20 Funny and Entertaining Tiktok Videos

Developed by China based company ByteDance, Tiktok is one of the most popular app used by people. More than 500 million downloads on Android platform and over 104 million downloads on ios, Tiktok is a leading entertaining app. Tiktok is called Douyin in china. It is available on both Android and ios platform to create and share video clips (30-60 seconds).

Tiktok app allows users to create music videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. It is vertical level of craze in India for Tiktok. Tiktok has spread its wings in Asia, USA and in other countries. In 2018, Tiktok became the most downloaded app in USA. Amazingly available in 75 languages, the app covers more than 170 markets.

Started in 2016, Douyin was branded with name Tiktok in global market. Douyin was developed in mere 200 days. The growth of app was astonishingly increased in a year by 100 million users and 1 billion views per day. Tiktok achieved rank one milestone in free downloaded apps in various countries. Tiktok was downloaded more than 800 million times in the world.

ByteDance bought shanghai based startup musical.ly in one billion dollars. Music.ly was very popular social media platform for people. Tiktok merged with musical.ly in August 2018 and made larger community. Tiktok covers 150 markets on global level.

Douyin is a different app from Tiktok and available on developer’s site. It is very popular in china due to its effective marketing campaign. Famous Chinese celebrities are using it. Stunningly over 70 million active users are using this app daily.

Tiktok is a mobile app that allows users to create short videos. It is a platform to share fun, knowledge, talent, art etc. To make a video, users can choose audio music. The music works in background of the video. There are filters to speed up, slow down the videos.

In this post, we are sharing some funny and magical Tiktok videos. We are sure that these will fully entertain you. So without delay, start jumping with happiness and laughter.

You can go with following links of Tiktok to enjoy videos.

  1. Amazing Dance Video
  2. Best dance with fun
  3. Funky dance
  4. Awesome comedy
  5. Very funny clip
  6. Hilarious magic
  7. Stunning magic
  8. Puzzle magic
  9. Good effort
  10. Best ever tricks
  11. Attractive art
  12. Aesthetic art
  13. Beautiful creativity
  14. Awesome drawing
  15. Fabulous rangoli
  16. Something different
  17. Delicious cream
  18. Hefty muscles
  19. Gym style
  20. Fitness savvy

Make your Gmail Work Super easy with these Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is probably the most popular free emailing service. It was developed by Google. Million people are using this mail service. Shortcut is the way to save time and energy. You need not to follow complete process. You just press 2-3 buttons and desired action places. The interesting fact behind it is to remain free from use of mouse.  You can do many Gmail functions through keyboard only. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful to save time and energy. In this post, we will share Gmail keyboard shortcuts that help to do various functions.

Before start it, you need to keyboard shortcuts on from setting. Read our post “Easy Steps to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts ” to know the procedure to enable keyboard shortcut function.

Here are Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • To compose new email = c
  • To search email = /
  • To open task= g+k
  • Mark selected email as important:  =
  • To reply an email: r
  • To reply all: a
  • To forward an email: f
  • To send selected message into Archive: e
  • Shortcut to reach at newer email: k
  • Reach to previous email: j
  • Reach at next message in email thread: n
  • Reach at previous message in email thread: p
  • To mute the conversation: m
  • Jump to inbox view: u

Shortcuts with Ctrl Key

  • insert link: ctrl+k
  • bold: ctrl+b
  • Italic: ctrl+i
  • underline: ctrl+u
  • send email: ctrl+enter
  • Undo: ctrl+z
  • Redo: ctrl+y
  • Spelling suggestions: ctrl+m
  • Indent less: ctrl + [ :
  • Indent more: ctrl + ] :

Shortcuts with shift key

  • Gmail keyboard shortcut help= Shift +?
  • To select series of message= Shift
  • Add a conversation to tasks: Shift + t
  • To mark current message unread: shift+u
  • To move opened email into Trash: shift+3

Shortcuts with Ctrl+shift Keys

  • Previous font shortcut: ctrl+shift+5
  • Next font:  ctrl+shift+6
  • Shortcut to insert number list: ctrl+shift+7
  • To add Cc recipients: ctrl+shift+c
  • Shortcut to insert bullet points: ctrl+shift+8
  • Quote: ctrl+shift+6
  • To add Bcc recipients: ctrl+shift+b
  • To discard draft: ctrl+shift+d
  • Decrease text size: ctrl + Shift + – :
  • Increase text size: ctrl+ shift + + :


  • Left alignment : ctrl+shift+l
  • Right alignment: ctrl+shift+r
  • center alignment : ctrl+shift+e
  • right to left : ctrl+shift+ , :
  • left to right: ctrl+shift+ . :


  • strikethrough: alt+ctrl+5

Easy Steps to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is undoubtedly the most popular free email service developed by Google. This is available in 105 languages. Billions of people are enjoying it. Google gives 15 GB free storage to Gmail service user. It is advanced service, it automatically scan emails for various purposes like filter spam and malware.  Google always try to develop simple tools for users, Gmail is also in very simple for to work. You can access your email id without complexity. If you want to know how to creat Gmail id, read our post.

