100 Unique Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend

Gift is a token of love. People say that guys are very quick to choose items as compare to women. I am sure that many persons would be happy with watch, movie ticket and party. But shopping for the guy having unique interests may be a challenge. Many guys have many hobbies. No matter what the occasion (Festival, Anniversary, Birthday…) may be, you would want to make the day special for him. We will share many gift ideas for men of all interests. So you can make him feel very special in your life. Here I am sharing list of 100 different gifts for men. These all gifts are very unique and very beautiful. I am sure your lover/boyfriend/husband will definitely like your choice. It is bit thoughtful to make choice. When you have good collection of choices, it becomes easy. We have also put all these in links where you can buy easily. Most of these gifts are very unique. The chosen gift will suit with taste of the guy you love. We have tried to complete maximum ideas of unique gifts. If any gift idea left, kindly share in comment box.

Chocolate Cake

First I wrote about Chocolate Cake. It seems very common but very yummy and loving gift. You will find it very interesting while presenting before the guy of your dreams.

Personalized Magic Mug

Personalized Magic Mug is an awesome gift. You can see more information about it by clicking on it. Personalized mug will never reduce your memories in heart of your lover. You can win heart of the guy you like most.

Flower Bouquet

Flowers are symbol of romance and peace. May your life always fill with romance, peace and happiness.

Unique Personalized Clock

Personalized clock is also a beautiful gift. This may be extraordinary for your love. If your lover/boyfriend is fond of clocks and exclusive items.

Chocolate Box

Chocolates are very popular for loving birds. At least once a share loving birds share chocolates with each other. Chocolate box can garnish your relationship. you can feel more lovely to each other.

Personalized Cushion

cushions are grace of a bedroom. Personalized Cushion may be memorable gift for your loved one.


Neck Tie

if your lover /boyfriend is office employee or a gentleman. Neck tie set may be a best gift for him. He can like it and consider it more valuable. He can remember you daily while going to office.

Personalized engraved frame

frame is a beautiful item and you can fix photo of your loved one in it. Embedded pictures in frames decorate the home well.

Branded Wallet

Wallet is integral part of every man’s life. Money wallet is very important for everyone. Keeping money wallet close will increase the value of your gift for him.

Mobile Phone

Leather Belt

Stylish Coffee Mug

Shaving set

Pocket watch

Beard Trimmer


Perfume set


Travel bag

Deodrants for men



Top 7 WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Websites

A WordPress website with niche design, awesome theme, best SEO works well for your business. To enhance the functionality of website, installing useful and helpful plugins is a nice idea. You can reach to global market and expand your business.

You can create your WordPress website in any language of the world. There are no built-in capabilities in WordPress to create multilingual sites. To achieve this goal, making your WordPress site a multilingual is imperative. A good presence in the global market will ensure a smooth functioning of your business. As a result, you can earn better profit.

But if you want to reach to all non-English people of the world then you will have to install a multilingual plugin. You will find translation plugins very useful and helpful. Multilingual plugin really work in both situations: if your website is in language other than English and If your website visitors are not English speakers.

You cannot ignore the number of non-English speakers. There are million people in the world who use English as a second language. A good chunk of people speak English as a second language. You can find most spoken languages in the world. As per my search on Google.com about top 5 most spoken languages in the world: Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic. You can sum up with a decision; you will have need of a multilingual plugin.


But if you are thinking to make a localized website, it is recommended to hire a translator than use of automated translation service. If you require allowing users to specify a language optionally, then using an automated translator is good choice.

There are many WordPress translation plugins for you.  Let us take a quick review on top 7 WordPress translation plugins. I hope that this will definitely help you to choose a right one.

  1. WPML

If we talk about most powerful translation plugins, you can’t ignore WPML (WordPress Multilingual). WPML is a premium plugin. It provides you a translation dashboard where you can manage your translation. It is packed with powerful translation management system that allows you to translate post, pages, custom pages and theme. With its compatibility with most major WordPress them and plugins makes WPML very useful plugin.

