Reviews are not only to show others about popularity of a website, but these are considered credibility and purity of a product. With help of reviews, we can easily decide to buy a product or not. Majority of positive reviews attracts more buyers.

In this post, we are sharing information about most popular products on Amazon with some reviews by people and their rating and prices. It makes easy for you to select among millions of other products. You can conveniently choose such products on any occasion.  High rating products on Amazon are in different categories, so don’t worry about it. I have list of something special, new and exciting products for you which have good ratings on Amazon.  These will be best products in all categories like home appliances, kitchen, garden, Vehicles, furniture, electronic gadgets, accessories and garage. Here are products the best selling products on Amazon:

  1. All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Black)

More than 1300 reviews by customers for this product. More details you can see hereAll-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen)- Smart Speaker with Alexa (Balck)

Reviews by customers :

Chinmaya D says : “This was launched on 11th and I got the product by 12th. Plus the reduced price due to sale and a nice smart bulb for just 500 rupees. Overall I think this was super value for money. I haven’t used any other smart speaker before but I am very happy with my purchase. Below are some observations :
1. Initially it feels a bit weird talking to a speaker but you get used to it in no time.
2. The sound quality is pretty good. You get good depth of sound with decent bass.
3. Several skills available and you will definitely find some very useful. For example adding stuff to shopping list or setting up a reminder.
4. Understands the Indian accent very well. Sometimes I am amazed by how well it picks up stuff.
6. Kids love it. An added advantage is that they can take help for homework and talking to alexa also motivates them to talk in English”

Dr. Mudhan  says, “My childhood friend and a great well-wisher Sri Radha Krishnan gifted me Rs. 3000/- and wanted me to buy anything that I like.
I thought, I should buy something that is very special in my lifetime and fortunate to get a Third Gen Amazon Eco Dot at that price during Amazon Great Indian Sale.
I feel, my REVIEW here should be different and I am not repeating anything said already.
I placed ECO Dot permanently into an electrical socket by doing some neat homework, which you can see in the pictures.
What I learnt, We need to ask diplomatically to the point first.
For example, I asked Alexa, calorie value of a banana ? and Alexa could not answer. She answered beautifully when the same query put into a different way, nutrition value of a banana.
Kindly include (from 1960s) old classical songs from Tamil and Hindi movies.
Hope, Alexa learn more and more every day & soon create a very rich database and focused locally as well..

1. If you like to keep on wall power socket as I did, you must use only original 3M Double sided tape ( After pasting the tape and attaching both plug and the unit leave an hour for bonding before inserting into a wall socket tightly to avoid falling down. If you do not like, you can separate them neatly anytime in future by using a Dental floss/ fishing rod nylon thread.
2. I have paired the ECO DOT with my AV Receiver (ONKYO HTS 3370) easily but you need little patience. Switch on ECO DOT and the Blue Tooth Device make them search and pair. Alexa will confirm and you need to say ‘Alexa connect to speaker’ in future. While configuring, never keep open other BT devices like your Laptop/ Mobile to avoid over lapping.”

2. Think and Grow Rich

A top selling booking on  You can get wise ideas to become rich. ideas can change our lives. So don’t forget to read this book. Price is under your budget. on 1.12.2018, it was only 70.00 per book.  If under 100.00 product can change your life then why are you thinking more. Just click and buy it.  You can read a few reviews here too.  Check other features here:  Think and Grow Rich

More than 3000 reviews by customers shows its popularity on Amazon. So buy and read it. You can also get benefits from this book.