We have tried to make you extra information about keyboard shortcuts of Gmail. You can save your time and energy by these keyword shortcuts. You can access your Gmail account with use of mouse.  These keyboard shortcuts are very helpful to reduce your efforts. You can finish your activities within a few seconds. You can instantly react upon email like reply, send another mail etc.


To use these keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable settings to use shortcuts (Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcut). Follow below steps:


  1. Login your Gmail id with User name and Password
  2. You will find a gear icon  on top right corner of your Gmail id.
  3. Click on mail gear iconlocated at top right corner of Gmail and select settings.
  4. Click “General Tab”
  5. Click “Keyboard shortcuts” under General tab
  6. There are two options there: Keyboard shortcuts off and Keyboard shortcuts on
  7. Click “Keyboard shortcuts on”
  8. Click save changes.


This was the easy process to enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.  After enable it, you can use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. The magic will start now. You have never experienced such coziness while working with Gmail what you will face ahead. Get rid of clicks of mouse. Go with soft keys of keyboard only. Click here to read next post to know all Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Best tricks and techniques to become a Successful WordPress Blogger

Are you thinking to become a successful Word Press Blogger? Are you passionate about writing articles? Many of you think that writing article is a simple and easy job; but it is not. Starting a Word Press blog is a simple work but coming with new and unique ideas to write articles for a blog is not an easy feat. You may have some ideas. You need to work to search better ideas instead of thinking alone. With search you can get many useful ideas from other people. It is internet world; there is no dearth of information for ideas to work. So better you take action rather think alone.

Triople has great ideas and suggestions for you to start a good journey as a blogger. We are sharing mind-blowing ideas. Definitely, we will tell you how to apply them in easily and quickly.

Find your competitors

First and foremost step that will surely work is finding competitors. I hope most of you have good knowledge about how to find competitors. But if you are beginner, you need to find your competitors.  Finding competitors is easy job. What you are writing, find the website ahead you in the same field. You will notice some of them. You can assume them as your competitors.

Suppose you are working in technology field. Your website has some keywords. Search on Google who are working better than you.  Choose a few (5) out of them. Follow them; you will get new ideas for posts. You can review what they have written in past; what they have posted nowadays. You can get better ideas to present your data.  You will surely inspire from those websites.

Update your old stuff

You don’t only to look others blog only, you should check your own content too. If you think that your old post needs update with new, just update them with new information. This will be beneficial for you. Reviving content with changing time is compulsory.

For example: You add a new post in previous year, ‘ Top 10  photo editing Android Apps for year 2018’; Now you are in 2019, you need to update them with new ideas in same post and change year 2018 to 2019. Mostly visitor find latest information about products. If you don’t effort, your popular posts can lose their popularity.

Subscribe your competitors’ blogs

Many blogs give subscribe option. They send latest information about their content through emails. Subscribe those blogs and get completely new ideas to work in your blog. You can also compete with your competitors with help of such novel ideas.

Make Most of Social Media

Social media is a robust platform to promote your blog. You can find your competitors there. You can learn how they post their information about their blogs. You can get brainstorming ideas from their postings. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other popular social networking sites.

Write Seasonal articles

Seasonal articles are in fashion. You can also write seasonal articles. You can write about new items each months like seasonal events, new themes of the month, new plugins of the month, new video editing software of December (write any month), Cool gadgets for Christmas, New WordPress themes for birthday, New Android games of month (you can write name of month), New iphone games of December 2019 (you can write what current month and year). People are internet savvy; they want to be updated with new innovations and techniques. Your articles may help them to do so.

Make and Interact with your online communities

Make your online communities on social networking sites.  You can create your Facebook page, Facebook group, Youtube channel, Twitter list, Instagram page, Whatsapp group. Online communities will help you to promote your blog as a brand.  Try to be regular in all online communities.  You can also join Question and Answer community.  You can answer relevant questions of your blog topic. Thus you can attract more visitors to your website. Join your competitors’ online communities too.

Be Creative

Never blindly follow your competitors, do better than them. Unique ideas always pay uniquely. Don’t copy their post title, create your own. You should take exclusive ideas from their titles. But be unique and matchless, your post title should more impressive than them.

For example, if your competitor has given a title ‘Top 7 cooler brands in India’; you can write your post title ‘Top 10 best cooler brands in India.’