WPML connects you to leading translation services if you require human translation. It takes care of all multilingual SEO. WPML allows you to use many languages as you can.


  1. Loco Translate

With more than 8 Lac active installations, Loco Translate is considered one of the best translation plugins. It is most popular translation plugin. It provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files. It provides localization tools for developers. It has built-in translation editor within WordPress dashboard. It supports PO features. You can easily edit translation of your website.


  1. Polylang

Polylang is another popular translation plugin with more than 4 Lacs active installations. It allows creating bilingual or multilingual websites. It supports RTL language scripts. It allows to translate posts, pages, media, categories, menus and more..Polylang offers translation by language pack and self translation. You can use many languages with help of polylang. Custom posts types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and post formats, RSS feeds are supported. If you want to use a professional or automatic translation service, you can install Lingotek Translation, as an addon of Polylang.


  1. Google Language Translator

If you are thinking about most light weight WordPress plugin, Google Language Translator is best choice. It has more than 1 Lacs active installation. It makes very easy to create a multilingual website. After installing the plugin, you will need to go to settings to activate the plugin.  You can choose languages that you want to provide for site. The plugin offer machine translation.


  1. GTranslate

GTranslate provides translates WordPress site by using Google Translate automatic translation service and make your website multilingual. With more than 100 languages, your site will be available for more than 95% users. Its paid versions are SEO compatible. These enhance international traffic and sales. This is good combination of automatic and human translation which saves your money. It is very easy to implement. It is with mouse over effect. It is integrated with Google Analytics. It allows you to translate posts, pages, content, categories, tags, menu, widget, themes, plugins. It supports Woocommerce shop translation.


  1. Weglot

Are you looking for quality translation for your website? Weglot plugin is best and easiest translation solution for your WordPress website. It provides quality translation to your WordPress Website. It supports 60+ languages. You can install and setup this plugin in short time. With help of Weglot Translation API it automatically detects and translates content. You can review and edit translation from simple dashboard in your Weglot account. It has more than 20,000 active installations. Weglot translate is fully SEO compatible. It is fully compatible with themes and plugins.


  1. Multilanguage

This plugin is another way to translate your wordpress website into other languages. It has 80+pre-installed languages. It manually translates post, content, pages and category. It allows you to add new language as per requirement. The plugin is loaded with different switcher widgets that allow visitors to choose their language. It allows translating open graph meta tags.


In list of multilingual plugins, you can review the following multilingual plugins yourself by clicking on these:


Top and Best 7 Free SEO Tools to improve your website ranking rapidly

In modern technology, hard work and smart work both are required to get successful business. With the help of tools, you can deeply analysis of your website. Tools are helpful and useful in every field. When we talk about website SEO tools .Good tools can save your extra time and efforts. These tools can make a difference in output. I have made a list of best free tools for SEO. These tools have broad variety of uses. These tools cover a number of normal requirements of SEO. You can use daily without worry.

  1. Keywordtool.io

Enter a keyword, this tool will provide you a big list of relevant keywords to choose. You will have good opportunities to select keywords of your choice. You can easily get a good idea, about CPC and competition of the keywords, you enter.

  1. Ahref Back link checker

Back links are really important for every websites. When question arises, how to check backlinks of our websites, answer is ahref back link checker. Ahref back link checker provides you a list of top 100 backlinks to any website including total number of back links,referring links, DR and URL rating.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Searching relevant good keywords? Google Keyword Planner is best solution for it. You can enter keyword and you will get useful and helpful information with list of relevant keywords. You will see in result average monthly searches, competition and suggested terms.

  1. Google Search Console

This tool gives you overview about the search engine views about your site. Google Search Console helps to observe and fix bugs and indexing issues. In these days, You can add webmaster code automatically with help of Webmaster plugins (Yoast and many more..).


  1. Bing Webmaster Tool

Like Google Search Console, Bing webmaster tool assist to know how one of biggest search engines describe about your site. This tool also helps to observe and fix bugs and indexing issues. You can add webmaster code automatically with help of Webmaster plugins (Yoast, Jetpack and many more..).