Reviews on Amazon
Sachin Gowda writes, “It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. People of all ages must read this book. Helps to become a better person and lead a happy life. If at all all suggestions mentioned in the book are followed a person can surely become successful and rich of course.”
Vishal Thakur writes, “A perfect book to understand the reality and to act accordingly to it. It teaches you the depth of thinking and changes the way of your normal approach to life. It is an amazing book which everyone should read at least for one time to know yourself better. Also, the price is amazing and the delivery was on right time by the Amazon “

3.  Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask, 350 milliliters, Silver

Milton is a big and famous brand in kitchen appliances. Milton thermosteel flip flask is most popular in its category and one of the best selling products on Amazon. check more here: Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask, 350 milliliters, Silver
More than 6000 reviews are given by customers.
Sj writes, “Supreme efficient. Keeps water/milk piping hot untill next morning as well! It came very handy while travelling with an infant in a train. Even in everyday use, keeps things hot. Have not tried for cold stuff yet.”
Aswini writes, “Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask is the best flask.
1000 ml capacity is best choice ,easy to carry not so big, will fit easily in college bag/travel bag.
It maintains the temperature for max time as compared to other brands.
Cello is very popular company and manufacturing various products.  Cello chekcer plastic pet canister set, 18 pcs is top selling product. More than 3500 reviews by customer, this product seems very useful for every Indian kitchen. check more: Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces, Clear
Vikrant Nikumbh says, “Amazing product bpa free plastic.. Looking so elegant stylish..
My kitchen looking so awesome beacuse of this transparent jar..
You can keep a track and stock up whever you are low of stuff in those jar…
Amazing jar..
TOTALLY Worth buying it..
Must have in every kitchen..
Big jar is of 1kg
Medium one is half kg
Small one 100 gms
Total 18 jars..
Set of 6 jar of per unit mentined as above..”
Abhishek says, “Excellent Condition, Safely Packed, Product Same As Shown On Display, All are Fine. Go 4 It, Worth A Buy. Very Useful for Kitchen Storage. Buy Hands Down.”
Want comfortable sleep on bed, pillow plays very important role in it. Recron Fiber Drem Pillow are awesome and make your sleep cozy.  check more: Recron 
More than 2500 reviews and very effective price, product is very useful in every home.
Aaryadev Bhat writes, “Good material .
been using last 5 months its still fluffy .
its washable but care full not to do a rapid wash .”



Lakshmi Devi Vuppala writes, “I brought these under offer and felt they are good value for money. No complaints so far.”

Top 5 Best Car Rental Wordpress Plugins

 If you are in search of car rental plugin for your WordPress website, then this article is for you. With help of plugins, online appearance of your business and services will enhance drastically. WordPress plugins allow you to add more functionality to your website; you can easily buy, install and use these plugins. Some plugins are so simple that you need not to get more training to operate. Almost all plugins are customizable as per your business requirements. You can provide your customer best services with help of plugins. Some car rental plugins are integrated with WooCommerce plugins and these plugins are also integrated with online booking form. Car Rental plugin enables your customer to book a car on rent and this also help website owner to manage bookings easily. Today, we are going to talk about top 5 Best Car Rental WordPress Plugins that may be suitable for your website.

  1. Car Rental System –WP plugin

If you want to run your car rental business website smoothly, then Car Rental System will be the best selection. It allows you to accept online booking and manage entire fleet of cars through single control panel. It will definitely grow your business. With this powerful plugin, your customers can see vehicle availability and they can book vehicle. More than 700 people have chosen this plugin on codecanyon and rating on codecanyon is more than 3.00. Buy from here: Car Rental System

Salient Features

  • Real time availability.
  • Seasonal price setup by date range for car
  • Insert unlimited car with image.
  • PayPal and Manual payment gateway integrated.
  • Assign unlimited car features / car type
  • Multi-currency support
  • Different date formats
  • Price can be set day wise (Mon , Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun )
  • set Car Block Interval between two bookings
  • Set taxes
  • Email notification to site owner and customer with invoice after each successful booking.
  • Multiple cars booking at same time.
  • Customizable
  • Multilingual feature for front-end.
  • Multi-language support (16 Language Integrated)

check hotel booking plugin on our post


  1. Car Rental System: Native WordPress Plugin




Car Rental System is another big Car Rental plugin. It is high quality, native WordPress plugin for car rental bookings. The specialty of this plugin : Development by experienced team of Silicon Valley engineers. All codes of this plugin are written with use of native WordPress functions. Therefore, it is quicker and safe plugin. It is compatible with WordPress Multisite. It has Multi-language setup with native help from WordPress setting. Buy from here:  Car Rental System: Native WordPress plugin