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner should be integral part of your routine. You can search keywords and their competition in market, relevant searches of keywords in a month. You will also receive related keywords there. The number of searches for those keywords can help you to know popularity of your related content.  Triople recommends you to use Google Keyword Planner before writing a post for blog.

Be Trendy with Google Trends

Where the word ‘trend’ comes, modern styles come in your mind. Trends are subject to change in the world. So you need to be trendy. Follow trends of the online world. Visit Google Trends and check trends regularly. You can easily know what people are talking about on internet. If some of those trends match your area, try to follow them. You can check trends by adding your keywords. The prime benefit is for you to think about future posts as per trending keywords. Google Trends allows you to write as per popular trends.

Read and Reply comments

Regularly read comments of users, reply them if required. It will increase interaction between you and users. Users will revisit to know other information. It will increase trust of your blog. You need to use such activities for social pages of blog and Youtube videos.  If you answer and suggest your readers properly, it will increase credibility of your blog. More people will take interest in your blog. You blog will get popularity.  As I have a Youtube channel, I usually reply the comments of people there.  It is giving advantage to me.

Read Books and Inspire from others’ Ideas

We agree with the quote “A room without books is like a body without soul.” Make books your friends. We agree that you can find all stuff online but books have their own value.  Sometimes what you get from experience of writers, you can’t search on internet. Books are valuable source of information. Good books will guide you and direct you in perfect direction. You can buy useful books relevant to your area. There are many online book selling platforms, some of them are following:


















Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very beneficial tool to know demographic status of your blog. You can simply know the location of most readers. It helps you to write post relevant to your target readers.

Have An Eagle Eye on new plugins and services


Be updated with latest technology. Try useful plugins and other software. You can write your reviews about new launched plugins and software after use. You can search information about them too. People catch rapidly the latest products. Be attentive and a critical reviewer for readers. If visitors find valuable information, they will take interest in your blog.

You can write comparing posts too.  Most of people are confused to buy the better products. Your comparison can be valuable for those. Comparison helps them to choose the best. Comparison articles are appreciated broadly. If the compared products/services meet readers’ expectations, the post will prove trust builder in readers.

Communicate with your audiences

Your readers and audiences may be experienced and sharp-mind people or they have needs to know specific information. You can ask them to share new ideas in comment sections or via email. This will useful to make your blog more interactive. This technique is useful to engage audience with blog. You often watch Youtube video,  Youtubers often ask audience to post their comment upon video.

Avoid negative approach

Most of the readers avoid negative approach of the post. Positive depicted posts are appreciated. Now we can consider it with a small example. You create title for a post ‘Why should you not buy XYZ software.’ This is a negative approach. You can change it with creative way and in positive manner like ‘Why you need to avoid purchase of XYZ software?’



8 Significant Pages for Each Website or a Blog

If you are beginner and starting a new website or a blog; you may be confused about significant pages of your website.  What pages are most required in a new website/blog? If you are facing same queries, Triople provides you the perfect solution for it. If you have not added these pages, you can add easily without affecting the other content. These pages are significant because these will depict a standard of your WordPress website. In this post, we will share the most essential pages that every website should have.

There are two main data types of each website: Posts and Pages. You know that posts are used to add articles/content. You often publish new post in Post type. Your posts are changed regularly. Each post contain different data, we call that article or content of the post. As I am writing this article into a new post, I will publish it under new title and tags.

On other hand, Pages have static data that is occasionally changed. Most of times,  the content of pages is remained static.  You change content on rare occasion.


Home page should have contained in your WordPress website, because homepage shows your first page of the site. When website is opened homepage appears first. Homepage means main page of the website. Whatever you do but when you click on home, you will be redirected to homepage. Where you will watch url of your site with common name. Like you can see triople.com for it; we have also added homepage here.


Each website needs a blog page. When you write relevant blogs to your business website, people can visit and read by clicking on Blog page. You can aware people with latest information about your products. You can also share latest technology information to visitors in your blogs. Other benefit of adding blog page in website is to increase content for website. If you write proper content relevant to your website, it helps to increase page rank of your website. Without content, you may face challenges to rank your site in search of prime search engines. Low content websites mostly may not get good places in search engine list. Blog data can make your site full of content. It also helps you to create some relevant and useful keywords (relevant keywords with your website) in blog posts to increase rank of your website in searches.

Project Page

Project page is to display your previous projects. It increases credibility of your website.  People will come to know about your experience with big brands. The trust of your business increases with it. Try to give proper explain of each project. Never forget to add projects with renowned brands of the world (if any).