  1. Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool which allows you to check loading and performing speed of your website. Simply, just enter url and watch results of speed on computer and mobile. It gives also helpful tips to improve the speed.

7. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a premium web service by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is one of the widely used tools for websites. This tools provides you valuable insights which help you to make a perfect strategy for your site.





200+Dofollow High DA profile Creation Sites 2019


Traffic is most important part of a website. Increasing  visitors to a particular website is not a small job. There is a complete process behind it. In simple words, we call that process SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO has two types Off page and on page. Means away from website, working for website is off page SEO and customizing internal parts of website to make it Google friendly is called on page SEO.

Creating backlinks for a particular sites is a part of off page seo. Backlinks are very important for a website in order to increase traffic on a website. Profile creation sites are amazingly useful in point view of SEO. It can be very helpful technique if profile websites are with high DA.  Making links on these sites will boost traffic to your website. These profile creation sites derive tons of traffic for your website. With working it, you will have a big potential to show.

If you want to show presence of your website/blog on internet, use this technique efficiently. This is very meaningful and useful way to make feel presence of your website. Profile creation will broader horizon of your website. People will engage to your website easily.  Profile creation websites that provide dofollow backlinks  are very effective. Profile creation backlinks will increase page rank of your website on Google over the time. It is considered one of the best practice in SEO especially off page SEO.

During off page SEO, we create profiles in social bookmarking, forum submission, directory submission to create backlinks for our site. These sites are helpful to improve domain authority (DA) of your sites.

Now we will discuss about process to get backlinks from profile creation sites.

How to create a profile on profile creation site?

– First of all, signup/register over a profile site. As you make id during social bookmarking (by adding id, username, email, password etc.)

– If need to verify email address, verify as following profile site rules.

– Login to your profile creation site and click on edit profile.

– add all asked details there .

– Click “save” button (given there),  if site has no option to save automatically.

-Thus you can create profile on these profile creation websites.

How to use profile site to get backlink/ for off page SEO  

  • After making profile and enter data
  • Edit profile and add other asked data
  • Don’t forget to add link of your website in website named column
  • You can add social profiles links of your website if asked there (Like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube etc.)

Adding social links of your website can enhance effectiveness of your website. Over the time with these efforts, visitor base and rank of your website/blog will improve.

Now we will try to show you a proper list of profile creation sites. You will not believe that I have also been using these techniques for SEO of my websites. We have experienced good results by using it. I am sure that profile creation will definitely improve ranking of your website and also increase traffic on your website. Don’t miss the chance to put your social profile links there, if asked in profile websites. It will increase effectiveness of your SEO.  Use proper details. Same  email, username, password is helpful to do work rapidly.  You can read my other articles to learn SEO techniques. Here is list of 200+ profile creation sites for you:

  1. www.listography.com
  2. www.grabcad.com
  3. www.gravatar.com
  4. www.groups.drupal.org
  5. www.hi.im
  6. www.hr.com
  7. www.hubpages.com
  8. www.iconosites.com
  9. www.icyte.com
  10. www.imcreator.com
  11. www.itsmyurls.com
  12. www.moz.com
  13. www.professionalontheweb.com
  14. www.quora.com
  15. www.about.me
  16. www.disqus.com
  17. www.blogcatalog.com
  18. www.bizsugar.com
  19. www.zotero.org
  20. www.ted.com
  21. www.filmsforaction.org
  22. www.flattr.com
  23. www.flipboard.com
  24. www.foodspotting.com
  25. www.forum.arduino.cc
  26. www.forums.formz.com
  27. www.foursquare.com
  28. www.freeadstime.org
  29. www.funadvice.com
  30. www.freedomworks.org
  31. www.getsatisfaction.com
  32. www.gofishtalk.com
  33. www.good.is
  34. www.goodreads.com
  35. www.panoramio.com
  36. www.zizics.com
  37. www.theloop.com.au
  38. www.amazon.com
  39. www.yatedo.com
  40. www.naymz.com
  41. www.wayn.com
  42. www.tumblr.com
  43. www.discogs.com
  44. www.dpreview.com
  45. www.dribbble.com
  46. www.dropshots.com
  47. www.dropmark.com
  48. www.easel.ly
  49. www.efactor.com
  50. www.empivot.com
  51. www.en.gravatar.com
  52. www.etsy.com
  53. www.evernote.com
  54. www.everytrail.com
  55. www.express.yudu.com
  56. www.fancy.com
  57. www.fanfiction.net
  58. www.fanpop.com
  59. www.fearsteve.com
  60. www.feedspot.com
  61.    www.pinterest.com
  62. www.openstreetmap.org
  63. www.klout.com
  64. www.30boxes.com
  65. www.disqus.com
  66. www.themeforest.net
  67. www.fiverr.com
  68. www.us.blastingnews.com
  69. www.folked.com
  70. www.colourlovers.com
  71. www.knowem.com
  72. www.myfolio.com
  73. www.plaxo.com
  74. www.github.com
  75. www.livejournal.com
  76. www.myspace.com
  77. www.dailystrength.org
  78. www.flickr.com
  79. www.branded.me
  80. www.imgfave.com
  81. www.linkedin.com
  82. www.issuu.com
  83. www.answers.com
  84. www.storify.com
  85. www.visual.ly
  86. www.crunchbase.com
  87. www.facebook.com
  88. www.stumbleupon.com
  89. www.ranker.com
  90. www.plus.google.com
  91. www.addons.mozilla.org
  92. www.myspace.com
  93. www.openstreetmap.org
  94. www.zotero.org
  95. www.last.fm
  96. www.livejournal.com
  97. www.ted.com
  98. www.soundcloud.com
  99. www.deviantart.com
  100. www.join.app.net
  101. www.getsatisfaction.com
  102. www.visual.ly
  103. www.bookcrossing.com
  104. www.orcid.org
  105. www.newsvine.com
  106. www.angel.co
  107. www.8tracks.com
  108. www.crowdspring.com
  109. www.moz.com
  110. www.fanpop.com
  111. www.yatedo.com
  112. www.bundlr.com
  113. www.bagtheweb.com
  114. www.yatedo.com
  115. www.app.hiive.co.uk
  116. www.steepster.com
  117. www.efactor.com
  118. www.yourlisten.com
  119. www.id.arduino.cc
  120. www.lightstalking.com
  121. www.artician.com
  122. www.professionalontheweb.com
  123. www.thewebblend.com
  124. www.brijj.com
  125. www.perfectbusiness.com
  126. www.profiletree.com
  127. www.completed.com
  128. www.crunchbase.com
  129. www.zizics.com
  130. www.vbprofiles.com
  131. www.docstoc.com
  132. www.premium.wpmudev.org
  133. www.plurk.com
  134. www.sbnation.com
  135. www.rhizome.org
  136. www.alpha.app.net
  137. www.flattr.com
  138. www.fodors.com
  139. www.tripit.com
  140. www.carbonmade.com
  141. www.creattica.com
  142. www.skillpages.com
  143. www.flavors.me
  144. www.magcloud.com
  145. www.stocktwits.com
  146. www.ideastap.com
  147. www.sunzu.com
  148. www.angle.co/maga-itc
  149. www.weheartit.com
  150. www.knowem.com
  151. www.mobypicture.com
  152. www.pictify.com
  153. www.artbreak.com
  154. www.listgraphy.com
  155. www.chordie.com
  156. www.gooruze.com
  157. www.tamilchat.tc
  158. www.allihoopa.com
  159. www.spreaker.com
  160. www.stocktwits.com
  161. www.ello.co
  162. www.webflow.com
  163. www.boredpanda.com
  164. www.razoo.com
  165. www.topishare.com
  166. www.lookbook.nu
  167. www.follr.me
  168. www.myvidster.com
  169. www.hq.com
  170. www.30boxes.com
  171. www.4shared.com
  172. www.500px.com
  173. www.about.me
  174. www.lambgoat.com
  175. www.thenewboston.com
  176. www.webestools.com
  177. www.nationaldb.org
  178. www.lawlink.com
  179. www.gearinstitute.com
  180. www.maxforlive.com
  181. www.armorgames.com
  182. www.arto.com
  183. www.intensedebate.com
  184. www.n4g.com
  185. www.wanelo.com
  186. www.apsense.com
  187. www.authorstream.com
  188. www.getsatisfaction.com
  189. www.issuu.com
  190. www.vimeo.com
  191. www.behance.net
  192. www.couchsurfing.com
  193. www.diigo.com/profile
  194. www.wattpad.com
  195. www.zillow.com
  196. www.folkd.com
  197. www.instructables.com
  198. www.kiva.org
  199. www.koinup.com
  200. www.purevolume.com
  201. www.slideshare.net
  202. www.audioboom.com
  203. www.delicious.com
  204. www.disqus.com
  205. www.culinate.com/
  206. www.dailymotion.com/
  207. www.yourstory.com
  208. www.dead.net
  209. www.pentaxuser.com
  210. www.kiwibox.com
  211. www.buzzfeed.com
  212. www.notey.com
  213. www.storify.com
  214. www.neighborgoods.net
  215. www.unsigned.com
  216. www.bandcamp.com
  217. www.photopeach.com
  218. www.visualy.ly
  219. www.theverge.com
  220. www.dropshots.com
  221. www.academia.edu
  222. www.alternion.com
  223. www.answerbag.com
  224. www.appearoo.com
  225. www.dailystrength.org