Salient Features

  • Responsive mobile layout
  • WPML and multi-language support
  • Coupons, deposits
  • Multiple pick-ups, return and distance fees
  • PayPal, Stripe, bank payment integration
  • Cars benefit slider
  • Calendar
  • Price table
  • suitable for high traffic websites
  • Four security layers
  • Well working with big databases
  • Confirmation email with invoice


  1. Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress

Chauffeur Booking System is another good car rental plugin for WordPress websites. It is a strong limo booking WordPress plugin for all scales of businesses. Limo and Shuttle operators can use it conveniently. It is very easy to install and use. You can follow step-by-step booking process with online payments. You will get email and SMS both notifications. In other features include: WooCommerce integration and Google Calendar integration. It helps you to increase customer services and manage your limo or shuttle rental business online. Buy from here: Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress

Salient Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Live Route Preview
  • Multiple Booking Forms
  • Extra time/Rental time
  • Specify working hours for each day of week (Mon, Tue etc)
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • PayPal, Stripe, Cash, Wire Transfer payment gateways support
  • You can use WooCommerce supported payment gateways in case of you use Woocommerce on your website.
  • Fast and Friendly Support
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Free life time updates
  • Custom colors
  • Set Tax
  • Multi-currency


  1. Car Rental by BestWebSoft

This plugin helps you to generate complete functional WordPress website for renting cars.  You can add, modify and manage car information, vehicle types and many more by using this plugin. Download from here: Car Rental by BestWebSoft

Salient Features

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Add and manage cars, Manufacturers, Vehicle types, Car classes
  • Manage orders
  • Set working hours
  • Customize minimum rental time
  • Add custom code through plugin settings page
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Fast and easy to use
  1. Car Rental Widget by

Car Rental Widget is a book engine that enables your visitors to rent car at more than 30,000 locations in the world. CarTrawler provides and updates car rental database. Download from here: Car Rental Widget by


Top 6 Hotel Booking and Reservation Plugins

Hotel booking websites are popular in these days. As any person start trip from home with particular period hotel bookings. Therefore, each website of hotel needs helpful plugin to allow its customers to use proper hotel booking services without hassle and troubles. Today, we will discuss about some awesome hotel booking plugins. Website owner can install and access the booking plugin to provide proper services to their customers. Mostly we will have list of WordPress plugins as most of the websites are made in WordPress. We have talked about simple Booking and appointment plugins in previous post. In this article, we will share some reliable hotel room booking plugins for your WordPress site. There are hundreds of free and premium WordPress plugins for wordpress sites. They have different functionalities and cost.

You need plugin for these requirement?

You will choose plugin on basis of your business requirements, whereas we know that almost all plugins are customizable but we have to pay attention to check plugin suitable to our needs. As we have common needs that plugin should have multilingual features, multiple payment gateways etc. These features help our customers to choose their language and payment gateways as per their comfort.

If you are thinking to use plugin for multiple hotels on same website, you are required to test plugin to meet this requirement. You need to check synchronization with OTAs to avoid over booking. Always check with demo of plugin to ensure all features. Some of niche plugins have these features.