About Us

It is another important page of any WordPress Website/blog. You need to show who you are. What is purpose of your website? What services/brands are you selling? When your company started and where are outlets and network of your company. You can share mission, values and motives of your work. You can share here present and past of your company in brief. About us page helps to build your trust in people. People can better know your business through it. You can add your team people here and share about their qualification and their experience in relevant fields. You can introduce people with your team too.

Disclaimer Page

You can add Disclaimer page if you are earning money from your website/blog. This is important especially when you are display ads or displaying affiliate products on your website. People should aware about it.

Contact Us

It is another significant page of your website/blog. You are operating business and provide products or services. Consumers need to know about your contact in case of any query. So Contact Us may be very useful page for them. Contact us page contains website owner office contact (email, phone, social profiles etc.). In other way, website owner creates a contact form there to fill. Consumer can fill that one and from website, a representative contacts with him.

Privacy Policy Page

Privacy policy page inform visitors about the content you add on your website/blog. It also shows how you and other parties can use this content. Why is this so important? Because even you are not gathering any visitor data, Google Analytics like third party tool can set cookies. You are required to use privacy policy page, if you are showing ads of Google Adsense on your website/blog. How to make privacy policy templates? It may be a serious question for you. There are many online privacy policy page generator websites. some of them are following:

You can generate privacy policy pages through the help of these websites. You can make your own after going through these websites.

Product or Services Page

It is another significant page for a business website/blog. You can showcase your products. You can show your services here too. Users will get to know what products or services you sell. Make Product or Service page effective with catchy design. Add same size pictures of your products. Colorful and attractive page will eye of attraction for visitors. Categorize every product with proper name, rate and specifications (all required content).

How to increase traffic on a new website?

SEO means Search Engine optimization. It is like a journey that takes times and hard work but result is fruitful and surprising. With little efforts, you can get better, but you should know what to do exactly. As a newbie, you should read various techniques and information about SEO. You can get good guidance on internet. There are different techniques, as a beginner, you may find it difficult. In this post, Triople team will try to guide you about exact steps for a new website. If you have never done SEO work, you can still get idea how to do it. These are some quick steps for SEO. We are sure if you will follow these steps, you will get amazing results. Let’s start:

Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile is the order of the day. Almost all people use internet on their smarphones most of time. No doubt in this matter, millions of people are using smartphone to know information. You should focus on mobile friendly website. More than 70% searches on Google come from mobile phones. If you make your website mobile friendly, it will work. It will helpful to increase ranking in search.

Update Your Social site pages and groups Regularly

This is very common and very popular platform. Social websites are considered way to boost traffic on website. Regularly update your social pages. The social pages are effective way to promotion of brand. You can find a good number of people engaged there. Engage with them, chat with them and share your latest information. Update people with your modern products. Social networking sites are helpful to improve ranking of your website. Never miss chance to make and update social pages [like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc.].

Use of Twitter in website promotion?

Make your Twitter account with same business name as you used in your website. Post tweets related your business. Update twitter with latest tweets on your new products. Retweet others posts. Follow relevant accounts. Regularly use it. You can visit Triople Twitter page.

Use of Facebook and Instagram in website promotion

Make your Facebook page with same business name as you used in your website. Regularly post the information about products on Facebook and try to increase visitors there. It will promote your brand and also attract traffic to your website. You can watch Triople page on Facebook.

How Whatsapp is useful in website promotion?

On Local basis, you can create a Whatsapp group for your Business and add your regular customer to update them about your product. Ask them to visit on your website too.

Use Google My Business

Being the biggest search engine in the world, Google has been continuously adding new features to make search feasible and easy for people. Google always focus on simplicity of work. Why don’t you try Google My Business, if your target visitors are from your local area? Google My Business may boost your SEO and attract lot of visitors for you site. Your site will come in local search.

Importance of on Page SEO

On Page SEO is also a significant step for you website. It helps to optimize your website. It also assists to make your site search engine friendly. Proper Title, Meta tag, description, keywords are very important for a new website. Whether, it is not deciding factor, but it make good impression of your website.

Linkbuilding and Backlinks

This is integral part of SEO. It comes under off page seo. You have to create links for your website. You have to access other website and create link there for your website. Never go behind quantity of links. Quality always matters everywhere. One quality backlink is equal to many common backlinks. Always try to create backlink on popular platform. Your site will easily under search after some time. You can read other off page Seo technique here.

SEO is not one day wonder. It is continuous effort that will give result after a time. The other determining factors (like design, content, presentation, keywords and search engine algorithm etc.) are also responsible for your page ranking in search engine top pages.  Don’t forget to submit your website url on all popular search engines. How? Read Triople post How to submit website url on search engine.

I am sure these tips will definitely help you to start SEO on a new website. You can read my article on SEO and SEO techniques.