How to get success in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be a best source of earning if it is done in right way. While selling a product, you should have good knowledge about product as well as the nerves of buyers. You should have command to know how process works. Where you are right now, what you should do to increase sale.

What is quality of your product? What people are expecting? Why people are not buying your product. What are your competitor products and why their sale is high? These are very common and exact questions. You should focus upon them. You should focus on solution that how you can make things easier. You have to work to engage website visitors and make them read your description and content. Accept a challenge to become successful in this field. This trick can work to increase your sale and profits over the time.

If you are ready to accept the challenge, then this article is for you. If you have not full determination to do, kindly don’t read more. You can leave this article. You may be affected see other people’s earning from affiliation, but you actually don’t know proper techniques and hard work behind it. We will discuss about the same hard work and techniques to help you become successful affiliate marketer.

You can assume that someone becomes rich over night after reading his/her story. Always remember that there is no shortcut for success. If there is shortcut, success can’t be permanent. But actuality may be far from that story. If you think that you can earn big money from affiliate marketing in a few a days, you may be wrong. No doubts, it may be decent way to earn money, but you have to face big competition. Before starting over the earning money, you have to do a deep analysis about market needs, techniques, trend, promotion of products. You have to avoid some bad practices. Little bit care can make you good marketer. Let’s discuss about all the methods to become a good affiliate Marketer.

  1. Start with single Affiliate Program

First and foremost, forget that you are thinking to earn money. Your prime motto should be focused on promoting your products only. If you choose only one affiliate program, you can concentrate well on single one. You can promote with proper technique and without worrying others. Never think to earn big booty in starting. After registering on single platform, choose some product to sale only. Promote with proper planning.

  1. Choose products of a category

While selecting products for affiliation, choosing product of a category can be useful for you. As your promotion process may be little easy with this technique. You will have a specific category like electronics, clothes, kitchen etc.

  1. Attract traffic with different sources

Most of affiliate marketer fails in this method. They only focus to put their products add on some social sites and websites. But it little works. You have need to promote your affiliate on all famous social websites and other platforms. If you want to know other traffic source, kindly take a look over our SEO techniques page.

  1. Strategy to place ad on website

When placing ads over websites, you have to care about particular places, where visitors can watch ads. If visitors will watch ads then they will visit on your sale page. Use different tricks to place ads on different pages of your websites. Catchy location may attract the visitors’ attention. Never blindly put links over each pages of your sites. Bulk url links of affiliation may be less effective trick. Use affiliation url links where these show their meaningfulness and usefulness.