You need to be alert while selecting a plugin for your website. Let us talk about top 8 Hotel Booking plugins:

  1. HBook Plugin

One of the famous hotels booking WordPress plugin, Hbook is pioneer among them. HBook allows you to easily enable reservation on your WordPress website. It is perfect plugin for hotel, holiday apartment business. HBook enables you to add some fantastic features like availability calendars and booking forms on your website. More than 4k sales and 4.87 Rating on codecanyon is witness of its quality and preference of users. It is multilingual plugin (HBook Front-end is translated for French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and off course in English and Back-end in French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and in English). Buy here: HBook Plugin

Key Features

  • Easy to Install and use
  • Multilingual
  • Availability Calendars
  • Booking forms
  • Table rates


  1. Online Hotel Booking System

As clear from name of this plugin -Online Hotel Booking System, this is completely dedicated to hotel booking. It is robust plugin for single hotel booking. It works with real time availability and room booking functions. You can integrate with your website in a few clicks. It allows you to manage room types, capacity, hotel rates as per different dates and advance payments. Watch demo and Buy here: Online Hotel Booking System


  • Automated Booking plugin for single hotel.
  • Assign unlimited number of room types
  • Assign unlimited capacity
  • Day vise prices plan entry
  • Active Booking list with cancellation option
  • Booking history list
  • Room Blocking in particular date range
  • 12 months (Jan to Dec) calendar view of room availability.
  • 3 Payment gateway integrated: PayPal IPN, Manual
  • Multilingual (16 languages Integrated)


  1. Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin

This plugin is full hotel and vacation rental booking system. It is a WordPress plugin for your WordPress site. It is very simple plugin even non-technical website owners can use it without trouble. This plugin can be used for hotels, bed and breakfast websites, villas, guest houses. Be sure about it by checking its demo. Check demo and Buy here: Hotel Booking and Vacation Rental WordPress Plugin

Key Features

  • Generate awesome listing of all your properties
  • Control over seasonal pricing
  • add a real-time search availability form
  • add taxes and fees


  1. Online Hotel Booking System Pro

If you are searching plugin for single hotel then we suggest you Online Hotel Booking System Pro. It is robust WordPress plugin for your WordPress website. This strong hotel booking system is with real time availability and room booking functions. You can integrate it with your website easily.Buy here: Online Hotel Booking System Pro

Key Features

  • Assign unlimited number of rooms (room type and capacity based)
  • It also manages Price place day wise
  • Define unlimited special offers with date range on room type
  • Define Advance payment easily (in % each month)
  • Allows to check active booking and booking archive
  • Customer lookup
  • Calendar View
  • 2 payment gateways (Paypal and Stripe)
  • 2 manual gateways



  1. WP Quick Booking Manager Pro

WP Quick Booking Manager Pro plugin enables booking facilities for your website. You can display and arrange your house/hotel rooms/resorts availability for rent. Managing bookings on daily basis is also available. It is integrated with manual and Paypal. It also allows you to set tax and currency for respective country. To buy: WP Quick Booking Manager Pro


Key Features

  • Booking Calendar
  • Booking pages
  • Custom CSS
  • Unlimited number of dynamic rooms, bookings.
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Multiple currency support
  • Payment gateway integrated with Paypal and manual payment
  • Muti-language support
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Plug-n-play means just install and start using it.
  • Insert booking calendar in any post/page with shortcode.
  • Modern admin interface
  • Pagination of booking listing
  • Show Bookings in the daily, weekly or monthly view.


  1. Calendarista

Calendarista gives better online booking experience to your customers. It is good plugin to provide faster booking services. It is completely suitable for hotel booking and reservation. It also works for car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, and restaurants websites. It enables you to start online booking services for customers easily. It supports Woocommerce. Buy here: Calendarista

Key Features

  • Export to CSV.
  • Bookings with single start date.
  • Bookings with both a start date and start time.
  • Booking date and time range.
  • Bookings a date range.
  • One or more package bookings
  • Payments through Stripe, Paypal, Woocommerce and Twocheckout.
  • Collect payment offline.
  • Create seasonal rates for day based bookings
  • Enable online payments.
  • Enable online payments and offline mode.
  • 24h time format.
  • Set tax.
  • An image can be included in each availability.
  • Set custom colors for available days, unavailable days.
  • Auto repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Booking cancel link sent via email.
  • Set up Email reminders.