  1. Google Adwords

Google adwords is an interesting options to increase traffic on your sale page. This can assist to drive targeted traffic to your affiliation page. You can make your Google Adwords account and then you can create ad there and put your affiliate link in url of ad. This will enhance your target traffic. As Google Adwords places ads on various websites. The cost of this method will less than your profit in future.

  1. Tools for affiliate marketing

Smart work reduces hard work and gives precise data about working. Tools are also ideal examples of smart work. There are various useful tools for affiliate marketing. You can check my article about affiliate plugins also.

  1. Track and analysis your promotion techniques

It is always better idea to track and analysis promotion techniques; you will get better view about what is useful and what not. Changing in strategies can enhance your benefits. Use affiliate program tools to know basic data about products, visits and clicks etc. There are many tracking tools on internet to know more.

  1. Research on products

If a shopkeeper operates a shop, he keeps himself updated about demands of products in market. In same manner, on internet, keep yourself updated about demand. Do research about the products and collect information about demands of products. If you have taken products with low demand, your sale will be affected. Go with perfect strategy to acquaint with requirements of the consumers. Always prefer the high demand products. It is true that you have to face good competition in high demand products but data of sale will also surprise you. On other hand, rare products or low demand products have only special buyers, they can make you special in that field. So before choosing product and while promotion of products, research should be a part of your work.

  1. Change

Change is law of nature. Everything changes over the time. Internet and technology is based on continuously progress. You can take example of TV then LCD then LED. We have experienced change in these electronic devices within one decade. Same with mobiles 2G then 3G then 4G change with short span of time. In the same way, internet techniques are changing rapidly. Affiliate marketing is a field with big competition and new techniques are integral part of it. Always be updated with new trends and methods.

  1. Credibility

Choose product brand wisely. When you are promoting a product, you are indirectly promoting a company behind the product. Like others, you don’t want that your visitor buy product with your suggestion and then come back with dissatisfaction. If you want to increase your credibility and you want that people believe in your suggestion  you have to choose company carefully. Don’t run after money, run after quality and customer satisfaction. Money will come to you automatically. Your advice should be a valuable opinion for the visitors.


Be determined about your commitment. Always think positive and regular work on your strategies. Hope you will become successful. If you have other ideas and techniques apart from these. Kindly share in comments below. Always share new ideas in comment box. Your idea can change the thinking of people and world.

List of 50 Photo Sharing Websites- Beneficial for Link building

[photo from pixabay.com]

Image sharing websites are very effective in Link building. Especially those are with High PR. As we often hear ‘ A photo is better than a thousand words.’ It is completely true in case of Link building too. Being a part of off page SEO, Link building plays an important role in SEO of a website. Images sharing have various benefits for a website marketing. It is considered a powerful tool. It is important in promotion of a website. It attracts a number of visitors to your website or a blog.  The main advantages of photo share websites are following:

  1.  Enhancement of traffic
  2. Improvement of website ranking
  3. Quality backlinks
  4. High PR backlinks
  5. Suitable visitors for websites
  6.  Increase in presence of website on internet

[photo from pixabay.com]

Image sharing websites allow  a user to upload, manage and share photos. These sites also allow to create link for a particular website. Photo sharing websites help to get links. This enhance online appearance of a website. Due to high popularity of these photo/image sharing websites, link building on these sites is extremely useful for a website. It can increase popularity of a website and it can attract huge traffic for a website. Every SEO persons knows the value of high PR websites. High PR website are faster to increase rank of a website as compare to low PR websites. The following list have contained High PR Websites. Working on these site is very easy. We recommend you to start SEO with help of image share website. You will experience a big change in ranking of your website in a few days. We will share High PR Do follow photo sharing websites, these will definitely work to improve ranking of your website.

List of Photo/image sharing websites:









Top 10 Online Dictionaries

Gone are those days when we had to search a word from a dictionary book. I support dictionary book but if you are intending to save time then online dictionaries are effective sources. With commencement of internet, online dictionaries are helpful to save time and efforts. With little endeavors, you can find lot of words in no time. Technology is spreading in every field of the world. Apart from a huge dictionary: Google translate, which is known by every internet savvy. There are many popular dictionaries online.  So today, we will talk about top 10 Hindi and Punjabi dictionaries. These all dictionaries are useful for the students and learners. Some professions are also required to search words and meanings like translation, article writing etc. an important part of your work will be easy with these websites. Let’s start:

[ALL PHOTOS FROM : pixabay]

1. Shabdkosh

Shabdkosh is a big dictionary website having 9 languages dictionaries (Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali). The name of website is catchy and meaningful as per its topic. Shabdkosh is a hindi word which means dictionary. This website will assist you to find meaning from English to Hindi and English to Punjabi and in other 7 languages also. The website was started in 2003 by Mr. Maneesh Soni. In earlier years, it was English to Hindi dictionary website. But now it has spread its boundaries to other languages. As per siteworthtraffic, this website attracts more than 3 million visitors each month. English to Hindi dictionary of this website is a massive one with suitable meanings for each English word. You can find approximately all possible meanings of a word. We can say the masterpiece work (English to Hindi) of Shabdkosh.

2. Bab.la

Bab. La is a gigantic dictionary. It provides meaning search services more than 28 language pairs online.  Bab.la  is a portal for language lovers. The site claims 44 online dictionaries on a single platform.  The site has contained conjugation tables and multilingual phrases.

3.  Collins

Collins dictionary is multilingual dictionary. It has 8 language words and meaning. With massive data, this is one of the largest dictionaries on internet. The available languages are: French, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, and German. With huge traffic of 10 million (As per siteworthtraffic), this website is exquisite.


4.  Lexilogos

Lexilogos is one the popular dictionaries. It is famous for its good services. Lexilogos has vast area of services which include English to Hindi, Hindi to English, Hindi dictionary. It has unique platform to search meanings. Near 5 millions people (according to siteworthtraffic) search meanings on this website monthly.

5. Hinkhoj

Hinkhoj is also one of the popular dictionaries. This site provides services from Hindi to English and English to Hindi, Synonyms, Antonyms and Spell Check. The popularity of this site is also astonishing with more than 9 lacs visitors each month (according to siteworthtraffic).

6. Online Angreji-Punjabi Shabadkosh

This is very popular English to Punjabi dictionary website developed by Punjabi University, Patiala. This website was dedicated to golden jubilee year of Punjabi University, Patiala. This is also a complete Punjabi dictionary with proper Punjabi meanings for English words.


7. Hindi-English

Hind-English dictionary online is a dictionary that provides Hindi to English meanings. It is a vast dictionary in the specific field. 50k visitor base per month (according to siteworthtraffic) shows its commitment to provide quality.

8. Raftaar

Shabdkosh Raftaar is also English to Hindi dictionary. It provides services from English to Hindi meaning search, Hindi to English meaning search, idioms. Each month near 15 lacs visitors (according to siteworthtraffic) avail its services.

9. Arthkhoj

Another growing website for English to Punjabi dictionary is arthkhoj.com. Arthkhoj means find a meaning. It is hindi word. The concept of dictionary is simple. Arthkhoj has been started in year 2018. It is growing as English to Punjabi dictionary first. Feeding of data is continuous as per site home page note.  For search of Punjabi meaning, the website is awesome. It will work as other website soon. It is 6-7 month old, so visitors are not more yet. After completion of the data, website will work normally as others. Site makers are focusing to provide maximum meanings for each word.


10. Indiatyping

Indiatyping is a website which allows you to download English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionaries. The site claims the most accurate dictionaries in respective languages. The dictionary covers all local language words. The dictionary is prepared by Mr.Sheelnidhi Gupta.  Site has more than 3.5 million visitors (as per siteworthtraffic)  each month.



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